Take your next favourite book for a test drive!

Treacherous Paradise

Extract: A Treacherous Paradise by Henning Mankell!

Henning Mankell is a byword at Dead Good for top calibre crime fiction. When we spied the new Mankell lying around the office, apart from thinking the cover looked completely gorgeous (and also a bit like the woman in black had gone on holiday) we NEEDED to read this book. Being the generous souls we are, we wanted to share it with you and as it’s not featuring the paragon of Swedish crime fighting – Inspector Wallander – there’s even more to play for. Happy reading!

My Criminal World feature

A Crime Within A Crime, Within A Crime…

One of the rare pleasures in life is discovering a new favourite author, or finding out an old favourite has a new book on the way. My Criminal World by Henry Sutton is so good, we felt we just had to share it with you. Published today, My Criminal World introduces us to struggling crime writer David Slavitt. Living in constant fear that his editor might drop him in favour of the next new talent, David juggles house work and child care alongside plot twists and character development as he attempts to complete Kristine, his new crime book.

Mo Hayder's new novel Poppet featuring Jack Caffrey

Extract: Poppet by Mo Hayder

Today is an auspicious day. Crime writing legend Mo Hayder’s new novel Poppet has been released into the wild and we’re delighted (and more than a little scared) that Dead Good is kicking off Mo’s blog tour with an extract from the book. DI Jack Caffrey is back and this time he’s investigating a series of horrific incidents inflicted on the mentally ill patients at the Amberly Secure Unit. The patients are highly suggestible and a hallucination can spread like a virus. Can Jack face the evil lurking in the corridors? “With Mo Hayder you never know where you are going until you get there.” The Times