Win a coffee machine and a year’s supply of coffee with Blue Moon!

reacher coffee

Win a coffee machine and a year’s supply of coffee with Blue Moon, the latest book in Lee Child’s bestselling Jack Reacher series.

It’s common knowledge that the hero of Lee Child’s bestselling thriller series is fuelled by serious amounts of strong, black coffee. Blue Moon is no exception as Reacher takes on not one but two ruthless rival criminal gangs in a nameless city somewhere in America. Needless to say, the gangs hadn’t counted on Jack Reacher stepping off a Greyhound bus and on to their patch…

Now is your chance to ‘Be More Reacher’ by winning a bean-to-cup quality coffee machine, plus a year’s supply of coffee and a signed copy of Blue Moon.

‘If in doubt, drink coffee.’ – Jack Reacher

Simply complete the form below for your chance to win!

Terms and conditions. Competition closes 1st January 2020.

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  1. Mike Bampton says

    I have every Jack Reacher ( 6ft. 5 inches) book, and the 2 films with Tom Cruise (5ft. 6 inches). I am now working my way through reading them all again, this time in publishing order, burning the midnight oil, requiring caffeine, and loving every minute. Lee Child has to be my favourite author by far. This new book would be a Christmas pressie from me to me. Yay!

  2. Robert Hirlam says

    Have currently received Blue moon which a collection of all jack Reacher books.Never been disappionted.

  3. Stewart Goosey says

    Blue Moon sat on my desk now waiting for me to read!! Instant coffee will have to do ‘cos I’ve no machine, but winning one would be fantastic! Like Mike, I’ve read all Jack Reachers’ stories and can’t wait to get started on Blue Moon.

  4. John R Grocott says

    I am a massive Lee Child fan, i have all the previous Jack Reacher books and have just purchased the latest one Blue Moon.
    To win a signed copy would be amazing and would take pride of place in my collection, to win a coffee machine and a years supply would be the cherry on the cake and a brilliant Xmas present and start to the new year.

  5. Debbie Gordon says

    Just purchased Blue Moon on release day (October 29th). I have read all of Lee Child’s books. He’s the BEST. Just a pity he only produces one a year.

  6. patricia says

    I have every book in the Jack Reacher series and loved everyone just going to settle down with the new book now can’t wait to see what Jack gets up too next.

  7. Tycotim says

    I’m looking forward to reading the latest reacher book I’ve got the rest and love them

  8. Liz Payne says

    Wonderful gift to win, as I have all of Jack Teacher’s book and am a serious coffee drinker. Mostly though … I never win anything!

  9. David Wood says

    I used to binge watch TV, because I hated having to wait a week for the next episode. A year ago, during a period of illness, I picked up one of Lee Childs “Jack Reacher” Books, and upon completing it immediately logged in to amazon and purchased ever single book in the series, immediately reading them back to back, I just couldnt put them down. I preordered Blue Moon, but needing a Reacher fix I searched for and read every short story I could find, even those located in anthology books, such as Face Off and First Thrills. The book finally arrived and Lee Child has not dissapointed, knocking it out of the park once more. Now I have to just sit and read them all again whilst I wait for the next one…god I miss the days when I only had to wait a week for the next thrilling installment. Great work Mr Child, and thank you.

  10. Lynne says

    Not been well for a couple of days and yesterday I sat and finished another book just so that I could get to the new Reacher. I kept telling my husband to read them and finally he has and he cannot stop reading him too now!

  11. Barbara says

    Already halfway through Blue Moon – can’t put it down
    Also have ‘Cleaning the gold’ collaboration with Diane Capri

  12. Richard Thor says

    A fantastic chance to WIN, not only a years supply of my favourite drink, namely ‘coffee’ & a lovely looking coffee machine, but also Jack Reacher’s latest book ‘BLUE MOON’.

  13. Dean says

    Had it nearly 2 days and almost done, great read, one for the Reacher fans.

