Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fictionExplore deals

Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

WIN £200 for the ultimate summer picnic with Tesco and Andrea Mara

We’ve teamed up with Tesco to offer lucky readers the chance to win £200 toward their summer picnic shop to celebrate the publication of the Number 1 bestselling author Andrea Mara’s brand new thriller, Someone in the Attic.

It could happen to you.
Anya is enjoying a relaxing bath when she hears a noise in the roof. Through the open bathroom door, she sees the attic hatch swing open, and a masked figure drops to the floor. Thirty seconds later, Anya is dead.

Even in a wealthy neighbourhood like this.
Across town, Anya’s old school friend, Julia, sees an online video of a masked figure climbing out of an attic. She suddenly realises why the footage is eerily familiar: it was filmed inside her house in a luxury gated community, designed to keep intruders out.

Even with friends like these.
Why would a stranger target Julia? Unless of course, it’s not a stranger at all.

To enter simply fill in the form below by 23:59 BST 12th July 2024.

Click here for our terms and conditions. Competition closes 12th July 2024.