Fearless episode 5 review

fearless episode 5

WARNING: spoilers below

Having pursued a lead to America in episode 4 of Fearless, lawyer Emma Banville is detained by military police. Under interrogation, Banville is threatened with multiple charges, but to the frustration of political fixer Heather Myles she keeps her cool. This was a suspenseful way to kick off the penultimate episode. Unfortunately following it with the lawyer being sneaked out of her cell when the power is cut for a clandestine meeting was frankly silly – a rare lapse in an otherwise gripping episode.

Show creator and writer Patrick Harbinson had a difficult job in this instalment. Important information had to be revealed taking Banville close to unmasking the real killer or killers. But at the same time, Harbinson must keep his powder dry to set up an explosive finale next week.

After four episodes of obfuscation and intrigue, we were rewarded with some important nuggets. In previous episodes we met the man giving Myles orders. Now we know him as Jack Kretchmer, US Under Secretary of Defense in 2003. In secret, Kretchmer and an Iraqi defector had been flown to England. There they met with Sir Alastair McKinnon, a politician in Tony Blair’s government. The defector’s erroneous claims about chemical weapons were a key part of the ‘dodgy dossier’ used as justification for the Iraq War.

We also found that Linda Simms’ uncle, Phil Simms, was supplying drugs to the US base where she had died. Along with the photographer Tony Pullings we found out that Phil Simms had also been supplying girls.

Fearless episode 5

The secondary terrorism plot that led to tense scenes in the previous episode has occasionally felt like a sideshow to the main event, but the two are converging. Miriam Attar, the wife of Banville’s former client – the terrorist Yusef Attar – reveals Yusef’s ISIS contacts know the lawyer gave the police information instrumental in his capture.

The shifting relationship between Banville and DCI Olivia Greenwood has been among Fearless’ most compelling elements. Having moved from enmity to uneasy collaboration in episode 4, it now becomes an alliance. The two are searching for the truth, with the detective risking her career to help the lawyer because of her personal code. Ironically this now means that the very surveillance that the SO15 chief had ordered on Banville threatens to expose their collaboration.

Ultimately while many answers were revealed in this episode there is still no smoking gun to persuade the CPS to again reopen the case. Banville interviews McKinnon and he asks her, “why would we kill a girl, even by accident, and then cover it up?” Someone is being protected – but who? We are being led to the conclusion it is the MP Matthew Wild, especially when he wins political leadership of the opposition. This makes him very important to McKinnon and by extension to the American’s represented by Myles’ fixer.

The closer she gets to the final piece of the puzzle, the more threatening forces are converging on Banville. The board is set for an end game, but will she have pieces left in play when checkmate is called?

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