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CLOSED: Win a coffee machine and a year’s supply of coffee with Blue Moon!

Win a coffee machine and a year’s supply of coffee with Blue Moon, the latest book in Lee Child’s bestselling Jack Reacher series.

It’s common knowledge that the hero of Lee Child’s bestselling thriller series is fuelled by serious amounts of strong, black coffee. Blue Moon is no exception as Reacher takes on not one but two ruthless rival criminal gangs in a nameless city somewhere in America. Needless to say, the gangs hadn’t counted on Jack Reacher stepping off a Greyhound bus and on to their patch…

Now is your chance to ‘Be More Reacher’ by winning a bean-to-cup quality coffee machine, plus a year’s supply of coffee and a signed copy of Blue Moon.

‘If in doubt, drink coffee.’ – Jack Reacher

Simply complete the form below for your chance to win!

This competition is now closed.

Terms and conditions. Competition closes 1st January 2020.


    Lee Child is a superb writer, just started reading Blue Moon, it has the making of another superb read, + a good cup of coffee! they go together like crackers + cheese!

    Half way through Blue Moon. Need some coffee to keep me going. So far so good. Loved all the other books to date.

    Had new Jack Reacher book for Christmas, nearly finished it. Another great book

    Had to wait for Christmas before I could get my hands on Blue Moon and it was worth the wait……7 chapters in and gripped already! Need coffee to stay awake and read it all night!

    Best storyteller ever ,read them all got this from grand daughter for Xmas.

    All my family know that I’m an avid reader and they know my favourite authors. Therefore I was hardly surprised when I unwrapped a Christmas present from one of my daughters: “Blue Moon” I started reading this a couple of hours ago and I’m on Page 36. I rarely enter these sort of competitions but it sounds like great idea and who knows, I could get lucky!

    Nothing better than a good cup of copy with a good book to read, ahhh

    I bought the latest JR for my wife. But her Birthday was Sept 28th….so she had to wait until publishing date, and then had to wait again until Santa brought it out of hiding. She has started reading it today, 1/1/20 and I noticed the sticker on the front. So here I am telling you all this, hoping that the closing date is what it says on the sticker, if not, then readers will have enjoyed my story. All the previous JR books are arranged on the shelves in the living room, but not in date order. Cheers.

    I have read every Reacher book and this is my Christmas present I am looking forward to reading with great expectations

    Being 5’ 6”, reading Jack Reacher books is the nearest I get to being a big bad ass 6’5” good guy!

    Only a Brit could invent the most amazing American avenging character, Jack Reacher. long may it continue..

    Great deal, Lee childs my favourite author. Love the Jack reacher books

    Just entered before deadline and hope for the best. Received Blue Moon for Xmas from my eldest son – loving it and up to Chapter 38

    Dad and I have just given my mother a copy of BLUE MOON for her 90th birthday today 31/12/2019. Made here very happy.

    Maybe I’ll be happy too, if I succeed in winning the coffee machine & coffee; competition only just entered in time.

    Hope for the best. Bean to cup coffee, with Reacher
    Plan for the worst. No bean to cup coffee, with Reacher.

    “The kindness of strangers,” Reacher said. “Makes the world go round.” So does coffee and Lee Child for me.

    I read my first Jack Reacher book in hospital in 2002 following surgery. It was just what I needed – a thrilling, page-turner and complete distraction. I’ve been hooked ever since. Blue Moon did not disappoint this Mancunian!

    If I win I will sit in my lounge facing the door, drinking my coffee.

    I think it’s the best one I’ve read so far and that’s nearly all of them!
    It will make a brilliant film

    Lee Child just gets better and better,bring on the next Jack Reacher

    If there is one thing I enjoy as much as a Jack Reacher story, its a cup of coffee while I am reading.

    Lee Child is a genius in writing books you can’t put down, despite Jack Reacher being the same the stories always change unlike other authors. FANTASIC

    In all honesty, Blue Moon is the first Jack reacher book I’ve read. Lee Child’s straight forward style of writing has a to-the-point simplicity which is superbly elegant and uncluttered, lifting the book high above the rest and making Jack Reacher stand out from the crowd in a way that Jack would probably prefer to avoid. Sorry Jack, come forward and take a bow (you too Lee, of course).

