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Rizzoli and Isles books in order

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr Maura Isles are the creations of bestselling crime thriller writer Tess Gerritsen. Thus far, thirteen gritty and gruesome titles have been published in the Rizzoli and Isles series – the most recent being Listen to Me.

A former physician, Tess’s knowledge of medicine and human experience provide her books with an authenticity that keeps readers coming back again and again. The series inspired the successful TV show Rizzoli & Isles starring Angie Harman and Sasha Alexander.

If you’re yet to discover Tess’s work, you’re definitely missing out.

Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles books in order:

The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

1. The Surgeon

A killer is targeting lone women, torturing and murdering them. The precision of his methods leads Detective Jane Rizzoli to suspect he is medically trained.

Then Jane makes a terrifying discovery. Years ago a young woman was assaulted in a similar way. She escaped by shooting her attacker dead. So why does it feel like he’s stalking her again?

The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen

2. The Apprentice

A series of horrific murders seem disturbingly familiar to Detective Jane Rizzoli. They remind her and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles of those committed by a killer known as the Surgeon, who they recently put behind bars.

While they’re still trying to track down the new killer, the unthinkable happens: the Surgeon escapes. Suddenly, Jane is chasing not one but two brilliant and twisted minds, united by one goal… To perfect their skills on the woman who’s hunting them.

The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen

3. The Sinner

Two nuns are brutally attacked within the walls of their convent. There seems to be no shred of motive. But during the autopsy Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles discovers something entirely unexpected.

And when a second, heavily mutilated body is found and linked to the case, she and Detective Jane Rizzoli find themselves in the midst of a terrifying investigation that seems to implicate everyone. Because who can really say they’re free from sin?

Body Double by Tess Gerritsen

4. Body Double

Pathologist Maura Isles has dissected her fair share of corpses. But this time it’s different, because the victim looks exactly like her.

Detective Jane Rizzoli is assigned to investigate, and finds herself tracking a twisted killer across the country. To catch him, Maura is forced to delve into a dark and dangerous family history – her own. Blood ties are the hardest to escape…

Vanish by Tess Gerritsen

5. Vanish

Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles unzips a body bag and gets the fright of her life. The corpse opens its eyes. The woman is rushed to hospital, where she murders a guard and siezes hostages, including a heavily pregnant Detective Jane Rizzoli.

No one knows who this woman is, or what she wants. Only Jane, trapped with the madwoman, can solve the mystery. If she survives the night.

The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen

6. The Mephisto Club

‘I HAVE SINNED’: the words are scrawled in blood at the most shocking murder scene Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles and Detective Jane Rizzoli have ever witnessed. The victim, a young woman, has been entirely drained of blood and horrifically dismembered.

When there’s a second murder, the police uncover a link to a secret society known as the Mephisto Club. Their mission is a terrifying one – to find the true source of evil on earth. But has evil already found them?

Keeping the Dead by Tess Gerritsen

7. Keeping The Dead

Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles is asked to attend an intriguing examination. An ancient mummy has been found in a museum basement – but with horror she realises that it’s not as ancient as they thought. A very modern bullet is showing up on the scan.

Rizzoli is called to investigate and soon discovers a second – and then a third – mummified body. Who is this killer? Why does he preserve his victims so meticulously? And who will be the next to join his monstrous collection?

The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen

8. The Killing Place

In a snowbound village in Wyoming, twelve houses stand dark and abandoned; the people who lived in them have vanished. Maura Isles is driving through with friends when they find themselves trapped in a snowstorm. They stumble into the abandoned village to take shelter. But their nightmare has only just begun.

Days later, Jane Rizzoli flies to Wyoming to search for her missing friend. A crashed vehicle has been found with four badly burned bodies still inside. Can one of the corpses be Maura’s? Jane’s hunt for the truth leads her to the village – where the person who was watching Maura now lies waiting for her…

The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen

9. The Silent Girl

A severed hand is found in an alleyway in Boston’s Chinatown. Detective Jane Rizzoli discovers the rest of the body on a nearby rooftop, the head nearly severed.

The only clue Jane has is two strands of hair, but it’s enough for Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles to make a startling connection. This violent attack has its roots in an unsolved murder-suicide case from nineteen years ago. The only witness, a beautiful martial arts master, has never dared to speak. And she may never get the chance…

Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen

10. Last To Die

Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles find themselves locked inside a high-security boarding school along with the students. They are told it’s for their own safety.

The school has been set up to provide a place of sanctuary for children who have lost their families in violent circumstances. But now there has been a murder within the grounds. Does the threat come from outside… or from within?

Die Again by Tess Gerritsen

11. Die Again

In Boston, Rizzoli and Isles are investigating the death of a man who’s been found gutted and hanging in his home. When another victim are found, they realise this murderer has been at work for years.

Six years ago, a group of travellers set off on an African safari. None of them are seen again – apart from one woman who stumbled out of the bush weeks later, barely alive. Has the ‘safari killer’ resurfaced in Boston? Jane is sent to Africa to find the one link between the two cases – the only survivor – and convince her to face death once again…

I Know A Secret by Tess Gerritsen

12. I Know A Secret

In a house decorated with horror movie posters, a young woman’s body is found. She lies on her bed, two bloodied objects clutched in her palm. Rizzoli and Isles are called to the murder scene, but even faced with this gruesome sight they are unable to identify the immediate cause of death.

Their investigation leads them to a high-profile murder case that was seemingly solved years before. But when another body is found in horrific circumstances, the link between the two victims is clear. Was the wrong person sent to prison? Is the real killer out there right now, picking off new targets?

