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Read #ChooseThePlot Now!

Over the past few weeks, three bestselling authors have been writing a brand new crime thriller at your bidding.

#ChooseThePlot saw Christopher Fowler, James Oswald and Jane Casey respond to the votes of thousands of readers who dictated the plot and picked the route the story would take.

Who would die? Who was guilty? There’s only one way to find out…

Choose The Plot is available to download here now – for free!

About the book:

Ian is out of luck after losing his job, being dumped by his wife for a Glaswegian named Jake with a shady past and being flat broke.

When an odd-looking credit card with a £250,000 limit arrives in Ian’s name, he asks “What do I get for £250k”. The chilling reply from the activation line states: “We could kill your wife?”


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