    Loved the (Blue Moon)book as always, would love the coffee machine x

    May need to redesign the kitchen to look like an out of town, slightly run down diner to house this coffee machine, for a more authentic Reacher feel.

    I received Blue Moon as a Christmas pressie, loving it! have seen the films but not read any of the Jack Reacher books before( how many are there in the series?) will need to get them all now so I can read in order. Really like Lee Childs writing style, need to find out what other books are out there.

    I can hardly believe it is more than 20 years since Lee Child lost his job in television and Jack Reacher burst onto the scene! Well TV’s loss is definitely our gain – yay for us those short-sighted execs “let go” Mr Child. But full circle comes about and it seems we can look forward to seeing our hero on the small screen sometime soon? I’d love to suggest Ben Browder for the role, unfortunately that’s not my call (sigh).

    I have just begun to read “blue moon” and I can’t put the book down , it is now 0030 I should be in bed !

    I’ve read all the Jack Reacher books including the short stories, and have been awaiting this latest novel. Now that I have my copy a coffee machine would just make the reading experience perfect

    I love all the Jack Reacher books , a fantastic read every time. I also love coffee so a win would be brilliant.

    love jack reacher books lee child is a very good story teller.


    I have read all the Jack Reacher books in order.Blue moon was a Christmas present from my daughter.
    As always Reacher is straight into action,helping others.
    Yet another Reacher book,I cant put down……… thanks Lee Child .

    I’ve enjoyed all the Jack Reacher books and lm a die hard coffee lover, Keep those book’s coming Lee.

    Read every novel – love every novel! Special place in my heart for the Visitor as this was the first in Lee Childs repertoire that I purchased whilst travelling in NZ…..been hooked ever since!!!

    Just finished reading Blue Moon and it didn’t disappoint. I have read all of the Jack Reacher books now and can’t wait for the next one.

    I have entered and dont expect to win. Do all the people that have made the below comments think they have more of a chance because they bought all of the books?
    Reacher would no doubt be disappointed.

    Great book series. Have got every release do far.
    Jack Reacher is a great character.
    Would not even bother looking at the movies, Tom Cruise, what a pathetic pretty boy casting in the role.
    Someone should have been sacked for that choice.

    I’ve read everyone of his books I got his latest one for my Christmas. Yes yes

    Just started Blue Moon, a Christmas present from my better half, so far it doesn’t disappoint!

    Reacher is a modern day Equaliser, dealing out justice to people who do harm and exploit others.

    I love reading jack reacher with a big cup of fresh black coffee nothing better. Problem is i read Lee’s books in a couple of days and then have to wait so long for his next edition. Oh well ???

    Tradition dictates that I have to buy each new Reacher book on Boxing Day using a voucher given to me every year by elderly neighbour. She passed away earlier this year so went out and purchased the voucher myself and got my copy of Blue Moon as usual as it felt fitting. Finished it in a oner which is another tradition, Boxing Day in my house has been renamed Reacher Day.

    Have read nearly all of the Jack Reacher books, with great enjoyment, and look forward to settling down to read Blue Moon. Reacher is a character with a strong moral code – and the intelligence and strength to enforce it. A hero for our times.

    Loved it. A hint of Theseus and the Minotaur at the end, but the good guys, and the gal, triumphed. What’s not to like?

    Two of life’s great pleasures- strong black coffee & a good book!

    I do believe that I have read all the Jack Reacher books – at least once, and Father Christmas has given me ‘Blue Moon’. However, I am holding back from opening it for as long as I can, because I will not be able to put it down until finished. Oh! what an Author!

    Drifting into danger
    A women in every town
    The coffees hot and black
    No suitcase in his hand
    Ready to give a helping hand
    Must be the Reacher man.

    I live in Italy home of great coffee but I’m from Great Britain home of good writers (who sometimes live in America)?

    Got Blue Moon this morning as a Christmas present. Already read up to page 102. Good read. Got to stop for a coffee.

    A major good read!
    Lee Child is my favourite writer, slightly ahead of Grisham, Baldacci and Paterson!

