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First Look: The Thursday Murder Club film

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It’s no secret that we love The Thursday Murder Club here on Dead Good. And now, our favourite crime series is getting the Hollywood treatment.

We’d known The Thursday Murder Club movie was in the works but, until now, nothing had been set in stone. However, author Richard Osman has now revealed details about the film in his newsletter (which you can sign up for here).

The film will be directed by Chris Columbus, of Harry Potter and Home Alone fame, and produced by Steven Spielberg. There have been rumours flying around for months about which actors might be playing Elizabeth, Ron, Joyce and Ibrahim. But now, Osman has confirmed all four lead actors – and it’s a star-studded cast.

The Thursday Murder Club movie cast

Warm-hearted fan favourite Joyce Meadowcroft will be played by Celia Imrie, as Richard Osman has just announced to his Twitter/X fans.

Former spy and tough nut with a heart of gold Elizabeth Best will be played by national treasure Helen Mirren. “I can’t believe how perfect she is for it,” Osman wrote in his newsletter. We couldn’t agree more.

Meanwhile, softly spoken Ibrahim Arif will be played by Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley. And headstrong Ron Ritchie will be played by former James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan.

Osman has not yet revealed who will play warm-hearted Joyce Meadowcroft in The Thursday Murder Club film (incidentally, this is the character that Osman told us he identifies with the most). However, judging by the rest of the cast, we expect another A-list actor will be joining the ranks.

When will The Thursday Murder Club film be released?

The film’s release date has not yet been announced. However, filming will take place in England this summer, so our educated guess would be that we can expect the film to be released in 2025.

What is The Thursday Murder Club film about?

If the film is a faithful adaptation of the first book, we expect the plot will follow a group of four friends at a retirement village, who meet once a week to investigate unsolved murders. But when a murder takes place on their doorstep, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim have their first live case. Using teamwork and their past experiences, the gang must find the killer before it’s too late.

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What do you think of the Thursday Murder Club cast so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…


    Fiona Shaw not Mirren for Elizabeth – Fiona was brilliant as the cold but sexy spy in Killing Eve. Dawn French for Joyce – it feels like she is small in the books. Larry Lamb for Ron if not Ray Winstone.

    I was so very excited when I heard that Richard Osman had been approached by these famous producers/directors to make The Thursday Murder Club into a film. I am just on my last few pages of book number 4 and you feel you know the characters very well by now. I truly hope it is brought to life by whoever plays the main four characters and I hope that no one is disappointed by how they portray them and that the actors really get into their skin and personality. I’m looking forward to also seeing the complex they live in as well as the room they conduct their meetings in every Thursday. I can’t wait for 2025 to arrive to see this film!

    I think the casting is spot on for Elizabeth, Joyce and Ibrahim but Ray Winston would have been ideal as Ron, ex-trade union rep and West Ham Utd fan – perfect.

    Lesley Manville as Joyce. Right age and she’s beautiful.

    Great casting so far I can see Julie Walters as Joyce she would be perfect

    Julie Walters my pick for Joyce.
    Cant wait to see this. Read the books several times.

    Brenda Blethyn has just quit Vera. I hope she’s our Joyce.

    Joanna Scanlan would be perfect for Joyce ,she can do cosy,nurturing,flirtatious as in Darling Buds of May and oh my word can she do tough and shrewd as well !!

    People that think Pierce Brosnan is wrong for the role of Ron should watch the movie The Out-laws. He will be great in the role.

    Emily Watson as Joyce. She is young enough to do the sequels and with makeup she ages beautifully! Plus she has an impish smile and is a wonderful actor!
    She is in her 50’s. See her version of Marmee!

    I think people who don’t think Pierce Brosnan is right for the part of Ron are thinking of much of his work since Remington Steele/James Bond. If you look at some of his early films, like Nomads, he’s got the street tough look and mannerisms. So no problem for me. He’s a good actor and I’m looking forward to seeing him play the part. I just hope they don’t release it only on some streaming service.

    I was thinking Maureen Lipman for Elizabeth, Ray Winstone for Ron. I think Pierce would maybe suit Stephen’s role (Elizabeth’s husband). Imelda Staunton is a good shout for Joyce though, not sure about Ben Kingsley for Ibrahim, but can’t think of another.

    Celia Imrie for Joyce.
    Piers Brosnan completely wrong for Ron. What a disappointment.

    Chris O’Dowd as Chris, Kirby Howell Baptistery as Donna, Emma Thompson as Joyce.

    I vote for Fiona Shaw as Joyce!! She was brilliant as reader of the last two.

    I thought someone like Patricia Routledge for Elizabeth, the slightly bossy and ‘you wouldn’t believe she was a spy’ type of character. Pierce Brosnan is definitely NOT Ron, not in a million years.

    I’d vote for Penny Wilton, Imelda Staunton or possibly Brenda Blethyn as Joyce. But Brosnan as Ron? Not seeing it (but that’s why they call it acting.)

