Big Little Lies series 2 episode 7 review

Big Little Lies series 2 episode 7

WARNING: contains some minor spoilers for Big Little Lies series 2 episode 7. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 6 here.

You know that feeling you get when you’ve eaten a really beautiful meal somewhere fancy? A real treat, you lean back in your chair, pat your belly and give out a sigh. It’s pure satisfaction… You could die happy.

And then the desserts menu somehow ends up in your hands.

Do you need a dessert? Of course not. You’re full. But the main course was so delicious, it would almost seem like a shame not have dessert. So, of course, you order one.

This second course of Big Little Lies – while quite delicious – has felt a little like that kind of dessert at times… ever so slightly unnecessary. It looks great, it’s perfectly formed and tastes really quite nice indeed too. Yet the meal wasn’t really made all the better for its presence.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve enjoyed these past seven weeks in Monterey and this second series was very effective at probing into the concepts of motherhood and of trauma and the aftermath of bad events. Be it abuse, sexual assault, infidelity, financial ruin or childhood neglect.

Big Little Lies series 2 episode 7

This follow-up run was never funnier than when it allowed Laura Dern to let rip and never better than when Hollywood heavyweights Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman sparred with each other. As such, some other plot threads did have the tendency to feel a little lightweight in comparison – bantamweight, almost. After all, how many times can we be shown Bonnie mooning at her hospitalised mother…?

Luckily for everyone, this seventh and final episode was mostly Celeste vs. Mary Louise, with Nicole Kidman’s attorney character in full Clarence Darrow mode here, tearing her mother-in-law to pieces in the dock in scenes that come as a great catharsis to viewers sick of Mary Louise’s BS.

Given it’s the Big Finale, we won’t spoil any of the plot, suffice to say that each story is resolved satisfactorily. All that is except, really, the ‘main’ one. The lie. Perhaps we’re just to leave the Monterey Five as having ‘gotten away with it’. The crime that was never really a crime.

Wrapped up, albeit perhaps without a bow, we’re sure there will be some viewers who found this final episode – perhaps even the entire series – to be a little throwaway. It does end on something of an anticlimax, especially if you consider just how explosive the maiden series was. But then it was never likely to be quite as dramatic, was it?

According to the latest news, there is to be no third season of Big Little Lies, which – if true – is both a shame and a relief. All story-lines have been resolved and Liane Moriarty’s story, at least, has been told. And told well. It’s time to leave the restaurant now. This was a fine meal. And no one ever really wants petits fours, anyway.

What did you think of Big Little Lies series 2 episode 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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