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Inspector Maigret books in order: the complete series

Looking for Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret books in order? Never fear – we’re here to help!

One of the world’s most successful crime writers, Georges Simenon has thrilled mystery lovers since 1931 with his Inspector Maigret series. Best known for smoking his pipe, Maigret’s detective style is a mix of intuition with method, often accompanied by a neat tipple.

These are classic crime stories set, more-often-than-not, against a Parisian backdrop. With a Maigret in hand you can therefore comb every bit of Paris without leaving your armchair. Enjoy!

Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret books in order:

Pietr the Latvian by Georges Simenon

1. Pietr the Latvian (1931)

In Simenon’s first novel featuring Maigret, the laconic detective is taken from grimy bars to luxury hotels as he follows a trail of bodies and traces the true identity of the elusive international criminal, Pietr the Latvian.

The Late Monsieur Gallet by Georges Simenon

2. The Late Monsieur Gallet (1931)

Investigating the circumstances around the death of a certain Monsieur Gallet, Maigret finds that much of the man’s life was a lie: the name he travelled under and even his stated profession. More worryingly, his wife’s haughtiness and his son’s casual indifference to the death suggest that there is more to this family than meets the eye. Indeed, the death of Monsieur Gallet may conceal another crime entirely.

The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien by Georges Simenon

3. The Hanged Man of Saint-Pholien (1931)

On a trip to Brussels, Maigret unwittingly causes a man’s suicide, but his own remorse is overshadowed by the discovery of the sordid events that drove the desperate man to shoot himself.

The Carter of La Providence by Georges Simenon

4. The Carter of La Providence (1931)

Maigret is standing in the pouring rain by a canal. A well-dressed woman, Mary Lampson, has been found strangled in a stable nearby. Why did her glamorous, hedonistic life come to such a brutal end here? Surely her taciturn husband Sir Walter knows — or maybe the answers lie with the crew of the barge La Providence.

The Yellow Dog by Georges Simenon

5. The Yellow Dog (1931)

In the coastal town of Concarneau, a local wine merchant is shot. Maigret soon realizes that Emma, a downtrodden waitress, is hiding something and that the mysterious yellow dog lurking around town may be the key to solving this crime.

Night At the Crossroads by Georges Simenon

6. Night at the Crossroads (1931)

Maigret has been interrogating Carl Andersen for seventeen hours without a confession. He’s either innocent or a very good liar. So why was the body of a diamond merchant found at his isolated mansion? Why is his sister always shut away in her room? And why does everyone at Three Widows Crossroads have something to hide?

A Crime in Holland by Georges Simenon

7. A Crime in Holland (1931)

When a French professor visiting the quiet, Dutch coastal town of Delfzjil is accused of murder, Maigret is sent to investigate. The community seem happy to blame an unknown outsider, but there are people much closer to home who seem to know much more than they’re letting on: Beetje, the dissatisfied daughter of a local farmer, Any van Elst, sister-in-law of the deceased and, of course a notorious local crook.

The Grand Banks Café by Georges Simenon

8. The Grand Banks Café (1931)

Sailors don’t talk much to other men, especially not to policemen. But after Captain Fallut’s body is found floating near his trawler, they all mention the Evil Eye when they speak of the Ocean’s voyage.

A Man's Head by Georges Simenon

9. A Man’s Head (1931)

Maigret sets out to prove the innocence of a man condemned to death for a brutal murder. As his unconventional and audacious plan to uncover the truth unfolds, he encounters rich American expatriates, some truly dangerous characters and their hidden motives.

The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin by Georges Simenon

10. The Dancer at the Gai-Moulin (1931)

Maigret observes from a distance as two boys are accused of killing a rich foreigner in Liège. Their loyalty, which binds them together through their adventures in the seedier side of the city, is put to the test and seemingly irrelevant social differences threaten their friendship.

The Two-Penny Bar by Georges Simenon

11. The Two-Penny Bar (1931)

A story told by a condemned man leads Maigret to a bar by the Seine and into the sleazy underside of respectable Parisian life. In the oppressive heat of summer, a forgotten crime comes to light.