    When Jack throws away his clothes he should leave them for the (tall) homeless . # jack recycler. Love the books. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    Haven’t read the book yet as it is a Christmas present and I have only just received it (thanks Santa!). I have read all the other Reacher books, some more than once! I am looking forward to reading this latest from Lee Child. He does know how to keep his readers entertained and I am sure this one will be no exception. I wish there was only more than one a year (Lee?).

    just received ” Blue Moon”as a xmas pressy,looking forward to gettingstuck into it. It will join my full complement of Jack Reacher books for a second reading.

    Christmas Day 2019.

    Always an excellent read, I’m really looking forward to this one (blue moon). No coffee needed to keep me hooked, however it would be a lovely bonus, good luck to all.

    Love all the Jack Reacher books. Hopefully I’ll love a new coffee machine soon as well ?

    Just like Jack Reacher, you can always rely on Dead Good to come up with the goods.

    Great coffee and a good book. =. Coffee beans and Jack Reacher!

    Coffee and Reacher, it goes together like Yorkshire puds and gravy!!

    Great books which appeal to my wife as well as me. What a man Jack Reacher is!

    I love Jack Reacher, fantastic stories, just reading Blue Moon, almost finished it…..

    I have read all jack reacher books and they are all very good.

    i have read all jack reacher;s books have blue moon for xmas looking to reading it r walke

    I have read all available Lee child books and can’t wait to read Blue Moon whilst drinking coffee from my new machine

    Got all the books and the films. Read them, usually in one sitting, as they came out. Lent them to family counting them out and back in again. Introduced to them by my dad and he’s still top of my list. Go Teacher.

    Don’t normally enter competitions,but here goes ! Read nearly all the books.

    I had this one signed for my sister and obviously read it first, so I’d love the opportunity to get a free copy for ME … and all that CoFfEe ?? great opportunity for fans. All the best to entries , and thank you.

    My son knows I’m into the jack reacher series and sends them over from the USA as soon as they’re released. I even have a signed copy 1st edition.
    I’ve read them all too. Each one is hard to put down once you’ve started.
    Hope they’re all made into movies.

    Lee Child is a great author and Jack Reacher is a name I look forward to see where his next adventure leads. My wife has started to read all the books now and currently waiting for me to finish Blue Moon.

    I have read every Jack Reacher book and loved them all. I read BLUE MOON in one sitting only stopping to eat.

    Addicted to the Jack Reacher books! Read them all, with an endless supply of coffee, (drunk from a china mug – of course) because once a book is started, it is sooo hard to put down! Real page turners and edge of the seat stuff. Loyalty to Lee Child who is a Coventry lad, which is local to me and my friends who are fellow Jack Reacher fans.

    I have read every Jack Teacher book and Lee Child is in my top five for this type of thriller.

    Just starting to read another Jack Reacher. I have all the books in my bookcase. Just need that coffee to go with Blue Moon. Poor Jack I suspect has another hard struggle but will he succeed? You bet!

    Wonderful opportunity to emulate Jack Reachers love of coffee

    I love all the Jack Reacher books, and have read many of them three or four times – they never fail to please! Have just read Blue Moon ( how does Lee Child always manage to come up with a completely new situation? Amazing!). I would love to own a copy of Blue Moon – I usually get books from the library, but any Lee Child is welcome on my bookshelf.
    Enjoyed BM greatly – I’ve never know JR to kill so many baddies! Can’t wait for the next one!

    What a fantastic opportunity.
    Jack Reacher story in one hand, coffee in the other..what could be better !

    Waited for blue moon in anticipation. Took 3 days to read it.
    Brilliant read couldn’t put it down. Now I’m on a downer.
    Long wait till the next one. So like others I’ll start from book number one to refresh my memory.

    I am a devoted Jack Reacher fan. Once I have started another book I am hooked after page. 2.
    Lee Childs is the best novelist ever. I also love my coffee and it’s the first thing I have when I wake.
    Would love a new machine so fingers crossed. Now back to my book ?

    Just started reading blue moon, a birthday present from my wife and already hooked

    have finished all the reacher books and have 3 more to make it all books twice except blue moon which I have just finished great stuff.

    Looking forward to the new Jack Reacher book, left to one side to build up anticipation of another brilliant book. Why have a series on Netflix and who will play Jack Reacher??? Any suspects.

