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Frieda Klein books in order: the complete series

Looking for Nicci French’s Frieda Klein books in order? Look no further!

Psychologist Frieda Klein is the creation of husband-and-wife writing duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French – also known as Nicci French. Eight titles have been published in the series – the most recent being the brilliant Day of the Dead.

We think Nicci and Sean write some of the best psychological thrillers around. The stories are clever, complex and gripping – and Frieda herself is a compassionate, determined, gritty heroine who draws us in time and time again.

If you’re yet to discover Nicci French’s Frieda Klein series then you’re in for a treat.

Frieda Klein books in order: the complete series

Blue Monday by Nicci French

1. Blue Monday (2011)

When five-year-old Matthew Faraday is abducted, psychotherapist Frieda Klein just might be able to help. One of her patients describes dreams of seizing a boy who is the spitting image of Matthew. Convinced the police will dismiss her fears out of hand, Frieda reluctantly finds herself drawn into the heart of the case. A previous abduction, from twenty years ago, suggests a new lead – one that only Frieda, an expert on the minds of disturbed individuals, can uncover.

Struggling to make sense of this terrifying investigation, Frieda will face her darkest fears in the hunt for a clever and brutal killer.

Tuesday's Gone by Nicci French

2. Tuesday’s Gone (2012)

Frieda thought she was done with the police – only to find DCI Karlsson knocking at her door again. A man’s decomposed body has been found in the flat of Michelle Doyce, a woman trapped in a world of strange mental disorder. The police don’t know who it is, how he got there or what happened – and Michelle can’t tell them. But Karlsson hopes Frieda can get access to the truths buried beneath her confusion.

Frieda soon uncovers a possible identity for the corpse: Robert Poole, a jack of all trades and master conman. But the deeper Frieda and Karlsson dig into Poole’s past, the more of his victims they encounter and the more motives they find for murder. They know they’re getting closer to a killer – but whoever murdered Poole is determined to stay free, and anyone that gets too close will meet the same fate.

Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French

3. Waiting for Wednesday (2013)

When Ruth Lennox, beloved mother of three, is found by her daughter in a pool of her own blood, Frieda finds she has an unusually personal connection with the case. She is no longer working with him in an official capacity, but when her niece befriends Ruth Lennox’s son, Ted, she finds herself in the awkward position of confidante to both DCI Karlsson and Ted. But then it emerges that Ruth was leading a secret life; her family closes ranks and Karlsson finds he needs Frieda’s help more than ever before.

Having survived an attack on her life, Frieda is struggling to stay in control and focused -and when a patient’s chance remark rings an alarm bell, she finds herself chasing down a path that seems to lead to a serial killer who has long escaped detection. Or is it merely a symptom of her own increasingly fragile mind?

Thursday's Child by Nicci French

4. Thursday’s Child (2014)

Twenty years ago, when she was a teenager, Frieda was brutally attacked in her own home. No one believed her – not the police, not her mother, not her friends. She left town, trained as a psychologist and never went back. Now an old classmate has shown up. She wants help with her daughter, who claims to have been attacked at home. An attack eerily similar to the one on Frieda. No one else believes the girl’s story.

With a school reunion in the offing, Frieda returns to the darkness she fled. To the small town which refused to help her and which hides a terrible secret. Because someone at the reunion knows what happened. And they’ll stop at nothing to prevent Frieda discovering the truth…

Friday on My Mind by Nicci French

5. Friday On My Mind (2015)

When a bloated corpse is found floating in the River Thames the police can at least be sure that identifying the victim will be straightforward. Around the dead man’s wrist is a hospital band; on it are the words Dr F. Klein.

But psychotherapist Frieda Klein is very much alive. And, after evidence linking her to the murder is discovered, she becomes the prime suspect. Unable to convince the police of her innocence, Frieda is forced to make a bold decision in order to piece together the terrible truth before it’s too late – both for her or for those she loves.

