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Koethi Zan’s The Never List

Koethi Zan’s The Never List has been on our hot list for the last six months. Ever since we read Publishing Director Liz Foley’s piece on why she had to publish the book, we’ve been sitting on our hands, patiently waiting for the book to be published and the wait is almost over!

There is so much to say about this book that words fail to do it justice. Spine-tinglingly creepy, haunting, harrowing and very, very dark, The Never List won’t fail to raise your heart rate!

At a party to meet Koethi Zan – publishers, party-goers and readers talk about how The Never List kept them up at night…

About The Never List

There were four of us down there for the first thirty-two months and eleven days of our captivity. And then, very suddenly and without warning, there were three. Even though the fourth person hadn’t made any noise at all in several months, the room got very quiet when she was gone.For a long time after that, we sat in silence, in the dark, each of us wondering what this meant for her and for us, and which of us would be the next in the box.

Not a book to read on your own, The Never List will appeal to fans of haunting psychological thrillers.

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