    Just bought Blue Moon haven’t read it yet as rationing myself three books behind latest ( today’s) novel Reacher is best read with a strong black coffee” that’s for damn sure”

    I have just bought Blue Moon I am rationing myself in reading Reacher I am the last three behind as I read the previous 20 too quick, damn good reads with strong black coffee being a must have.

    I right good rip roaring read – like them all and even better with a coffee – thanks Lee

    Over the past 5 years I have read every Jack reacher Novel and watched the 2 movies several times. I have to say this Blue Moon is an early Christmas presant to my self and I absolutely cant wait to start it as i know once i start i won’t want to put it down. Lee child your character and way you write about him make reading so enjoyable thank you so much for being an amazing author and I am looking forward to the next reacher installment before you have wrote it.


    Have enjoyed all Lee Child books re Jack Reacher including BLUE MOON,

    got my copy on day of release – look forward to meeting Jack every year.
    Pity Lee only writes one a year.

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than going to bed with Jack Reacher. He is my ideal man and Lee Child knows just the right way to portray him.

    Ohh what an amazing prize to win, especially the signed copy of Blue Moon! I have every single Jack Reacher book, that I’ve been collecting from the very first one years ago. I had never and have still not, found any books that come close to Lee Childs Jack Reacher. I absolutely love everything that Reacher stands for. Here in Ireland, I have counted down the release dates for every single book to make sure I got each one as soon as they reached the shelves lol. For every single book I have never been able to put the book down and couldn’t turn the pages quick enough. I honestly wouldn’t notice the house fall down around me when I’m engrossed in Reacher ? lol. I’m just about to devour Blue Moon and I’m so so excited to see what it holds ?. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, it would be a dream come true winning this amazing prize, and massive thanks to Lee Child for producing the most captivating books I’ve ever (and will ever ?) read ???. Also best of luck to everyone. ‘There’s only one Jack Reacher ‘ ??❤

    Blue Moon – “You saw me standing alone…….”. Halfway through this already and loving it as ever. Coffee also a love of mine!

    I have read all the Jack Reacher books in the last two years. I am now reading ‘Blue Moon. But it would be great to win a signed copy of Blue Moon. I do hope there will be more Jack Reacher in the future. Quote “We all need Jack Reacher, a righteous avenger for our troubled times”

    Actually, I’m reading the last Jack Reacher book. And Lee Child is one from my favourite authors by far. And this is an amazing opportunity!

    It would be hard to find a bigger Lee Child fan than me. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I have just obtained Blue Moon , I now have all of Lee Childs (Reacher Stories) gripping stories.

    Lee Child best thriller writer ever. A must read for me. Have to savour it like a good cup of coffee. Can’t wait for every new Jack Reacher.

    Lee Child best thriller writer ever. A must read for me. Have to savour it like a good cup of coffee.

    I agree with Jack Reacher re coffee. Two cups and a hot shower and I’m ready for whatever the day will throw at me.
    Jack Reacher has to be the best character any author has dreamed up.

    As well as reading and enjoying Jack Reacher books,I have started to collect signed first editions which are a feature of my bookcase.

    Love Jack Reacher books, read them all including novellas, three quarters through ‘Blue Moon’,
    great story as usual.

    Love it a new Jack book comes out. Is worth the wait. The new one is cracking and everything you’d expect of a Jack Reacher novel. Cant wait for the next one

    wow great giveaway !!! love jack reacher books .Wow could use a new coffee maker too lol !! happy holidays

    I read the first few Jack Reacher books years ago and really looking forward to re-visiting them and enjoying the rest of the series.

    Reacher fanatic, read every book…
    Don’t mind a good coffee either, so this is a bonus opportunity!

    Would love to share a coffee with Lee Child .He’s brilliant

    A true hero to escape to from reality. One for the good guys who never fails to bring a smile and an air punch when an adversary gets their come-uppance. Reacher emboldens our ideology of good V evil we all need that in life to make us feel better, right?
    Long may he ‘roam’ and conquer!

    I have read just about all Lee Child books and just reading Blue Moon now, just cannot put it down.

    A brilliant prize I would love to win. Always have a book on the go and need to add to my collection.

    Gooda love this guy. Brilliant stories well written, sucks you into the book and holds you ever time, masterful. Thanks.