    Simon Day would be good as Ron – if he is the right age

    Ron is a big gruff guy, he was a union boss for years, so an actor with physical presence is what is needed.

    Pierce Brosnan is way to pretty and lightweight to play that part given, in a later book, Ron thinks that he is not good enough for Donna’s mum. Someone with Brosnan’s looks would never think that.

    I have almost finished reading this superb book and I am over the moon that a film of the book will begin shooting this Summer. As a Librarian, I find The Thursday Murder Club cleverly written, very entertaining and hilarious in parts. I think that Diane Keaton would make a good Joyce. Loving the rest of the cast. Can’t wait to see the film!

    Lesley Manville for Joyce. When I saw her in Mrs ‘Arris goes to Paris I was just starting the first book. Her slightly ditzy manner was perfect for Joyce (it’s her superpower actually—people who don’t know her tend to not take her seriously).

    I saw an interview where Richard said Helen Mirren and Judy Dench would be a dream but that they were too old and he wanted a younger cast to see the books through so they could be aged up and grow into their characters age. Obviously the big guns win the toss. They’ll want some return in their money.
    Personally I’d rather have a bunch of lesser known actors. I’m fed up of the same faces.

    I think a lot of people on here are underestimating how good an actor Pierce Brosnan is . I think Sir Ben and Dame Helen are great choices, and i hope someone like Anne Wilton is also cast

    I have someone who would be perfect for Bogdan ….. not an actor but already Bogdan! Helen Mirren perfect! Brosnan … can’t see it ….. Phil Daniels? Joyce is a tricky one …. quiet housewife with a twist! Got to be perfect 🤔

    Pierce Brosnan totally miscast as Ron, need a strong Londoner type, but definitely not someone like Ray Winstone, don’t think Timothy Spall is right either. I always think of Joyce as a cross between June Whitfield and Betty White (Rose, Golden Girls), but sadly both no longer with us.

    I agree with those that plump for Brenda Blethyn as Joyce. She would be perfect.

    To be honest I was hoping more for a TV series rather than a film, I love the books and would have liked to have seen more of a long term production. Not 100% sure of Pierce Bronson as Ron, he’s too debonair really but a good actor, so hopefully will be OK. Just hope Joyce will be cast well.

    Penelope Wilton for Joyce I’m okay with Pierce, Elizabeth and Ibrahaim good choices. Who could be Bogden, has to be drop dead gorgeous 😍

    I must agree with many of the comments that Pierce Brosnan is totally miss cast as Ron.

    I would have thought timothy spall would have been perfect for Ron. The other 2 choices are perfect though, exactly who I pictured when I thought of actors. Celia Imrie maybe for Joyce

    Brenda Blethyn for Joyce please, she’s brilliant!

    I thought of Brenda Blethyn for Joyce when I heard they were making a film of the book

    Helen Mirren was exactly who I thought should play Elizabeth. As for all the negativity about poor Pierce Brosnan, perhaps he’ll surprise us all. Give the man a chance. I’d love to see Penelope Wilton or Julie Walters as Joyce.

    Definitely Julie Walters for Joyce and hopefully someone good to play Bogdan great character

    Great to see The Thursday Murder Club on film and would have Celia Imrie as Joyce and would prefer Samantha Bond as Elizabeth but already taken in The Marlow Murder Club and for Ron anyone but Sean Bean.

    When envisioning the Thursday Murder Club, I do not envision Hollywood A Listers. Rather, I would have preferred British character actors. Disappointing.

    Or felicity kendal, or if slightly too elderly, how about Alison Steadman? She’s very adaptable in different roles and still very sprightly to do any rushing around.

    Helen Mirren and Ben Kingsley are wonderful choices , but I’m puzzled by Pierce Brosnan’s casting . I would have thought that someone like Tim Spall or Jim Carter were better choices .
    As for Joyce , I think Penelope Wilton would be ideal .

    For me, Fiona Shaw is Elizabeth and Ann Reid is Joyce. Ben Kingsley as Ibrahim is perfect but not Pierce Brosnan as Ron,sorry! Timothy Small or Jim Broadbent (maybe).

    Penelope Wilton or Celia Imrie would be brilliant as Joyce

    Love the casting! Suggest Judi Dench for Joyce. Maybe Blythe Danner?

    This is amazing news for Richard and will result, I am sure, in a cracking film. I am a tad disappointed it wasn’t a more down-to-earth bunch as I had wanted Anne Reid with Joanna Lumley, Art Malik and Tim Spall (or someone of similar ilk) so that it retained more of a British feel than Hollywood but clearly this is a great line up so no complaints really.

    Helen Mirran and Ben Kingsley are great choices but Pierce Brosnan as Ron, dreadful casting in my opinion

    Loved reading every book. You can actually feel part of this crazy community.

    It sounds fantastic. I can’t wait for these actors to bring The Thursday Murder Club into reality.

    Oh my goodness, that sounds fantastic! I can’t wait for this brilliant book to be brought to life.

    Brenda Blethyn for Joyce now Vera is finishing

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