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Cracking Crime: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

Gothic quirkiness abounds in this 1950’s rare stamp drama!

About the Book

For very-nearly-eleven-year-old Flavia de Luce, the discovery of a dead snipe on the doorstep of Buckshaw, the crumbling de Luce country seat, was a marvellous mystery – especially since this particular snipe had a rather rare stamp neatly impaled on its beak. Even more astonishing was the effect of the dead bird on her stamp-collector father, who appeared to be genuinely frightened.

Soon Flavia discovers something even more shocking in the cucumber patch and it’s clear that the snipe was a bird of very ill omen indeed. As the police descend on Buckshaw, Flavia decides it is up to her to piece together the clues and solve the puzzle. Who was the man she heard her father arguing with? What was the snipe doing in England at all? Who or what is the Ulster Avenger? And, most peculiar of all, who took a slice of Mrs Mullet’s unspeakable custard pie that had been cooling by the window…?

It’s Dead Good because…

Flavia de Luce is the perfect heroine. Smarter and more observant than most adults with an unnatural obsession with poisons and interesting relationship with her sisters. We’re back in the 1950’s where every villager has a story to tell in Post-War rural England. There’s a whiff of Lemony Snicket in the gothic country houses and curious portents but this isn’t a fairytale, stamps are missing and someone is dead. Flavia must rise to the occasion and think her way out of some incredibly tight spots!

This is a beautiful book and it’s easy to fall into Flavia’s world. The whole book is completely charming and a perfect wet weather read. Curl up with the residents of Bishop’s Lacey this weekend!

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