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Backstrom: new police procedural coming to Fox

From the creator and executive producer of Bonescomes the new 13-episode comic crime procedural Backstrom. Based on the Swedish novels of Leif G W Persson, the series will see Everett Backstrom, an inappropriate, rude and politically incorrect detective, head up the Special Crimes Unit after a five year banishment to the traffic division for offensive behaviour.

Backstrom has to investigate highly sensitive cases while attempting to change his attitude and vulgar behaviour, and using his dark instincts and strange talents, twisted humour and bizarre intellect always manages to outsmart the villains and manipulate his colleagues.

Hart Hanson, creator/executive producer, explains that Backstrom’s cynicism ‘gives him an little bit of an edge in a career where seeing the worst in people is probably the best way to be a good detective’.


Based on the books by Leif G W Persson, the Backstrom series remains very real and authentic in nature due to the authors experience as a renowned criminologist and a leading psychological profiler. Find out more on our post on the books behind Backstrom.

Coming to Fox with the first episode due to air on January 22nd 2015, the show will star Rainn Wilson, famous for his Emmy-nominated role as Dwight Schrute in the American The Office. Set to be eccentric and funny, dark and clever, this is one to keep an eye out for this week – but for now, whet your appetite with the trailer below!


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