Saturday Requiem by Nicci French

6. Saturday Requiem (2016)

Thirteen years ago, eighteen-year-old Hannah Docherty was arrested for the brutal murder of her family. It was an open and shut case and Hannah’s been incarcerated in a secure hospital ever since.

When Frieda is asked to meet Hannah and give her assessment of her she reluctantly agrees. What she finds horrifies her – Hannah has become a tragic figure, old before her time. And Frieda is haunted by the thought that Hannah might be as much of a victim as her family; that something wasn’t right all those years ago.

As Hannah’s case takes hold of her, Frieda soon begins to realise that she’s up against someone who’ll go to any lengths to protect themselves…

Sunday Morning Coming Down by Nicci French

7. Sunday Morning Coming Down (2017)

Frieda’s home is her refuge – until she returns to find it has become a disturbingly bloody crime scene. Beneath the floorboards the police have found the body of a man she had hired to help protect her. The killer’s message is all too clear: you’re mine.

When those closest to Frieda begin to be targeted, the picture becomes more skewed: the patterns unclear.

Unless Frieda can find and stop whoever is threatening her friends and family, her love and loyalty could come at a truly fatal cost.

Day of the Dead by Nicci French

8. Day of the Dead (2018)

On a north London high street, a runaway vehicle crashes to a halt. The man in the driving seat was murdered a week earlier. On Hampstead Heath, a bonfire blazes: in the flames lies the next victim.

As autumn leaves fall, a serial killer runs amok in the capital, playing games with the police. The death toll is rising fast, and the investigation is floundering. But this is no ordinary killer, and every new victim is intended as a message to just one woman. Because psychologist Frieda Klein is in hiding. And someone is coming to find her…

How many of Nicci French’s Frieda Klein novels have you read? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Started the day of the Dead yesterday, read until 3am this morning to finish, could NOT stop reading. Loved the whole series, they got better and better. Hope there will be more, maybe not with the impending doom feeling the 8 had, and maybe a relationship with K?????

    I’ve just finished this “last” Frieda Klein book by Nicci French… Please say there will be more to come… I read them all in order, and absolutely loved each one !
    Just the best !!! 🥇🏆🌟

    I’ve read them all. Finished Day of the Dead this morning. I loved them all, but the last was the best – really gripping. Please give us more Frieda Klein.

    Read them all what a great series I was so looking forward to another book ,it’s like being part of a family you get to know all the characters so enjoyable to read

    I have read all of the Freida Klein books twice and will read them all again. They are my favourite series. Frieda is a great character who has her flaws like the rest of us.

    I’m quite sad after reading the final book of Frieda Klein’s series, though all the books are a page-turner, very thrilling and addictive. To think that Frieda Klein’s mysteries stop is unimaginable and unthinkable.
    I hope and pray that Nicci French will continue Frieda Klien’s journey.
    I’m desperate and crossing my fingers. Thank you Nicci French.

    I am a huge Nicci French fan and although I have read most of their novels, have read the entire Frieda Klein series, probably three times already. She is my favourite character of all times. THE RED ROOM also reminded me a lot about the Frieda Klein series and I was wondering whether that was a forerunner to the Frieda character.

    So far I have read all but the last three which my library does not have. I am hooked. Waiting for a friend to get them from her library.

    I have read all 8. One after another. Felt like one long book. First got hooked in the first when I read Rosie ,Rosie wait for me. Thought the first and last were the best. Number 7 least good. Really enjoyed the series.

    I’ve only read the first one , I can’t believe Dean walked off, will we see him again?
    I loved the twin story and the main characters.

    I love your Frieda Klein series. You are both incredible story tellers. Mary

    I have read all Frieda Klein Novels. Will she return? I hope so.

    Is Day of the Dead the last Frieda Klein novel or will there be more?

    Hello! Day of the Dead is the final title in the series unfortunately 🙁

    I have read all of them, and I am reading what I assume is the last one now: DAY OF THE DEAD. It is the best one yet. There’s a gut-punching surprise, as the reader approaches the end of the novel. I hate to finish it, yet it is hard to resist taking it slow to make it last, because it is so riveting. I think I have read all the other stand-alone Nicci French novels also. All of them are superb!

