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Cracking Crime: Like This, For Ever by Sharon Bolton

Like This, For Ever by Sharon Bolton

Clever plotting and nefarious twists makes this book unputdownable!

About the book

Twelve-year-old Barney Roberts is obsessed with a series of murders.

He knows the victims are all boys, just like him.
He knows the bodies were found on river banks.
And he’s sure the killer will strike again soon.

But there’s something else, a secret he’d rather not know, a secret he is too scared to share…
And who would believe a twelve-year-old boy anyway?

It’s Dead Good because…

It keeps you guessing right until the very end. Never before has there been so many possibilities for motive and opportunity within a limited cast of characters. All logical, all feasible and all terrifying. Lacey Flint has her work cut out for her to identify the dark forces at work in her corner of the metropolis but she does so with her usual determined and damaged personality.

The Thames is as much a character here in this part police procedural, part psychological thriller as the suspects. A watery death-trap that makes the sprawling mass of London feel claustrophobic, damp and chilling. Atmosphere spreads out from this book like mist, trapping the reader and pulling you in.

Like This, For Ever has more twists than the Thames and each one is more chilling than the last. Read this book for a completely immersive, chilling experience!

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