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DCI Jonah Sheens books in order

Looking for Gytha Lodge’s DCI Jonah Sheens books in order? Look no further!

DCI Jonah Sheen has worked for the police for more than thirty years in Southampton, England. So, it’s almost inevitable that ghosts from his past will infiltrate his working life, as each case brings a revelation for Sheen alongside the whodunit.

The first book in the series was a Sunday Times bestseller and a Richard & Judy book club pick, and Lodge has followed this up with three equally enticing mysteries.

Fast-paced, gripping and full of twists and turns, you’ll race through this series and be left eagerly awaiting more. Here are the Jonah Sheens books in order.

Gytha Lodge’s DCI Jonah Sheens books in order:

She Lies in Wait by Gytha Lodge

1. She Lies in Wait

Seven teenagers went down to the woods. Only six came back. Then, 30 years later, a body is discovered. DCI Sheens already knows what’s waiting for him – Aurora Jackson, found at last. What he doesn’t already know is that it’s murder.

All six witnesses insist on their innocence, but DCI Sheens is sure one of them is lying. But who?

Watching From the Dark by Gytha Lodge

2. Watching From the Dark

Aidan Poole logs onto his laptop late at night to Skype his girlfriend, Zoe. But to his horror, he realizes she is not alone. Completely helpless, all he can do is listen to the sounds of a violent struggle. And then a chilling silence. He’s desperate to find out if she is OK. So why is he so hesitant to call the police?

When his messages finally reach them, DCI Jonah Sheens and his team take the case. And discover the body…

Lie Beside Me by Gytha Lodge

3. Lie Beside Me

Louise wakes up. Her head aches, her mouth is dry, her memory is fuzzy. But she suspects she’s done something bad. She rolls over towards her husband, Niall. The man who, until recently, made her feel loved. But it’s not Niall who’s lying beside her. In fact, she’s never seen this man before. And he’s dead…

As Louise desperately struggles to piece her memories back together, it’s clear to Detective Jonah Sheens and his team that she is their prime suspect – though they soon find she’s not the only one with something to hide. Did she do it? And, if not, can they catch the real killer before they strike again?

Little Sister by Gytha Lodge

4. Little Sister – coming April 2022

Detective Jonah Sheens is enjoying a moment of peace and quiet, when a teenage girl wanders out of the wood. She’s striking, with flame-red hair and a pale complexion. She’s also covered in blood.

She insists she’s fine. It’s her sister he needs to worry about. Jonah quickly discovers that Keely and her sister, Nina, disappeared from a children’s home a week ago. Now, Keely is here – but Nina’s still missing.

Keely likes to play games. She knows where her sister is – but before she tells, she wants Jonah’s full attention. Is she killer, witness, or victim? And will Jonah find out what Keely’s hiding, in time to save Nina?

There you have it – all Gytha Lodge’s DCI Jonah Sheens books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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