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Jo Nesbo wins 2013 Peer Gynt Prize

Jo Nesbo, the Norwegian best-selling crime novelist, has been awarded the 2013 Peer Gynt Prize for bringing Norwegian literature to a world stage.

The Peer Gynt Award (named after the Henrik Ibsen play) is an honour which has been awarded since 1971 to individuals and institutions who have highlighted Norway internationally. Winners are nominated by Norway’s parliamentary representatives, members of the Peer Gynt Festival itself and former recipients of the prize.

Nesbo is best known for his best-selling series of detective Harry Hole novels. His films, Jackpot and Headhunters have both been successful internationally, with the latter receiving a nomination for a BAFTA award in January 2013.

Former Peer Gynt prize winners include Jostein Gaarder (author), A-ha (musicians), Thor Heyerdahl (ethnographer and adventurer) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (footballer and UNICEF ambassador).

“It is a very exclusive group of people who all have been great examples and role models” said Berit Brørby, head of the nomination committee.

The award will be presented to Jo Nesbo at a ceremony conducted during the 12-day Peer Gynt Festival (Peer Gynt-stemnet) at Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway.

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