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Orphan X books in order: the complete series

Move over Jason Bourne, there’s a new assassin ready to help those who deserve it the most – Gregg Hurwitz‘s Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X.

Raised in a top-secret orphan programme designed to create assassins, Evan broke from the programme to reinvent himself as the Nowhere Man and use what he learnt to help those with nowhere else to turn.

With nine books in the series (so far) and a film deal in the pipeline, this is the crime series everyone’s talking about.

The latest book in the series is Lone Wolf, released in hardback on 15th February 2024.

Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X books in order:

Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz

1. Orphan X (2016)

‘Do you need my help?’ It was always the first question he asked. They called him when they had nowhere else to turn.

As a boy he was taken from an orphanage, then raised and trained. As part of a top-secret programme, he was sent out to do the things his government denied any knowledge of.

Then he broke with the programme, using everything he’d learned to disappear. He wanted to help the desperate and deserving. But now someone’s on his tail. Someone who has issues with his past. Someone who knows he was once known simply as Orphan X.

The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz

2. The Nowhere Man (2017)

As a boy, Evan Smoak was taken from a children’s home, raised and trained as part of a secret government initiative buried so deep that virtually no one knows it exists. But he broke with the programme, choosing instead to vanish off-grid and use his formidable skill set to help those unable to protect themselves.

One day, though, Evan’s luck ran out. Ambushed, drugged, and spirited away, Evan wakes up in a locked room with no idea where he is or who has captured him. As he tries to piece together what’s happened, testing his gilded prison and its highly trained guards for weaknesses, he receives a desperate call for help.

With time running out, he will need to out-think, out-manoeuvre, and out-fight an opponent the likes of whom he’s never encountered to have any chance of escape. He’s got to save himself to protect those whose lives depend on him. Or die trying.

Read a chapter from the book here.

Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz

3. Hellbent (2017)

To some he was Orphan X. Others knew him as the Nowhere Man. But to Jack Johns he was a boy named Evan Smoak. Taken from an orphanage, Evan was raised inside a top-secret government programme and trained to become a lethal weapon. By Jack. And yet for all the dangerous skill he instilled in his young charge, Jack Jones cared for Evan like a son.

But Jack knew too much about a programme that had gone rotten – he was a loose end that needed to be dealt with. But if you go after the only person who ever treated him like a human being, you can guarantee that the Nowhere Man will be coming for you. Hellbent on making things right…

Read a chapter from the book here.

Out of the Dark by Gregg Hurwitz

4. Out of the Dark (2019)

As a boy, Evan Smoak was taken from the orphanage he called home and inducted into a top-secret Cold War programme. Trained as a lethal weapon, he and his fellow recruits were sent round the world to do the government’s dirty work.

But the programme was rotten to the core. And now the man responsible needs things to be nice and clean. All evidence must be destroyed. That includes Evan.

To survive, Evan’s going to have to take the fight to his nemesis. There’s just one problem with that. Jonathan Bennett is President of the United States and Evan isn’t his only victim. To save himself – and the country – Evan is going to have to figure out how to kill the most well-protected man on the planet…

Into the Fire by Gregg Hurwitz

5. Into the Fire (2020)

Evan Smoak lives by his own code. As a boy he was taken from a foster home to be raised and trained as an off-the-books government assassin codenamed Orphan X. Then he broke free to live in the shadows as the Nowhere Man, using his unique skills to help those in desperate need. But all good things must come to an end. He’ll take on one last mission then go out on a high note. Clean, neat and tidy, just the way he likes it. And then he met Max Merriweather.

Max Merriweather hasn’t got much left to lose. Bad luck and trouble have seen off his marriage, his home and his career. On the face of it he’s the last guy you’d expect to be trusted with a deadly secret. Which is exactly why his cousin gave him an envelope with the instruction: ‘If anything ever happens to me, call the number inside.’ Now his cousin is dead and Max’s own chances of survival look bleak. On the run and stalked by death, he meets the one man who might save him: Evan Smoak.

