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February’s Hottest New Releases 2016

Well, we did it – we survived January! And what better way to celebrate than by indulging in a few fantastic crime reads? After all, February is the month of love, and here at Dead Good there isn’t much we love more than cosying up with a cracking novel and a cup of something warm.

We’ve got a great round up for you all this month – think of it as our Valentine’s present to you! Mind you, it’s not like we needed much of an excuse to tuck into all of these books. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it…

February’s Hottest New Releases

February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
Find Her (Detective D.D. Warren) by Lisa Gardner – 9th February
Find Her is a modern, twisting, sharp story about the thin line between crime and revenge. A story set seven years after Flora Dane has escaped 472 days of imprisonment at the hands of a monster, Detective Warren becomes involved in the case when Flora turns vigilante. However, when Flora disappears once again, Warren knows that she must find her – at any cost.

15th Affair by James Patterson – 25th February
Called to the scene of the professionally executed homicide of four people in a hotel, Detective Lindsay Boxer is left with more questions than she would like. Who killed these people? Why did they do it? With no way of identifying the victims, or pinning down a motive for the murders, Lindsay soon discovers that she may have to risk everything to find out…

The Narrow Bed by Sophie Hannah – 11th February
This is the story of a murderer dubbed Billy Dead Mates by police – a serial killer that targets pairs of best friends. Before attacking, Billy sends his victim a distinctive white notebook, so when comedian Kim Tribbeck – a woman with no close friends – receives one, she wonders why she has been marked. The story soon becomes a race to find the murderer, before it becomes too late for Kim…

February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
The Damage Done by James Oswald – 25th February
Inspector McLean is back in the next gripping instalment of James Oswald’s bestselling crime series. In The Damage Done, McLean must delve into the seedy underworld of the wealthy and solve a case with haunting echoes of one from twenty years ago – confronting shadows from the past and putting his life in danger.

The Woman In Blue by Elly Griffiths – 4th February
Elly Griffiths weaves together a tale of old religious fanaticism and modern day murders in her new instalment in the Ruth Galloway series. Set in a town haunted by the ghosts of its own medieval past, this novel is deliciously creepy and impossible to put down. A highly recommended read.

Perfect Days by Raphael Montes – 18th February
We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when we saw Perfect Days, we just couldn’t help ourselves. One glance at the blurb and we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. The perfect antidote to the sickening romance of Valentine’s Day, this is a chilling tale of obsession and desire that allows you an unsettling look into the mind of a psychopath.
February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
A Fever Of The Blood by Oscar de Muriel – 11th February
The second in the Frey & McGrey series, A Fever Of The Blood more than lives up to its predecessor, The Strings of Murder. Fiendishly clever, and with the same dark vein of humour that is quickly becoming his signature, de Muriel really hits his stride with this twisting tale of an escaped lunatic in Edinburgh.

The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore – 11th February
This thriller is already causing waves, with Stephen King himself calling it “terrifying”. The Poison Artist is unforgettable in its subtlety and fantastic storytelling. Moore manages to scare and excite readers, while never straying towards gore. We missed more than one night’s sleep thanks to this book!

Every Three Hours by Chris Mooney – 11th February
Every Three Hours is an adrenaline-soaked thrill ride right from the very first page: with a superbly paced and engaging plot, and interesting and relatable characters to boot, we could not recommend it more. While this read won’t exactly instil warm and fuzzy feelings in anybody this Valentine’s Day, it definitely won’t be forgotten.

February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson – 4th February
The Stopped Heart tells two stories simultaneously: one of a couple in present day who have moved to a seemingly idyllic country cottage to escape the horrors of their past, and another of a family living under the same roof in the past, along with a mysterious visitor. When strange things start to happen to the house’s current residents, they begin to realise that the past may not be as far away as they thought.

The Ex by Alafair Burke – 4th February
Following in the tradition of Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins, The Ex is a wickedly tricky and twisting tale of murder, deception, relationships, and the bonds that tie them all together. Olivia Randall, a decorated criminal defence lawyer, is given the chance to prove the innocence of a man she once loved. However, as more evidence comes to light. Olivia begins to wonder if she was right about her ex, or if she ever even knew him at all…

Montalbano’s First Case & Other Stories by Andrea Camilleri – 25th February
This collection of stories begins with Montalbano’s first ever case, in which he finds a young woman lurking outside the courtroom with a pistol, refusing to talk about what – or who – drove her to an attempted murder. It’s packed full of all the wit, mystery and culinary gusto that Camilleri’s fans have come to love him for. An absolute must read.
The Pick of the Paperbacks

These beauties have already hit the shelves in hardback and are newly available in paperback this month.
February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
February new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releasesFebruary new releases
What are you most looking forward to reading? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I am so happy to see so many of my favourite authors bringing out new books. I have read all the womens murder club by James Patterson, they are brilliant, I have just finished reading Elly Griffiths, she is really good, keeps you going to the end. There is so many to choose it will keep me going for months.

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