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This Week’s Top Deal

Just Another Missing Person

by Gillian McAllister


Why we love it

This high-octane, emotional thriller packs a punch. It’s an ingeniously-plotted police procedural that piles on twist after twist, with complex characters and fast-paced drama. This is one that will keep you reading late into the night.

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Our best 99p crime books this month

Our recommended 99p eBooks this month, featuring summer new releases from Matthew Frank and the haunting new release from Andrea Mara. Explore more of our best crime books of 2024 here.

12 Months to Live cover
£5.99 99p

12 Months to Live

James Patterson

The Twist of A Knife cover
£4.99 99p

The Twist of A Knife

Anthony Horowitz

The Woman Who Fell cover
£4.99 99p

The Woman Who Fell

Matthew Frank

Someone in the Attic cover
£2.99 99p

Someone in the Attic

Andrea Mara

The Golden Spoon cover
£2.99 99p

The Golden Spoon

Jessa Maxwell

Summer sizzlers

Escape to paradise with these 99p Kindle deals, including Cutting Teeth, the brand new release from Chandler Baker. Head over to our Summer Reading Hub for more recommendations!

Bad Summer People cover
£5.99 99p

Bad Summer People

Emma Rosenblum

Cutting Teeth cover
£4.99 99p

Cutting Teeth

Chandler Baker

A Death at a Party cover
£2.99 99p

A Death at a Party

Amy Stuart

A Stranger On Board cover
£3.99 99p

A Stranger On Board

Cameron Ward

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Psychological thrillers

Gripping plots and compelling characters that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. And for even more, check out our best new psychological thrillers out in 2024.

We Used to Live Here cover
£5.99 99p

We Used to Live Here

Marcus Kliewer

Beneath the Skin cover
£2.99 99p

Beneath the Skin

Nicci French

In A Dark, Dark Wood cover
£3.99 99p

In A Dark, Dark Wood

Ruth Ware

One Step Too Far cover
£4.99 99p

One Step Too Far

Lisa Gardner

The Dare cover
£2.99 99p

The Dare

Lesley Kara

Domestic thrillers

These reads are perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and Shari Lapena. This month, we recommend the captivating Just Another Missing Person by Gillian McAllister, bestselling author of Wrong Place Wrong Time.

The Switch cover
£3.99 99p

The Switch

Lily Samson

The Last Resort cover
£2.99 99p

The Last Resort

Heidi Perks

The People Next Door cover
£2.99 99p

The People Next Door

Tony Parsons

Hard-boiled police procedurals

Delve into these gritty hard-boiled investigations, including Dead Good favourites, Mo Hayder and Denise Mina.

The Treatment cover
£3.99 99p

The Treatment

Mo Hayder

The Field of Blood cover
£5.99 99p

The Field of Blood

Denise Mina

Close to Home cover
£4.99 99p

Close to Home

Cara Hunter

The Mist cover
£3.99 99p

The Mist

Ragnar Jonasson

Murder mysteries

Gripping investigations from bestselling authors such as Ruth Rendell and Susan Hill, author of the iconic Simon Serrailer series.

The Girl Next Door cover
£4.99 99p

The Girl Next Door

Ruth Rendell

The Comforts of Home cover
£6.99 99p

The Comforts of Home

Susan Hill

Bones of the Lost cover
£3.99 99p

Bones of the Lost

Kathy Reichs

Hot Money cover
£4.99 99p

Hot Money

Dick Francis

Spy thrillers

Twisting plotlines and non-stop action from our favourite secret agent creators, including Fredrick Forsyth and Tom Bradby.

Yesterday's Spy cover
£3.99 99p

Yesterday’s Spy

Tom Bradby

The Traitor cover
£3.99 99p

The Traitor

Ava Glass

The Day of the Jackal cover
£4.99 99p

The Day of the Jackal

Frederick Forsyth

The Fox cover
£4.99 99p

The Fox

Frederick Forsyth

At Risk cover
£2.99 99p

At Risk

Stella Rimington

Suspense-filled action

We love these heart-pounding thrillers from acclaimed authors Kotaro Isaka and Andy McNab.

Bullet Train cover
£4.99 99p

Bullet Train

Kotaro Isaka

Remote Control cover
£1.99 99p

Remote Control

Andy McNab

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