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Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

The best books out this month

If you’re looking for a new crime book to lose yourself in this month, or starting to plan your holiday reads, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of new thrillers due to hit the shelves in May, plus a host of shiny new paperbacks from some of our favourite authors – including Richard Osman and James Patterson.

So, whether you’re looking for an action-packed spy novel or a psychological thriller, there’s something for every crime fiction lover on our list below…

New crime books out this month:

Think Twice by Harlan Coben
out 23rd May

Greg Downing is supposed to be dead: Myron Bolitar went to his funeral and gave the eulogy. So how was his DNA found at the scene of a high-profile homicide? That’s the question the FBI needs Myron’s help with. But the more he and his friend Win dig into what happened, the more their lives are put in danger. This thriller is a twisty and unpredictable ride, as you’d expect from Harlan Coben, who has earned a reputation as the “master of the double twist”.
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Clive Cussler’s The Heist by Jack du Brul
out 9th May

In this action-packed adventure, the year is 1914 and President Woodrow Wilson is celebrating the newly created Federal Reserve with financial leaders when they are the target of an aerial attack. Now, it falls to Detective Isaac Bell to find the people responsible – and prevent a billion-dollar heist on the country’s new banking system. While this book works as a standalone novel, we also recommend completing the rest of the Detective Isaac Bell series.
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Hunted by Abir Mukherjee
out 9th May

Sajid Khan is in London when armed police storm Heathrow Airport to arrest him. His daughter Aliyah was seen entering the United States with the suicide bomber responsible for an attack in LA and has since disappeared, prompting fears of another attack. Then a woman called Carrie shows up at Sajid’s door, claiming Aliyah is with her son Greg, and she knows where they could be. Can these two parents find their children, and unravel the wider conspiracy – or will the FBI get to them first? This is a thought-provoking, high-adrenaline thriller.
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The Next Girl by Emiko Jean
out 9th May

Local teenager Ellie Black was last seen at a party; then, she vanished. Two years later, she is found alive in the woods, a shadow of her former self and unwilling to say where she has been. Detective Chelsey Calhoun thinks Ellie’s disappearance could be linked to that of numerous other missing girls. But how can she find out when Ellie refuses to talk? Calhoun will do whatever it takes to find out and stop the next girl from being taken. Emiko Jean’s debut psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Karen Slaughter and Tony Parsons.
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The Guests by Nikki Smith
out 23rd May

Nikki Smith’s latest escapist thriller transports you to a luxury resort in the Maldives, where dark secrets linger beneath the surface. The Hamilton family are hoping for an idyllic holiday to distract them from their personal problems. But as each of them makes questionable decisions, events spiral out of control until a grisly discovery is made. If you loved The White Lotus or Smith’s previous thriller The Beach Party, we recommend packing The Guests in your suitcase.
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Invasion by Frank Gardner
out 23rd May

The world is on the brink of war. China’s armed forces appear to be preparing to invade neighbouring island Taiwan. A mole within the Chinese Communist Party has vital intel that could help de-escalate the situation; they share this with a British Intelligence agent but, before she can relay the information to MI6, she is kidnapped. Now, MI6 field operatives Luke Carlton and Jenny Li must find the missing agent, recover the intel, and prevent a deadly attack. Frank Gardner’s latest thriller draws on his own experience as a journalist to deliver this heart-pounding, unnerving story of high-stakes espionage.
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The Estate by Denzil Meyrick
out 9th May

When Sebastian Pallander dies, his family expects to inherit his multi-billion-dollar financial estate. But he leaves a pitiful amount to his wife and children, which sparks bitter arguments and causes old rivalries to resurface. So, when Pallander’s son is murdered, everyone suspects foul play. Someone is willing to kill to get their hands on the inheritance. The family gathers at the estate to weather the storm, all the while wondering: who will be next? And where has all the money gone?
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When We Were Silent by Fiona McPhillips
out 2nd May

Lou Manson arrives at the elite private school Highfield Manor with a hidden agenda: to expose the abuse of power occurring within its walls. But Lou soon learns that the Highfield superiors will go to extreme lengths to protect their secrets, even when the consequences turn deadly. Thirty years later, Lou is called to testify against the school. But telling the truth means confronting her past – including the secret she swore to keep forever…This compelling, twisty debut novel is perfect for fans of The Girls of Summer and My Dark Vanessa.
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The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman
paperback out 9th May

The fourth novel in Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series was published last September, but it’s now available in paperback. Once again, the gang find themselves at the heart of a deadly mystery: an old friend has been murdered while guarding a package. As Ron, Elizabeth, Joyce and Ibrahim infiltrate the world of drug dealers, smugglers and fraudsters, the body count keeps rising. Is their luck finally about to run out? Whether you’ve read all of Richard Osman’s series to date, or you’re keen to get stuck in before The Thursday Murder Club movie, we recommend The Last Devil to Die for Osman’s trademark wit and cast of eccentric, loveable characters.
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The pick of the paperbacks

Like The Last Devil to Die, these titles have already hit the shelves in hardback and are newly available in paperback this month.

Have we missed any of the best new books out this month? Let us know in the comments below! For more reading recommendations, take a look at our best books of 2024 so far.


    Many Faces of Crime by Dennis McGookin out on 23rd May 2024. Unbelievable stories that are actually true crime, an insight into the background work to bring people to justice….but some still get away!

    A big thank you from a fan in New Zealand, it’s just so helpful having like-minded souls curating this selection for me. I have found some great new authors. Every recommendation has been bang on.

    Look forward to reading some of these, they look so exciting. Is it possible to kindly provide a short excerpt?

    I look forward to the Dead Good Books email coming through! It gives me books and authors to possibly try new which I haven’t read before as well as new books by my favourite authors. Makes my TBR list even longer.

    I am excited that my favourite authors have new books coming out. The anticipation is like Christmas

    So many books.
    So many great titles .
    So many great authors.
    Where does one start ?

    My heart sings when I see “Dead Good” come into my in box, and I can
    plan my acquisitions for the next few weeks!
    Thank you for this!

    Definitely the best review and purchase site for books bar none

    So very glad we have you guys! Your input is invaluable. Thank you so much.

    It’s a great place to find out about new publications and their authors.

    I am fascinated by the books, titles and captions.

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