One woman knows the killer is coming for her next. She’s the only one who can help Rizzoli and Isles catch him. But she has a secret that she has to keep…

Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen

13. Listen to Me

The murder of Sofia Suarez is both gruesome and seemingly senseless. Why would anyone target a respected nurse who was well-liked by her friends and her neighbours? As Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles investigate the baffling case, they discover that Sofia was guarding a dangerous secret — a secret that may have led the killer straight to her door.

Meanwhile, Jane’s mother Angela Rizzoli is conducting an investigation of her own. She may be a housewife, not a police detective, but she’s savvy enough to know there’s something very strange, perhaps even dangerous, about the new neighbours across the street. The problem is, no one believes her, not even her own daughter.

Immersed in the hunt for Sofia’s killer, Jane and Maura are too busy to pay attention to Angela’s fears. With no one listening to her, and danger mounting in her neighbourhood, Angela just may be forced to take action on her own…

There you have it – Tess Gerritsen’s Rizzoli and Isles books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    Read them all..can’t keep my head out of any of them once started

    Just ordered 4 more .Im afraid I just slob out and get nothing else done .I will need to hire a cleaner at this rate oh Tess! what have you done .absolutely brilliant for those of us who love grisly physio serial stories.Im a lovely person really…enjoy everybody x

    I’ve read all the books, but I imagined Isles looking like Uma Thurman out of Pulp Fiction with the dark sleek bobbed short hair, not the televised one. I couldn’t watch it to be fair.


    I was looking for a new author to read, boy did a find one!! Great books, gripping to read even right in a row in two weeks. Not that I’m obsessed!

    We have discovered Rizzoli and Isles on Lifetime. I am curious if you have watched the series do you mentally see the characters in the book as the same on the shows? As you read Jane, do you envision Angie Harmon in the reading?

    i love watching the series of rizzoli and isles and had to start reading the book series love them. sad that the tv show ended best tv series ever

    I have read them all—finishing a re-read of them all in order!

    Had read all of Tess Gerritsen books and I have all of them. Including the rizzoli and isles series, I can’t wait for the next rizzoli and isles book

    Love all of the Rizzoli and Isles series! Have been waiting along time for the next book!!! Still have to wait along time!!!

    I just finished reading The Mephisto Club, these books are SOO good, I can’t put them down! Every night I’m like okay last chapter then bed, AND THEN IT LEAVES ME HAVING TO READ MORE!!!!

    Read them all can’t wait for next one brilliant writing

    Have read all of them in order and just like Dave,( May 2020), I’m desperately waiting for the next book – hurry up Tess 🙂 PLEASE

    I have read them all, can’t wait for some new ones, come on Tess, get back over to ‘Brodies Watch’ and get some more inspiration.

    I’ve read the first 3 starting on the 4th n getting the rest soon

    I hope there are other books to come. Tess has definitely set the bar too high.

    I have read all of them!!! There were very very good!!!

    Every single one except the surgeon. In audio books many times. They make a long drive or journey so much better.

    I’ve read all her books and she is a brilliant writer. I can’t wait for the next

    I’ve read and loved each one! And I’m hoping for another!

    I love Tess gerritsen as an author have read all of her rizzoli and isles books and a couple of stand alone thrillers .

    Just happened to get Last to Die I was so enthralled with theseI picked up the last four books. Now I am Hooked & am going to get the first in the Series can’t wait! I read Die Again, Last to Die then Silent Girl. Could hardly put them dowm less than two weeks. Fantastic I passed them on to my Daughter-in-Law. Now am going to get the First in the Series. Now want to read them before a New One is Out.

    The Killing Place and The Keeping the Dead are incorrect titles – The Keepsake and Ice Cold follow The Mephisto are before the Silent Girl……

    Hello! These books are called The Killing Place and Keeping the Dead here in the UK.

    I have read every single one of the books and have them all at home. I even have her spin-offs “Playing with fire”, “Bone Garden”, “Gravity” , “Bloodstream” etc… and I watch the series on TV! I have a bookmark that is signed Bub tess Gerritsen and I live all the way in New Zealand! I am a huge fan!
    Love Amber!

    I have read All of them many times. I Love these books, and, I hope this series will continue soon. I also have all seven seasons of the tv show.

    I love this series so so much. Tess Gerritsen is now my favorite author! I’m currently reading The Keepsake, my fifth of the series. And my next is Body Double. I’m gonna read all of them. That’s my goal. But I can’t find all of the books in my local bookstore yet. But I’m sure I’ll find them and read them all.

    I have read them all and my favorite even to this day is the first one…….. I class this as one of my most favorite books ever.

    I have got and read all Tess Gerritson’s books including all the Rizzoli and Isles books. I just love her books and am eagerly waiting for her next! I would highly recommend her as an author to follow ?

    I have read them all, they are wonderful books, my The Killing Place and I know a Secret. Truth be told, they are all my favorite and I devour them as soon as they come out!!!

    The surgeon is outstanding ………couldn’t put it down

    I have read all of them. My favorite are The surgeon and The apprentice. They are amazing and from the point of view for creating suspense atmosphere are really the best ones.
    I would like to know if “The keeping place” and “Ice cold” are the same book.

    carnt put them down reading no 10 at moment and have no 11 waiting next. hubbie and i love the series also agree with virginia dowlan


    Love love loved ALL of the Rizzoli & Isles series. Can not pick a favourite, they were all phenomenal. Couldn’t put them down. Absolutely Can’t wait for #12 to come out. ?????

    Silent girl is my favourite so far. Each book is totally different from the next, keeps me interested. I hope to read them all.

    Loved them all, can’t wait for next book, my favorite TV show also sad to hear ending

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