But with Max now under his protection, Evan realizes that the forces ranged against them pose as daunting a threat as he has ever faced. He’ll be lucky just to get through it alive…

Prodigal Son by Gregg Hurwitz

6. Prodigal Son (2021)

Evan Smoak used to be known as Orphan X: a figure as elusive as a rumour, until he came to the rescue of those who most desperately needed his help. The kind of help no one else could provide. The kind that caused concern in the corridors of power.

As a boy he’d been plucked from a foster home and trained as an off-the-books assassin inside a top secret US government programme.

Which is why, even forced into early retirement, he dare not trust the phone call. Nor the caller claiming to be his mother. Asking him to protect a complete stranger who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

None of it stacks up. Yet it bears the tell-tale signs of the secret world that made him. And from inside it, a deadly new threat to the nation’s security.

But this time the danger is more personal than he could have ever imagined. Because blood runs deep…

Dark Horse by Gregg Hurwitz

7. Dark Horse (2022)

Having just survived an attack on his life Evan Smoak isn’t interested in a new mission. But one finds him anyway.

Aragon Urrea is a major drug-dealing kingpin in South Texas. But he’s also a local patron – providing legitimate employment, and a future to a people with little hope. However, for all his money and power, when a vicious cartel kidnaps his daughter he is helpless.

Not only must Evan break into the fortress of a heavily armed, deeply paranoid cartel leader – he must decide if he should help a very bad man, no matter how just the cause.

The Last Orphan by Gregg Hurwitz

8. The Last Orphan (2023)

Having eliminated most of the Orphans in the program, the government will stop at nothing to eliminate the threat they see in Evan. But Orphan X has always been several steps ahead of his pursuers. Until he makes one little mistake…

Now the President has him in her control and offers Evan a deal – eliminate a rich, powerful man she says is too dangerous to live and, in turn, she’ll let Evan survive. But when Evan left the Program he swore to only use his skills against those who really deserve it. Now he has to decide what’s more important – his principles or his life.

Lone Wolf by Gregg Hurwitz

9. Lone Wolf (2024)

Following a career in which he was always the most dangerous man in the room, ex-government assassin Evan Smoak is the last person his friends should ever have to worry about. But when Evan, formerly codenamed Orphan X, drops out of sight they’re concerned. They were right to be. A personal crisis has left him on his knees.

If anyone remembered his first name they never cared to use it. But Allman’s lack of empathy hasn’t proven any barrier to building a tech empire whose tentacles reach into every aspect of people’s lives. And in the rush to praise his genius, no one’s asking what it could mean for humanity. Nor what Allman’s got coming next.

Someone is leaving a trail of dead in their wake. Apparently chosen at random, their deaths dressed up as accidents or suicides. The woman responsible is known only as the Wolf and looks to be every bit Evan’s equal. She now has him in her sights.

There you have it – Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    I lent my copies and they were passed to a second who complained when she discovered that my friend hadn’t passed over all of the copies I loaned.
    She was hooked on the series.
    I believe she was forced to go out and purchase her own

    Grant Gustin (the Flash) would be my choice for X. Ryan Reynolds is too distinctive. Grant looks like friendly guy next door and is good looking but with no remarkable features.

    Adoring these books – read them all over this last Christmas break. Trying to slow down with Dark Horse do I don’t have too long to wait but that’s so hard to do!

    I’ve read them all and this is one series where I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I came on here to see if the next one was out yet. I’m a tad impatient.

    I have read all of them and waiting for the next one.

    I have read every one of the Orphan X books and hate that there are no more to read! Fabulous read and I am emotionally attached to the cast. Evan ranks with Reacher, Ryan and Borne! Need I say more?

    Gregg Hurwitz is at the top of his game along side Eisler and Child. Will be a long wait for Hunting X.

    Thanks for the addiction but Geez Gregg, throw Evan a bone. Not all heroes have to die. I hope his LOVE comes true!

    I have just finished Dark Horse..I look forward to the next one..

    Just finished #7 Dark Horse. Great series waiting for #10 Hunting X

    Have read (listened to) all 6 existing books on Audible and hanging out for Feb 22 to get no. 7. Really well crafted characters; love the dry humour and Scott Brick’s narration is masterful.

