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Cracking Crime: Cold Hands by John Niven

Cold Hands by John Niven

A terrifying, evocative and gut-wrenching thriller…

About the book

The writer of the bestselling Kill Your Friends has turned to crime, and his debut is a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking thriller that will take your breath away.

Donnie Miller counts himself lucky. After a troubled and impoverished upbringing in Scotland, he now has all he wants: a caring wife, a bright and happy son, a beautiful house in remote wilderness of central Canada. As the brutal northern winter begins to bite, he can sit back and enjoy life.

But there are noises in the nearby woods, signs of some mysterious watcher. When the family dog disappears, Donnie makes a horrifying discovery. Is it wolves, as the police suspect, or something far more dangerous, far darker? What secrets has Donnie been keeping? And why does he have the terrible sense that his dream was never going to last?

It’s Dead Good because…

John Niven’s Cold Hands is no ordinary thriller. It takes the heart-pumping throttling pace of the best thriller writing and adds a further, incredibly satisfying, layer of intrigue as Donnie’s unsettling past finds itself creeping back into the present… with devastating effect.

As S.J. Watson says, ‘it is that rarest of things – a gripping thriller with real depth’. Combine this triumphant combination with the contrast between the eerie, isolated Canadian setting and Donnie’s memories of Scotland – and you’ve got one perfect thriller for dark December nights. And if that’s not enough to persuade you to pick this book up – just take a look at what The Daily Mail said:
‘Gut-wrenching… It drives the breath from your body with its pace, suspense and enveloping horror… this book grabs your heart strings and threatens to tear them out.’

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