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Cracking Crime: The Anarchist Detective by Jason Webster

The Anarchist Detective by Jason Webster

From last weeks frozen Nordic Noir to the blistering heat of La Mancha, we’ve picked out a sizzling summer read you won’t be able to put down!

About the Book

Sent on leave after his last, brutal, case, Max Cámara returns to his home town in La Mancha, famous for producing the finest saffron in the world.

There, the past keeps pulling at him. The town is exhuming a mass grave from the Civil War, but why is his grandfather behaving so strangely? His old friend Yago is investigating a particularly nasty murder which sets off memories Max has been trying to bury for years. And then there are Yago’s whisperings about a saffron mafia…

Max finds himself plunged into the thick of a complex and intensely personal case that will put him in severe danger and have him questioning his past – and his future in the police.

It’s Dead Good because…

Max Cámara is an absolutely enchanting detective – a flamenco-loving, dope-smoking, brandy drinker who speaks in Spanish proverbs – and in this book you delve satisfyingly into his past as his own family history takes centre stage and the setting moves from Valencia, where Cámara usually works, to his sleepy hometown of Albacete, where the town is exhuming a mass grave from the Civil War. Max has to confront ghosts from his past and open wounds from the Fancoist repression following the Spanish Civil War, as well as tackling an international saffron mafia.

The heat and atmosphere of the Spanish setting will definitely get you in the mood for your summer holiday, and this feels like a defining book in the series to me, as Cámara grapples with the inner contradiction that has haunted him through previous book: his own libertarianism and the anarchism of his family background, and his job as a policeman and an agent of the state.

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