    I read all 6 of them and can’t wait for nr 7. I am a huge fan of Evan Smoak

    Have read 4 of the Orphan X series. Loved each and everyone of them. Waiting for last two in series. Love Gregg Hurwitz’s writing.

    All read, these stories have gripped me, and I am not a book reader. The whole series is about Evan, not just his adventures but about him as a man. Next one can not come soon enough.

    I read Orphan X on a lark, I was tired of James Patterson and looking for something new… I have been binging on Evan Smoak ever since, I am reading Out of the Dark now, and have placed a hold at my library for Into the Fire and I’m already going through withdrawal pains knowing there’s only one more after that! Rarely are the sequels are good as the first book, but these are all as great as the one before!

    Have been an avid reader of Victor, Mitch and Jack. Although I really feel Lee Child’s last few books aren’t as good as the first 6.

    Found this on Amazon and have just finished the first 2 books. Very well written, great characters, great adventure, lots of action and plot twists. It’s nice to see a hero where things don’t always go to plan. Anyone fancy coming round for dinner; I’m doing a mushroom risotto! 😉

    Someone just gave me no 2 .. The Nowhere man ….. but must get Orpan x first …. wonder if our library is still in lockdown 🙂 ???

    Ooh my having read the entire 5 awaiting for prodigal son ..I fell in love with Hellbent he just connects to the world we live in Evan Smoak .

    Just finished Prodical Son. Fantastic series. Loved every book. You sort of left us wondering if there will be a 7th book.

    I have read every book in this series and loved every single one of them. I just finished The Prodigal Son and I am already feining for the next two or three books.

    My husband and I just love the series … want more!!! … such a good writer.

    I have now read all of the Orphan X books, having just finished reading Prodigal Son. Really hoping this is not the last Orphan X / Evan Smoak book. There have to be more of Evan, his story can’t end here.

    The prodigal son……I can’t wait. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I feel I know this man. Great writing.

    Started on my 3rd time thru in preparation for Prodigal Son. I’m now one full book and about an hour from starting it, and it won’t stop staring at me! Like all the others, it will be worth the wait.

    I just sat here and read all the Evan Smoak books in order back to back, I couldn’t put them down. Gregg you are an amazing writer and I have to say this was the best series I have ever read, better than Jack Reacher and I love them too. I hope for more Evan Smoak books. Thank you Gregg for these books, man so good!

    Fantastic series, really well written. I would love to see a spin-off with the young girl as the main character. Has the potential to be very big, young, tech skills, female empowerment… has all of the ingredients to be a very popular series to a wide ranging audience.
    Here’s hoping… but at least we can hope for more of the same from Evan Smoak..

    Just finished Prodigal Son, a terrific story just like all the other Orphan X novels. Hope the next one comes out soon. Thanks so much for such a great character.

    Have listened to every orphan X book. OMG…prodigal Son!! What’s next?? I love the characters and hope if televised or made into movies that Evan is played by the right kind of man…not Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon. This requires the skill of Ryan Reynolds at the very least. I’m lost without another book😭😭😭

    Since picking up Orphan X, Out of the Dark, into the Fire my sleep has gone to s….! I love him🥰 I read so slow now as I do not want to get to the end 😀 Thankyou Gregg for an exciting well mannered young man👏👏🥰🥰

    Sad to say, I’ve read all five – in 26 days. Itching for Prodigal Son. Faultless. Enjoyed Jack Reacher as well but Evan Smoak has a soul and is young enough to see me out. I’m 75

    Finished Out of the Dark. What a series of books they are! Evan Smoak is such a complete character and his methods are exceptional. The story telling makes every chapter completely engaging!!

    Just read Into The Fire the fifth book in the Orphan X series just as exciting as 1 – 4. Cannot wait for the next.
    For Gods sake if making into a film don’t have Tom Cruise as Evan Smoak he is not the character in my mind, Ryan Reynolds would be a good choice.
    I have read some of Lee Child’s books featuring the character Jack Reacher and Tom Cruise just did not fit the bill.

    Have read the first 3. Hell Bent was so good that I found it difficult to read anything else for a while. I didn’t want it to end. In my opinion, each one is better than the last.

    I’ve read all your Orphan X books and shared them with several of my family and friends. Will there be a 5th?

