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First Look: Code of a Killer

Code of a Killer is a new two-part ITV crime drama starring David Threlfall and John Simm. Based on the true story of Alec Jeffreys’ discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker in catching a double murderer.

David Threlfall plays DCS David Baker, the detective who led the investigation into the brutal murders of Leicestershire schoolgirls Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth in the 1980s.

John Simm takes up the role of Dr Alec Jeffreys, a scientist at Leicester University, who, in 1984, invented a remarkable technique to read each individual’s unique DNA fingerprint.

When a local teenager admitted to one of the murders but not the other, Baker asked Jeffreys to analyse the DNA evidence left at the crime scenes. Both men were shocked to discover that the teenager was innocent, his confession false. DCS Baker then took the extraordinarily brave step to launch the world’s first ever DNA manhunt, testing over five thousand local men to track down the killer.

Code of a Killer looks truly fascinating, and we can’t wait for it to air. Tune in to ITV on Monday 9th April at 9pm to watch – and in the meantime, take a peek at the trailer below.

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    I was a teenager in Leicester at the time of these terrible events and the story was covered intensely by the local newspaper. This programme will be a compelling watch.

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