The Cry episode 2 review

The Cry episode 2 review

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Spoiler alert, folks: we’re fast-forwarding full-speed through episode 2 here just to attempt to make sense of it all.

Mostly because here Joanna, the mother who claims her baby son Noah has been abducted outside a supermarket in Australia is, even more so than episode 1, a woman drowning. Sat, vacantly pumping breastmilk at the kitchen table, we’re given a stark reminder that this is a new mum – without her baby.

But if episode 1 planted an annoying number of niggling doubts, episode 2 delivers them the ultimate coup de grace. Because distraught parents Alistair and Joanna have been working together to cover up their son Noah’s death – and are doing their utmost to pin the blame on his ex-wife, Alexandra.

So Alistair coaching his wife to cry ‘if she needs to’ at their first press conference is all part of a chilling plan. Baby Noah was never abducted. What happened to him, though – where is he? Perhaps, something catastrophic happened when the couple pulled up at the roadside, a violent fight ensuing.

Remember Joanna vomiting on the balcony at the cottage, her son wrapped up in blankets in her arms? Was he even there – or was this a mother’s physical reaction to the enormity of what she had just done to her own child? The last time we physically saw Noah was on the plane.

The Cry episode 2 review

Spin guru Alistair sows up this dense, dark episode with the shocking confirmation that their entire abduction story is a myth. ‘It was the right thing to do – the only thing that makes sense.’

Now we look at those flashbacks The Cry has made a staple of, showing Joanna’s strangely detached behaviour, with a whole new knowing eye. One man reacting online to news of the abduction says, ‘There’s something not right about that one.’ Astute, indeed.

The tension is all ramped up a gear (if that were possible!), because now we’re in pure thriller territory. We’re not only witnessing a couple’s unspeakable pain of losing one’s baby – we’re looking at two conspirators who have done the unthinkable, and are bending every truth and setting up others to keep their shocking secret buried.

Up to a point, episode 2 was an extension of episode 1: a cat and mouse game of whodunit, with Alistair’s ‘sticky beak’ ex-wife, Alexandra, primed as the main culprit – particularly after the gut-punch revelation that a baby bootie with Noah’s DNA was found in her daughter Chloe’s room.

It’s not good for her on paper. Not good at all. She also drinks too much, stalks Joanna online, most definitely has a chip on her shoulder about her ex’s new family – and regularly goes running near where Noah was ‘abducted’. All information Alistair knew well, and clearly twisted to his advantage.

‘Someone in the world knows where he is’ says Chloe of the step-brother she never got to meet. ‘He could be here – right now.’

Now we know exactly who has that answer. But will they get away with it? Alistair seems to think so. As he and Joanna return to the scene of the ‘abduction’, he whispers, ‘These cops are smart, but we’re smarter.’

After a jarring first episode, it feels like The Cry is now in full stride. Let the games begin…

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  1. Moira says

    Thrilling episode last night. Alistair was the ultimate spin doctor but surely if Joanne had killed Noah he wouldn’t cover it up like this? He is pure evil if this is all an elaborate plot to frame his ex so he can get his daughter back!
    The baby could have died naturally or cot death and he persuaded Joanna to cover it up for the above reason. However would be really want to break his daughter’s heart by getting her mother locked up for taking the baby! Still think Noah could be alive and somehow hidden – the camera did linger on all the packs of expressed milk in the freezer. Could Alistairs mum be in on it somehow? Hmm – all very puzzling.

  2. Moira says

    I’m sure I’ve seen the same storyline in an old episode of CSI Las Vegas.