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Special Agent Will Trent Case Files – Day 4

Day 4 – Thursday
John Shelley Interview

John Shelley has now been found and brought in for questioning.

New information submitted: John Shelley’s Police interview
“Cousin Woody did this to me, he did it all… I’ve been watching him… I know it’s him.”

Update from Special Agent Will Trent: New information on John Shelley has been added to his case file following an investigation into his credit reports.

How does a man recently released from a life sentence hold credit cards and a high credit score? What could be the reasons?

Having looked at his case file, John Shelley was in the Coastal State Prison, Savannah when some of the murders were committed. We suspect that someone is using John Shelley’s identity to frame him. But who would have the motivation?

Will Trent is trying to track down John’s family/lawyers and those involved in his case 20 years ago to find possible links.

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Angie Polaski will update Michael Ormewood on developments and find out if he has heard of John Shelley in relation to Aleesha Monroe and Cynthia Barrett.

Clue number 4:

Who does John Shelley blame for the murders?

A) Cousin Woody

B) Will Trent

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