    Read from Blue Monday right through and now on Sunday Morning….. When I am finished I will be looking for another Frieda Klein. Such an interesting character.

    I have only read Thursdays Child so far and i am already hooked, getting the full set today.

    Have read 6- need to get the other 2. Frieda is such a fascinating woman!

    I have read all of them, loved it from the first page of the first book until the very end of the last book! Feels like I’m in Frieda Klein’s circle now. 🙂

    Am on number 7 and have just ordered the last one number 8. I really am gripped by these novels

    Thank you, I think this is a superb series and I wish there were more in it as it was thoroughly enjoyable, love the characters and gripping suspenseful storylines.

    I have read all have now ordered 8th novel can’t wait to start it

    Only just discovered the Freida Klein series, indeed only just discovered Nicci French! Finished Sunday Morning Coming Down thinking it was the final one. Now I find there is one more! Thank goodness. Thank you for brilliant writing.

    Wonderful, I have read all the Fried Klein books, this book kept me questing to the end. Am very sad that they are finished now. Fab ending, thank you for a brilliant read. What’s next?

    I just finished the Seventh and want more. I feel like I know Freida and her friends personally and care for them as tho real. Such good writing, intense story, deep insights abound throughout all the series. Thank you to the Authors

    I have only just read the first book of Nicci French (Blue Monday ) and loved it. Will now have to find all the others as i think they are brilliant. What I do want to know is if we get to find out what happens to Dean Reeve?

    I started with Sunday Morning Coming Down, after reading about it in Book
    notes. I did not know it was part of a series. Have now gone back to the beginning. Currently reading Wednesday

    I have read all Nicci French books keep waiting for the next to come out. I also loved the Frieda Klein series .

    Love, love Frieda Klein novels. Listening to the audiobooks. Just finished Thursday’s Children. Why in the world would you change readers in the middle of a series? Not the same. Very disappointing..

    I just started reading Day of the Dead and have read all the other Frieda Klein books. I have also read all the stand alone novels. Sean and Nicci are my absolute favourite authors! I have loved every single book and always look forward to reading another one of theirs.

    I am currently reading Sunday Morning Coming Down, having read all the books in the series to date. What a wonderful achievement! Congratulations!!! I have really enjoyed this series. I am passing the books onto a friend to enjoy. I am hoping to source the final novel in the series soon. Thank you Jacqui

    I have lost count of which book I am on, but I just want the Dean Reeve story line to end. Anyone agree?

    Just discovered the Nicci French Freida Klein novels when I got the “Day of the Dead”. Haven’t started reading yet. Does it matter whether you read them in order? Thanks.

    Hi Mac! All the Frieda Klein books focus on a different mystery, but there is an overarching story that develops a little bit in each book so reading some of the earlier ones could help understand the background and flesh out the characters more.

    Read all Frieda Klein books. After day of the dead will there be any more Frieda Klein. I do hope so she’s brilliant

    Sunday Silence – Entertaining. First Nikki French book I read. I like her writing style and the pace of the story.

    Just finished the last of the Freda Klein books, Sunday Morning Coming Down and was stunned by the last sentence! Happily I see that there is one more to come! Thank you Nicci and Sean for so much enjoyment.

    I have read Monday through to Sunday. I thouroughly enjoyed them and couldn’t wait to get onto the next on. I started with Thursday as I didn’t realise it was a series. I can’t wait to get Day of the Dead.

    Once again thoroughly riveted on the latest Friday Klein story but always find it hard to visualise her and to feel any kind of empathy for her character. Look forward to the next story.

    Hi. Been waiting and waiting for Sunday. Finally it is here… but the title is Sunday Silence, not Sunday Morning Comng Down. Same book different title I’m assuming?