  14. Sue Bailey says

    All Jack Reacher books have been brilliant, keep them coming, just like the coffee.

  15. Pauline and Brian Ditch says

    Like many other readers, I have every Jack Reacher novel and have read them many times ( except Blue Moon, reading it for the first time of course). Got the 2 DVDS aswell . Tom Cruise !?!?!?!?!

    • Tess Venus says

      Tom Cruise is fantastic as Eathan Hunt and that is what I see so much so I couldn’t even watch the second movie. I know we are supposed to suspend belief when seeing movies but I like many was able. Tom’s a great actor but he’s not Jack Reacher. Sorry Tom we still love you <3

  16. Anonymous says

    Mmmmmmm pint or two of coffee while I read what Mr Teacher is up to in Blue Moon. If in doubt turn right.

  17. ray ford says

    jack reacher is who every man wants to be ive read every one of his books including the short stories lee child originaly comes from close to me so I feel a connection with him

  18. Shirley Grant says

    Pre ordered Blue Moon just arrived! I’ve got the whole set and have read them twice; once in random order as I acquired them and then in chronological order as published. So good! Like Reacher I love my coffee, unfortunately unlike Reacher I can’t put the world to rights!

  19. Mike says

    Just got Blue Moon (which my wife is buying me for Christmas)! Can’t wait to read it after Christmas. Have read all his Jack Reacher books.

  20. Ian Watson says

    Have read all jack reacher books and couldn’t wait for Blue Moon to arrive. To read this while drinking copious amounts of coffee would be the icing on the cake.

  21. Gina costin says

    I am just getting into the books after seeing a couple of the films but the books are so much better.

  22. Derek Henderson says

    Have read all JR’s books in order from the start; received Blue moon two days ago and already over half way through so probably finish tomorrow. As good as ever, but then another year’s wait; can’t be right! So probably go back to “Killing Floor” and start again …. was that really over two years ago?

  23. Stephen says

    A strong cuppa coffee plus any reacher novel, what more can a wanna be jack reacher want. My Christmas came early Mike, just bought the new book from Asda.

  24. Stephen says

    A good cuppa strong coffee and any Reacher book, what more can a wannabe Jack Reacher want. Never get tired re reading these books.

  25. Carol Allman says

    I just love Jack Reacher. I’ve read all of his books, just started Blue Moon. Thank you so much Lee Childs for making this old lady very happy. Please keep them coming.

  26. Patricia Swaby says

    My husband loves these books, a copy of Blue Moon and the coffee machine would be a perfect early Christmas gift!

  27. Tom Marchbank says

    When Killing Floor first came out my attention was drawn to it by the title sharing its name with a Howling Wolf song. As a blues fan I thought I’ll give this a go and have been hooked on Lee’s character and his adventures ever since. Not one book has disappointed. Pithy titles spark the imagination from the get go. Just away to sit down with a coffee and make a start on Blue Moon.

  28. Roy says

    I also have read every Reacher book and seen the films, just about to start on Blue moon , I know I won’t be disappointed

  29. June Jones says

    I love Lee Child I have all his books and I enjoy coffee very much. So Lee Child book and a lovely coffee machine perfect!

  30. Anonymous says

    Cannot wait to get started on Blue Moon.Brought it for myself as unable to wait til Christmas.Would Love to win coffee machine as never won anything from entering a competition.

  31. Paul Tait says

    I have read all reacher books and have all the collections so far but would like to win his latest book

  32. Don Anthony says

    A fresh cup of coffee and the new book what a “PERFECT” combination.

  33. Samuel Murphy says

    Ordered Blue Moon from Amazon to ensure I received it on release as I have read most of the Jack Reacher stories and some twice as I really enjoy them.

  34. Sylvia says

    I have and I’ve read all Jack Reacher’s books. I purchased Blue moon on release day. Most of my books are eBooks so it would be amazing to get a signed and real copy of Blue moon.
    I love Jack Reacher and like him, I like my coffee black and strong.

