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Choose The Plot!


Dead Good has teamed up with Specsavers and three fantastic crime authors to give you the chance to direct your very own crime novel!

#ChooseThePlot allows readers to steer the story, making crucial choices that affect the plot as it’s being written!

The first chapter has been written by crime aficionado Christopher Fowler. Fowler can usually be found penning the eccentric and cunningly plotted Bryant & May novels. Find out more about Chris on his website.

Read Christopher Fowler’s first chapter now!

After YOU decide the direction of the story at the end of the first chapter, the writing pen will be picked up by James Oswald. James has recently finished the fifth Inspector McLean novel. Find out more about James on his website.

The poisoned baton then passes to the talented creator of Maeve Kerrigan, none other than Jane Casey. Jane will continue the story following the path chosen by YOU!

Christopher Fowler will return to wrap things up and finish the crime story that has been shaped and directed by the readers.

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to the Specsavers website to make your decision – or let us know in the comments below!


    Love this. Already can ‘see’ the characters and how they work. Brilliant idea to get readers involved in the plot!

    I think Ian killed Jake. He is going to go in league with the Italian Mafia man but hopes to persuade him he can keep Golden quiet without killing her. He knows there is no alternative. As a soldier with combat experience he has no aversion to killing. Picking up a weapon – the Japanese sword – means ultimately you must be prepared to use it. He really has nothing against the Italian who can give him lucrative employment. He has been in jail so will have experience dealing with fellow prisoners including psychopaths so why not take the job. He wanted his wife did but can demonstrate his credentials by disposing of Jake whom he has reason to hate. Also having demonstrated he can kill that gives him more leverage in not killing Golden.

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