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First Look: Snap by Belinda Bauer

We’re delighted to reveal the cover of Snap by Belinda Bauer, twice winner of Crime Novelist of the Year. Here’s Belinda herself to introduce the cover of her brand new book!

‘I only have two moments of pure excitement when writing a book: the moment I get the idea in my head, and the moment I see the cover.

When I get the idea, I can see exactly how it will look at the end. How beautiful. How perfect. How everyone will love it as much as I do. And then I start writing, and it’s so hard to keep hold of that idea. I’m thwarted by the reality of structure and plot and character and the pesky space–time continuum, and spend much of my time wondering how I could mess it up so badly.

But the day I see the cover is like recapturing that first spark. Some talented person has taken my beautiful idea and made it a beautiful reality by cutting out the middleman (i.e me!)

What thrills me most is when the cover is something so original that I would never have imagined it myself, which is how I feel about Snap. I love the abstract starkness that speaks volumes, and the tension created by a few simple images. It’s a cover that is so appropriate to the book, and yet stretches the concept so far, that it feels like a wonderful gift to me from the designer.

I always judge a book by its cover and – on the basis of this one – Snap had better be a very good book indeed!’

Snap by Belinda Bauer

About the book:

On a stifling summer’s day, 11-year-old Jack and his two sisters sit in their broken-down car, waiting for their mother to come back and rescue them. Jack’s in charge, she said. I won’t be long. But she doesn’t come back. She never comes back. And life as the children know it is changed forever.

Three years later, mum-to-be Catherine wakes to find a knife beside her bed, and a note that says: I could have killed you.

Meanwhile Jack is still in charge – of his sisters, of supporting them all, of making sure nobody knows they’re alone in the house, and – quite suddenly – of finding out the truth about what happened to his mother. But the truth can be a dangerous thing…

What do you think of the cover? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


    I really like this cover its eye catching and makes you wonder..Wow I wonder what that is about…yes rate this..x

    Love the cover especially the centre fraying thread. Isn’t that how life is? Our life is in reality a single thread that commences to fray as we are born and continues to fray as the years pass. That thread can snap at anytime and either we go insane or we die. Edward Redshaw.

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