    Hello! The US publisher has given the book a different name – Sunday Silence – but it’s the same story inside 🙂

    Thank you so much! This is the only site I could find that answered my question of which one it is! I thought one was like a previous version of the other.

    Waiting for “day of the dead” love all of their books but the Frieda Klein series is fantastic, wanting to read it but not wanting it to be the last in series. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment xx

    I have read all the Frieda Klein books and can’t find the words to express how enthralled I am by them. Usually I can find some fault in the writing, but not these….they are simply brilliant.

    I have read all of the Frieda Klein novels up to and including Sunday Morning Coming Down AND Sunday Silence which I thought must be the series finale but it is the SAME book! With a different title! What’s up with that?!

    Hi Sally! It looks like Sunday Silence is the US version – the American publisher must have decided to use a different title.

    Have read 6 of Freida Klein novels. Excellent, just Sunday to read, hoping it will not be the end of this series of books

    Just finished Saturday Requiem. What an ending. Have reserved Sunday Coming Down from library.

    I am finding Freida addictive reading now.

    Very addictive read them all. last book day of the dead due out in July 2018

    I’ve read five of Frieda Klein’s so far and they are brilliant. I have yet to read Saturday and Sunday as I have been caring for a relative and have not had chance for reading. I hope this is not the last we hear of Frieda.

    I have just finished “Sunday Morning Coming Down”. I am now suffering the usual withdrawal symptoms. Is there an eight book? Frieda must continue!
    Please keep my fix going!

    Hello my name is Elaine Ellis. I have enjoyed the Nicci French novels for a while now, I have recently re-read the Frieda Klien series. Is there a new novel after the Saturday Requiem, or is there planned a further book as it seems to end in the middle of a further plot? Thank you.
    [email protected]

    Hi Elaine! Yes, the next book in the series is called Sunday Morning Coming Down and it’s due to be released in July this year. We can’t wait! 🙂

    Hi everyone,
    I love Nicci-French stories about dr. Frieda Klein and 5 books being translated in my country Croatia (I’ve bought my paperback edition today of “Friday on my mind”) and all of these 5 I’ve got in my private library. Now, I’m waiting for 6th, “Saturday Requiem”. Maybe it’ll be translated next year…Publisher here don’t feel to rush with translations…which makes me pretty frustrated ….

    Have read all these books and told others about them. We are all waiting for the final installment. Can’t wait !

    All of them, and their solo books. The monkey one was the hardest to find, a Granta I think. I also read there were eight in this series, defying the sequence of seven days somehow. It is the best contemporary crime writing I have come across.

    All of them including the latest….Sunday….2017…

    Just found the Frieda Klein books. Read one to six in less than ten days. Do hope they continue. I think I love the other characters in the books, Josef, Reuben and Chloe as much as Frieda. Probably more as, although Frieda is obviously a ‘detective’ par excellence, she comes across, despite being loved by her friends, as somewhat on the cold side.
    Excellent writing and full of suspense.

    Sheila Teadley

    My father, mother, sisters, my daughter and I have read all 6! We have enjoyed them all immensely. Especially as we are all South London, born and bred! Please put us out of our misery, will there be a 7th and if so…when?

    Really enjoyed reading this series and presently reading Saturday Requiem. Will there be a book with a conclusion for Frieda so that everyone realises she was right in her belief the murderer was still alive?

    I’m up to Saturday but going slowly because I don’t want the week to end! Each one is better than the last

    I just read that there will be EIGHT books in the series!
    But still can’t find a publishing date for number 7

    I have read them all and can’t wait for the last one to come out! I absolutely love this duo and am waiting for every single book to come out!

    I thought I heard at 2016 Bloody Scotland even that there was going to be an additional Freida Klein novel following Saturday”s Requiem. Is this correct?

    It is . There is a ‘Sunday ‘one . Out later this year

    Off work sick so read the sixth Freida Klein in one day. Absolutely brilliant!
    When do we get number seven?
    And will it be the last??

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