Our Winners

Here you can find the names of the winners from our recent Dead Good competitions. All winners will be contacted via email, and names will be added here once all prizes have been sent out.

Congratulations to all our winners – we hope you enjoy your prizes!

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Shona Angus

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Vicky Haddock


  1. Jim ORourke says

    I would love to have won this competition! I guess I’m just a frustrated Sherlock.

    Has anybody watched Osage County? Why did Meryl Streep’s husband commit suicide?

  2. James Johnson says

    My wife and I are real bookworms – why can’t we ever win one of your wonderful prizes ?

  3. Kathy says

    I can’t wait to read some of these fabulous mystery stories.

    • ILene Harris says

      you give me a lot of good ideas for books.

  4. ILene Harris says

    You give me a lot of good ideas for books.

  5. ILene Harris says

    You give me some good ideas for books.

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