    In my opinion Orphan X is Gregg Hurwitz best writing that he has a few of his other books and just couldn’t get the same excitement that I did from the Orphan series.Will there be more hope so

    Have read four orphan x books and I love them they

    Read first 3 and looking forward to reading the final 2. Not my usual genre but I am hooked.

    All 5 books were page turners. On par with Mitch Rapp series books by Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills.

    Greg…great stuff, don’t water down your character like Lee Child did with Jack Reacher. X is just the way we want him!

    Best series I’ve read. They got me reading again. Now I need more.
    Gregg is excellent at writing and combines knowledge with words you hear all the time and never see written. Now when I read other stuff I’m criticizing how their sentence structures are all fucked up.
    I’m about to pick something else of his since I’m out of Orphan X books.
    Who, whom (whatever) it is that needs to set that shit up outta get on it. I wanna see it, you’ll make money on it. Win win.
    Just no fucking Matt Damon. I like alot of his stuff but his goddamn face looks like there’s a broken bird upside down on a gerbil wheel between his ears.

    Have read 3 of the series, #1 a little slow, but very good at the end, #2 generally good through out. #3 difficult to stop through out, getting ready for #4 .

    A fan!!!

    Ive read all of them except Into the Fire..Ive read them and listened to them in audio.. Ive enjoyed his books..

    Hello! Into the Fire is due to be released on 20 February here in the UK 🙂

    I have read all of the orphan x books, incredible stories,Gregg hurwitz is the best!,

    Just starting my 3rd book. My husband and I enjoy the Orphan X novels very much.

    Fantastic. I have just read ‘the nowhere man’ . Brilliant writing and a type of book you don’t want to put down. Groovy

    Absolutely amazing. Loved all the 4 books, can’t wait for the 5th one. If you want a great read, the character that will stay with you even if you want to forget him (trust me, you will NOT) this is the series for you. The ultimate protagonist, as bad as he is brilliant, Evan Smoak will change your perspective of everything forever.

    I’ve read them all and can’t wait for the 5th novel. Very exciting read and is up there with The Grey Man, Mitch Rapp and the Jack Reacher series’. Hard to put down once you’ve started. Very well written.

    I’ve read them all. Impatiently waiting for another one. 🙂

    have read the first 3 and looking forward to the last one

    Orphan X: first time ever I read a Thriller and I have to say how fortunate that I picked up this book to read. Very well thought out with details of events that kept me griped! I do’nt say much anyway so I’ll just end with…. Game changer.

    read all four of the Orphan x seies pf books and enjoyed every one of them!! Pity there is not any more

    Hubby and I have read all and excited for the next one…absolutely love these books and read twice now…thrilling ride we went on!!

    Read all four books, great story telling, loved them

    All 4, the order of worth reading is
    3, 1, 4, 2.

    I really did like them all

    Read Orphan X a little while ago and really enjoyed it but couldn’t put down The Nowhere Man, sat up till 3am this morning to finish it.

    I have read all 4 and can hardly wait for the next one, this is the best character in a fantastic series in years.

    Im in love with Evan’s his persona is every women’s dream ………….

    Read them all, heard it was a five book series if this is true then roll in number five!!

    None yet – just heard about them and thinking about buying the first to see what they are about.

    I have now read all the Orphan X books ,though not in order ,but nevertheless ,it has been quite the literary nail biting ,edge of the seat experience for me. What can I say ,absolutely phenomenal . Greg Hurwitz is officially my favourite author of all time . Totally on another unprecedented level .I cannot wait for future projects from this highly talented writer .

    I’ve read them all and they are superb. I recommend f Paul Wilson’s repairman jack series for anyone who like these orphan x books.
    Have a great day everyone!

    Love Orphan x series, read all of them, can’t wait to start ‘Out of the dark’ Amazing writing

    Great Series. Have just finished reading them all. ORPHAN X is a must read for all thriller readers.

    Have read them all. Amazing and on par with my other favourite Jack Reacher

    Cannot wait till February for the release of Out Of The Dark.

    Just read Orphan X and The Nowhere Man, great thrilling reads.

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