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CLOSED: Win A Shot in the Dark and gin

Fancy getting your hands on a copy of Lynne Truss’ new crime novel and a bottle of Brighton Gin?

A Shot in the Dark is the charming first novel in a new comic crime series from one of Britain’s most-loved writers, Lynne Truss. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Raven Books to give you the chance to win a copy along with a bottle of Brighton Gin (and an obligatory stick of rock!).

After the notorious ‘Middle Street Massacre’ of 1951, when the majority of Brighton’s criminals wiped one another out in a vicious battle as the local police force enjoyed a brief stop en route for an ice cream, Inspector Steine rather enjoys life as a policeman by the sea. No criminals, no crime, no stress.

So it’s really rather annoying when an ambitious – not to mention irritating – new constable shows up to work and starts investigating a series of burglaries. And it’s even more annoying when, after Constable Twitten is dispatched to the theatre for the night, he sits next to a vicious theatre critic who is promptly shot dead partway through the opening night of a new play.

It seems Brighton may be in need of a police force after all…

To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details below. We have three of these sinister-seaside bundles to give away, so good luck!

This competition is now closed.

Terms and conditions. Competition closes 7th August 2018.


    What will I finish first if I’m lucky enough to win, the book or the gin? Dah dah daaaah!

    What could be better than a great read accompanied with a glass of gin & tonic

    UK based books are fab! Gotta love a Brighton based one. Brighton gin – a touch of the seaside to go with a good book! Happy days

    Love a book set in Brighton and if there is a Brighton Gin in hand even bett

    Love a shot of Brighton gin in the dark. I great drink for the perfect novel

    Perfect combination, crumbled rock in the gin, and a book…

    A dead good book and Brighton Gin – what could be better?!

    Nothing like settling down with an amazing book and drink in this weather

    I was born and raised in Brighton, when it was Palace Pier. Love reading books that feature my home town.

    Love Gin and crime novels…yet to try Brighton Gin

    A comic crime mystery sounds great paired with Brighton Gin ??

    I love a good read and it has to be paperback
    Doubleshot with a sip of my favourite Gin

    Love Gin, ice and tonic and reading a good book especially on a hut summers day sat in the garden, what could be better

    Love gin, love books – even better when put together.

    Looking forward to a great novel whilst enjoying some glass of Gin !!

    Ooh ?, I would love to find out who the murderer is while sipping on a Brighton G&T.

    New to gin but loving it now along with a good book. Best chill out ever

    I enjoy reading and drinking Gin, often both at the same time.

    Love Brighton Love Gin Love Books Love Brighton Gin and Books set in Brighton

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