  35. Baz Hughes says

    I have the new Lee Child book blue moon. Always disappointed to finish his latest because I know I have to wait 12 months for the next.
    Top work.

  36. Leslie Deakin says

    Allways wanted a coffee machine,would love to win one.Just bought the new Jack Reacher Blue Moon Book.

  37. Tess Venus says

    What can I say I’d love to share a coffee or two with Jack, what’s not to like. An intelligent conversation, some pointers on how to put the world to rights and which battles to fight and when not to get involved. There are so few people of honest conviction with decent morals so yes it would be a profound pleasure to get his take on what we’re dealing with at the moment. Wish there were more like him [golly his carbon footprint is virtually non existent] 😉
    Would like to simplify life but it doesn’t work like that does it, so whilst we all do battle with the powers that be and try to get through the days doing the very best we can and taking in another of Jack’s dilemmas for a reprieve . Is it only me that feels invigorated after reading what he’s up to? Feel like I could take on the world. Blue Moon is winking at me but I’m all for delayed gratification and waiting for the Christmas break to enjoy what is to come, we’ll all have a little while to wait for what comes after. Thank You Lee for your stellar work, the world would be a poorer place without you both. So looking forward to the New TV shows when they emerge and praying like mad that you find a 6’5″ unknown who really fits the bill -/

  38. J hudson says

    Love Lee Child, so glad I discovered his books. Add that to special coffe. A match made in Heaven. Yes please. !!

  39. Sue Ambrose says

    I have read all of Jack Reachers stories, absolutely love them. Haven’t got Blue Moon yet but looking forward to getting and enjoying a great read.

  40. Eddie k says

    Superb story lines and genuine page turners
    Keep it up Jack Reacher/Lee Child

  41. Roger-no-middle-name-Morgan says

    How about Reacher mugs, in the unlikely event of my not winning the coffee machine and coffee?

  42. Michael Ford says

    Half way through Blue Moon, all action as usual, I have read all the other Reacher books so I expecting this one to reach the same high standard.

  43. griffin freda says

    imagine you’re drinking coffee ☕️with JACK REACHER !!!!!!WOW

  44. Chrissy Haywood says

    Husband only reads on his two night shifts but I’m running out of Lee Child’s books he won’t read anything else 🤞🏻

  45. Mark ingham says

    I have started reading the books again from the very first Reacher is nowhere as human in the early books he seems to have mellowed over the years

  46. Adam Poppy says

    Can’t wait to read the latest Reacher novel. I have every one bought new in hardback from 1997. The Killing Floor is still my favourite, but being a true Reacher Creature, each and every one since are still fantastic reads.

  47. A reader says

    Big jack sits at the back stairing ahead with his coffee and pie, That’s big Jack.

  48. Tony Ball says

    Reaching out for reaching pleasure … never beyond my Reach with Reacher

  49. Jan Hughes says

    I have every Reacher series written by Lee Child in Book form or Kindle. A good cup of coffee would complete my experience.

  50. Elizabeth says

    I love a good book to read and a freshly brewed coffee. Great prize combinations.

  51. Stan Bartholomew says

    Like all Reacher ones, still feel best ever was ” killing floor “

  52. Amanda says

    Enjoying the book. Please count me in.
    A good read and a good coffee… what more could you need?

  53. Trevor Hughes says

    I think the best of the books is “The Enemy” because of its emotion, closely followed by “Killing floor” with its high body count. Blue Moon has an even higher body count, but its OK.

  54. Robert Cooper says

    I’d really like a signed copy, I have all the Jack Reacher books and short stories. The coffee machine would come in handy whilst I’m reading Blue Moon.

  55. Anonymous says

    This is the HARD WAY but I have NOTHING TO LOSE so I will DIE TRYING, and I have ONE SHOT so its WORTH DYING FOR