    I have all of Jack Reachers books and my husband has just started reading them and now I can’t get word out of him as his nose is always in a Jack Reacher book!! Great reads, Lee Child is my favourite author.

    I found the second book while working in Germany. It was, and still is my favourite Lee child novel and the mention of Aston Villa made me look and buy all the rest of the novels when they came on sale.
    I loved them all

    Love all Lee Child’s books.
    Can’t get enough of Jack Reacher!

    I have sat and read Blue Moon from start to finish in one sitting. I didn’t mean to, but I never do. Plenty of good coffee and a day aside is vital, as it turned out to be again. No other character does this. I an only saddened that it will be another year before the next ‘unputdownable’ installment arrives. Thank you Lee!

    Brilliant book as always. Needed to escape while undergoing Radiotherapy.

    Hmmmm, can taste it now in anticipation, it will definitely be needed in January!

    Just bought Blue Moon got my mother’s 84th birthday. It will be a fight between us who reads it first

    I have just bought Blue Moon I have read all of the Jack Reacher series, seen both films although Tom Cruise is not tall enough or heavy enough to portray Jack Reacher. I read quite a lot but nothing grips me like Jack Reacher books Lee Child is by far the best author for me. So weather I win a coffee machine and signed Book or not which would be nice. I still win when I have read the book. Just keep up the great writing Lee Thanks.

    Received Blue Moon and The Institute (Stephen King) for my birthday. Had to go with Reacher first. No offence, Mr King. but even with your monsters, the odds are better with Reacher around.

    Just about to start Blue Moon, once I’ve finished this I should have time to read the full set again before Lee writes the next book. Coffee will be helpful.

    started reading the Reacher books about 10 years ago. since then I must have read them all a dozen times. Just about to start reading them all again in publish order and coffee sounds like a great way to accomplish this.

    This is the HARD WAY but I have NOTHING TO LOSE so I will DIE TRYING, and I have ONE SHOT so its WORTH DYING FOR

    brought Blue Moon today… 120 pages in, can’t put it down!

    I’d really like a signed copy, I have all the Jack Reacher books and short stories. The coffee machine would come in handy whilst I’m reading Blue Moon.

    ‘If in doubt, drink coffee.’ – Jack Reacher – Love it!

    I think the best of the books is “The Enemy” because of its emotion, closely followed by “Killing floor” with its high body count. Blue Moon has an even higher body count, but its OK.

    Enjoying the book. Please count me in.
    A good read and a good coffee… what more could you need?

    Like all Reacher ones, still feel best ever was ” killing floor “

    Cannot wait to read the latest Jack Reacher novel, I have read all the others and seem unable to put them down once I start reading.

    I love a good book to read and a freshly brewed coffee. Great prize combinations.

    I have every Reacher series written by Lee Child in Book form or Kindle. A good cup of coffee would complete my experience.

    Reaching out for reaching pleasure … never beyond my Reach with Reacher

    Love Lee Child’s books, especially the character of Jack Reacher

    Big jack sits at the back stairing ahead with his coffee and pie, That’s big Jack.

    Can’t wait to read the latest Reacher novel. I have every one bought new in hardback from 1997. The Killing Floor is still my favourite, but being a true Reacher Creature, each and every one since are still fantastic reads.

    I have started reading the books again from the very first Reacher is nowhere as human in the early books he seems to have mellowed over the years

    I’ve been looking forward to this being published for months

    Husband only reads on his two night shifts but I’m running out of Lee Child’s books he won’t read anything else ??

    imagine you’re drinking coffee ☕️with JACK REACHER !!!!!!WOW

    I have recently found the Jack Reacher books, I absolutely love them x

    Half way through Blue Moon, all action as usual, I have read all the other Reacher books so I expecting this one to reach the same high standard.

    Just started Blue Moon ; Lee Child is back to his Reacher best

    How about Reacher mugs, in the unlikely event of my not winning the coffee machine and coffee?

    Superb story lines and genuine page turners
    Keep it up Jack Reacher/Lee Child

    I have read all of Jack Reachers stories, absolutely love them. Haven’t got Blue Moon yet but looking forward to getting and enjoying a great read.

    Love Lee Child, so glad I discovered his books. Add that to special coffe. A match made in Heaven. Yes please. !!

