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CLOSED: Win Bond on Blu-ray!

Last week the title and cast of the brand new James Bond film have been announced. Due for release on 6th November 2015, the 24th Bond movie is be called Spectre and will see Daniel Craig returning to play Bond for the fourth time.

Here at Dead Good, we are beyond excited about Spectre. To get us in the mood and celebrate the announcement, we’re giving away the boxed set of the first 22 films and Skyfall on Blu-ray to one lucky winner! These timeless films come complete with over 120 hours of extras, including behind-the-scenes interviews, cast and crew commentaries and bonus material on Bond history and the most iconic movie moments.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply enter your details in the form below. Good luck!

This competition has now closed.

Terms and Conditions. Competition closes 18th December 2014.


    Sean Connery because it was so original at the time Then Daniel Craig for the 21si. century.

    All the actors are Sean Connery for the old ones but Daniel Craig is brill at it in the present. Would be great to involve some of the old bond actors in one of the new movies

    What a great Christmas present that would be for me.
    And a great start to the new year

    It has to be roger Moore for me as he’s the bond I’ve grown up with. He’s suave funny and the true English gent

    I was brought up on bond films mother was a huge fan. Sean connery is my personal fave

    Moore growing up, but loved every Bond that has been played since 🙂

    All the other actors have brought something unique to their Bond, charm, toughness, humour, looks, style and coolness, but for me Sean Connery had all these qualities put together in one James Bond.

    Love Sean Connery and love the way Daniel Craig is taking it back to the old stories yet making them modern.

    Do you expect me to talk Goldfinger?
    No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

    Sorry, couldn’t possibly say Connery, after he’s come out as a traitor and all. No true Bond would want to break up Britain.

    Roger Moore i think was brilliant at playing bond good collection of the bond movies

    Bond started the year I was born [I have seen them all and love to re see movies]. I believe Daniel Craig has reinvented the franchise and brought along new viewers that find current ”Bond, James Bond” more in tune with the now.
    Looking at prior Bonds they can appear dated….Most prob in the future we would the same about the present / current movies.
    ……………… Oh, Oh Se7en


    When you hear the first part of Bond theme, that’s it, you know you’re in for a thrilling ride with Commander Bond that will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole of the movie.

    All the bonds add something to each film but for me connery is the best

    Sean Connery had all the ingredients that the late twentieth century film goer loved in Ian Fleming’s iconic superhero. Men wanted to be him, women wanted to be seduced by him. He had a steely determination to overcome any obstacle put in front of him. Nothing fazed him. You always knew that his ruggedness and charm would defeat any aggressor. He was Bond.

    I love Daniel Craig i think he has done a great job as Bond but i also love Sean Connery his accent is wonderful

    Goes against the popular media but I liked Timothy Dalton

    cant wait for the new one the last one was the best

    I have all Bond movies but not in bluray and watch them over and over again. I’ve loved them since I was a kid but miss the gadgets they were all part and parcel of 007

    All Bonds are good! But Craig is turning out to be brilliant!
    Good luck everyone!

    SAw the original Bond in London in the sixties and still enjoy the films.Even with their flaws the concept promises and deilivers.

    I don’t know how, but they get better as they go on. Can’t wait for Spectre

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