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Dead Good DealsWelcome to Dead Good Deals where each week we’ll be bringing you a book recommendation with a twist: for one week only the ebook or audiobook will be available at a fantastically low price. We love these books and hope you will too!

This week’s deal is:

The Slaughter Man by Tony Parsons
£1.99 RRP £4.99
15th November – 21st November

When a child has been missing for over a week, happy endings are hard to find. This simple yet painful fact had been hammered into DC Max Wolfe since his training days as a detective. So when a family is found slaughtered inside their gated home and their youngest child abducted, Max knows he is working against the clock. But with a cattle gun as a murder weapon, this is no ordinary murder investigation. Will Max be able to track down the killer before he strikes again?


The Slaughter Man is a gritty, fast-paced thriller that shows how even the happiest of families have dark, twisted secrets that someone is ready to kill for. In Max Wolfe, Tony Parsons perfectly captures the diligent detective and the father bent on protecting his small family at any cost. Max is all too human and it is hard not to sympathise with his drive to pursue justice while remaining a father figure and shouldering the burden of the terrible things he’s seen in his work. Prepare to discover your next favourite detective series!

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