    Jack reacher back to his best, stamping his morals on the immoral

    What can I say I’d love to share a coffee or two with Jack, what’s not to like. An intelligent conversation, some pointers on how to put the world to rights and which battles to fight and when not to get involved. There are so few people of honest conviction with decent morals so yes it would be a profound pleasure to get his take on what we’re dealing with at the moment. Wish there were more like him [golly his carbon footprint is virtually non existent] 😉
    Would like to simplify life but it doesn’t work like that does it, so whilst we all do battle with the powers that be and try to get through the days doing the very best we can and taking in another of Jack’s dilemmas for a reprieve . Is it only me that feels invigorated after reading what he’s up to? Feel like I could take on the world. Blue Moon is winking at me but I’m all for delayed gratification and waiting for the Christmas break to enjoy what is to come, we’ll all have a little while to wait for what comes after. Thank You Lee for your stellar work, the world would be a poorer place without you both. So looking forward to the New TV shows when they emerge and praying like mad that you find a 6’5″ unknown who really fits the bill -/

    Looking forward to a better interpretation of Jack Reacher on Netflix.

    Allways wanted a coffee machine,would love to win one.Just bought the new Jack Reacher Blue Moon Book.

    Of all the reacher books.
    Still think One Shot is Jack at his best.

    I have the new Lee Child book blue moon. Always disappointed to finish his latest because I know I have to wait 12 months for the next.
    Top work.

    I have and I’ve read all Jack Reacher’s books. I purchased Blue moon on release day. Most of my books are eBooks so it would be amazing to get a signed and real copy of Blue moon.
    I love Jack Reacher and like him, I like my coffee black and strong.

    Ordered Blue Moon from Amazon to ensure I received it on release as I have read most of the Jack Reacher stories and some twice as I really enjoy them.

    A fresh cup of coffee and the new book what a “PERFECT” combination.

    I have read all reacher books and have all the collections so far but would like to win his latest book

    Cannot wait to get started on Blue Moon.Brought it for myself as unable to wait til Christmas.Would Love to win coffee machine as never won anything from entering a competition.

    I love Lee Child I have all his books and I enjoy coffee very much. So Lee Child book and a lovely coffee machine perfect!

    I also have read every Reacher book and seen the films, just about to start on Blue moon , I know I won’t be disappointed

    When Killing Floor first came out my attention was drawn to it by the title sharing its name with a Howling Wolf song. As a blues fan I thought I’ll give this a go and have been hooked on Lee’s character and his adventures ever since. Not one book has disappointed. Pithy titles spark the imagination from the get go. Just away to sit down with a coffee and make a start on Blue Moon.

    My husband loves these books, a copy of Blue Moon and the coffee machine would be a perfect early Christmas gift!

    I just love Jack Reacher. I’ve read all of his books, just started Blue Moon. Thank you so much Lee Childs for making this old lady very happy. Please keep them coming.

    A good cuppa strong coffee and any Reacher book, what more can a wannabe Jack Reacher want. Never get tired re reading these books.

    A strong cuppa coffee plus any reacher novel, what more can a wanna be jack reacher want. My Christmas came early Mike, just bought the new book from Asda.

    Have read every Lee Child book love them all, adore Reacher

    Have read all JR’s books in order from the start; received Blue moon two days ago and already over half way through so probably finish tomorrow. As good as ever, but then another year’s wait; can’t be right! So probably go back to “Killing Floor” and start again …. was that really over two years ago?

    I am just getting into the books after seeing a couple of the films but the books are so much better.

    Have read all jack reacher books and couldn’t wait for Blue Moon to arrive. To read this while drinking copious amounts of coffee would be the icing on the cake.

    Just got Blue Moon (which my wife is buying me for Christmas)! Can’t wait to read it after Christmas. Have read all his Jack Reacher books.

    Pre ordered Blue Moon just arrived! I’ve got the whole set and have read them twice; once in random order as I acquired them and then in chronological order as published. So good! Like Reacher I love my coffee, unfortunately unlike Reacher I can’t put the world to rights!

    jack reacher is who every man wants to be ive read every one of his books including the short stories lee child originaly comes from close to me so I feel a connection with him

    Mmmmmmm pint or two of coffee while I read what Mr Teacher is up to in Blue Moon. If in doubt turn right.

    Like many other readers, I have every Jack Reacher novel and have read them many times ( except Blue Moon, reading it for the first time of course). Got the 2 DVDS aswell . Tom Cruise !?!?!?!?!

    Tom Cruise is fantastic as Eathan Hunt and that is what I see so much so I couldn’t even watch the second movie. I know we are supposed to suspend belief when seeing movies but I like many was able. Tom’s a great actor but he’s not Jack Reacher. Sorry Tom we still love you <3

    All Jack Reacher books have been brilliant, keep them coming, just like the coffee.

    Had it nearly 2 days and almost done, great read, one for the Reacher fans.

    Don’t usually enter competitions, but couldn’t resist this one!

    A fantastic chance to WIN, not only a years supply of my favourite drink, namely ‘coffee’ & a lovely looking coffee machine, but also Jack Reacher’s latest book ‘BLUE MOON’.

    Already halfway through Blue Moon – can’t put it down
    Also have ‘Cleaning the gold’ collaboration with Diane Capri

    Not been well for a couple of days and yesterday I sat and finished another book just so that I could get to the new Reacher. I kept telling my husband to read them and finally he has and he cannot stop reading him too now!

    I used to binge watch TV, because I hated having to wait a week for the next episode. A year ago, during a period of illness, I picked up one of Lee Childs “Jack Reacher” Books, and upon completing it immediately logged in to amazon and purchased ever single book in the series, immediately reading them back to back, I just couldnt put them down. I preordered Blue Moon, but needing a Reacher fix I searched for and read every short story I could find, even those located in anthology books, such as Face Off and First Thrills. The book finally arrived and Lee Child has not dissapointed, knocking it out of the park once more. Now I have to just sit and read them all again whilst I wait for the next one…god I miss the days when I only had to wait a week for the next thrilling installment. Great work Mr Child, and thank you.

    Wonderful gift to win, as I have all of Jack Teacher’s book and am a serious coffee drinker. Mostly though … I never win anything!

    I’m looking forward to reading the latest reacher book I’ve got the rest and love them

    I have every book in the Jack Reacher series and loved everyone just going to settle down with the new book now can’t wait to see what Jack gets up too next.

    Just purchased Blue Moon on release day (October 29th). I have read all of Lee Child’s books. He’s the BEST. Just a pity he only produces one a year.

    Better one fantastic book a year than churning a load of rubbish- blue moon is fab!!

    I am a massive Lee Child fan, i have all the previous Jack Reacher books and have just purchased the latest one Blue Moon.
    To win a signed copy would be amazing and would take pride of place in my collection, to win a coffee machine and a years supply would be the cherry on the cake and a brilliant Xmas present and start to the new year.

    Blue Moon sat on my desk now waiting for me to read!! Instant coffee will have to do ‘cos I’ve no machine, but winning one would be fantastic! Like Mike, I’ve read all Jack Reachers’ stories and can’t wait to get started on Blue Moon.

    Have currently received Blue moon which a collection of all jack Reacher books.Never been disappionted.

    Every year between my birthday and Christmas a new Jack Reacher book arrives and I settle down to my favourite author and a black coffee (as converted to by a certain Reacher!) A years supply of Blue moon would be amazing just a pity there wouldn’t be a new book every month produced to accompany it!!

    I have every Jack Reacher ( 6ft. 5 inches) book, and the 2 films with Tom Cruise (5ft. 6 inches). I am now working my way through reading them all again, this time in publishing order, burning the midnight oil, requiring caffeine, and loving every minute. Lee Child has to be my favourite author by far. This new book would be a Christmas pressie from me to me. Yay!

    So have I just purchased Blue Moon and I re read them as well great books.

    Snap I’m doing the same,got them all,started reading again.

    Wouldn’t it be great if for once the money didn’t talk and the next film actually gave a relatively unknown actor of the right physical build and character a chance instead?

    I have read all Jack Reacher books and now starting reading Blue Moon, given to me as a Christmas present by my 22 month old granddaughter, Sofia Tala, our little STAR! I am sure I will enjoy reading this book just like the other Jack Reacher books which I read within 3 months.

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