The Shadow Puppet by Georges Simenon

12. The Shadow Puppet (1932)

Summoned to the dimly-lit Place des Vosges one night, where he sees shadowy figures at apartment windows, Maigret uncovers a tragic story of desperate lives, unhappy families, addiction and a terrible, fatal greed.

The Saint-Fiacre Affair by Georges Simenon

13. The Saint-Fiacre Affair (1932)

The last time Maigret went home to the village of his birth was for his father’s funeral. Now an anonymous note predicting a crime during All Souls’ Day mass draws him back there, where troubling memories resurface and hidden vices are revealed.

The Flemish House by Georges Simenon

14. The Flemish House (1932)

Maigret is asked to the windswept, rainy border town of Givet by a young woman desperate to clear her family of murder. But their well-kept shop, the sleepy community and its raging river all hide their own mysteries.

The Madman of Bergerac by Georges Simenon

15. The Madman of Bergerac (1932)

A passenger leaps off a night train and vanishes into the woods. Maigret, on his way to a well-earned break in the Dordogne, is soon plunged into the pursuit of a madman, hiding amongst the seemingly respectable citizens of Bergerac.

The Misty Harbour by Georges Simenon

16. The Misty Harbour (1932)

A distressed man is found wandering the streets of Paris, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. The answers lead Maigret to a small harbour town, whose quiet citizens conceal a poisonous malice.

Liberty Bar by Georges Simenon

17. Liberty Bar (1932)

Maigret is dazzled by the Cote d’Azur, but behind the perfect façade of sun-drenched villas, palm-lined promenades and luxury cars, he discovers the dark reality of a man who can’t escape his past any more.

Lock No. 1 by Georges Simenon

18. Lock No. 1 (1933)

A man hauled out of the Charenton canal one night, a girl wandering, confused, in a white nightdress … these events draw Maigret into the world of the charismatic self-made businessman Ducrau, and the misdeeds of his past.

Maigret by Georges Simenon

19. Maigret (1934)

Maigret’s peaceful retirement in the country is interrupted when his nephew comes to him for help after being implicated in a crime he didn’t commit. Soon Maigret is back in the heart of Paris, and out of place in a once-familiar world…

Cécile is Dead by Georges Simenon

20. Cécile is Dead (1942)

For six months the dowdy Cécile has been coming to the police station, desperate to convince them that someone has been breaking into her aunt’s apartment. No one takes her seriously – until Maigret unearths a story of merciless, deep-rooted greed.

The Cellars of the Majestic by Georges Simenon

21. The Cellars of the Majestic (1942)

Below stairs at a glamorous hotel on the Champs-Élysées, the workers’ lives are worlds away from the luxury enjoyed by the wealthy guests. When their worlds meet, Maigret discovers a tragic story of ambition, blackmail and unrequited love.

The Judge's House by Georges Simenon

22. The Judge’s House (1942)

Exiled from the Police Judiciare in Paris, Maigret bides his time in a remote coastal town of France. There, among the lighthouses, mussel farms and the eerie wail of foghorns, he discovers that a community’s loyalties hide unpleasant truths.

Signed, Picpus by Georges Simenon

23. Signed, Picpus (1944)

A mysterious note predicting the murder of a fortune-teller; a confused old man locked in a Paris apartment; a financier who goes fishing; a South American heiress… Maigret must make his way through a frustrating maze of clues, suspects and motives to find out what connects them.

Inspector Cadaver by Georges Simenon

24. Inspector Cadaver (1944)

Asked to help a friend in trouble, Maigret arrives in a small provincial town where curtains twitch and gossip is rife. He also finds himself facing an old adversary: the pale, shifty ex-policeman they call ‘Inspector Cadaver’.

Félicie by Georges Simenon

25. Félicie (1944)

Investigating the death of a retired sailor on the outskirts of Paris, Inspector Maigret meets his match in the form of the old man’s housekeeper: the sharp-witted, enigmatic and elusive Félicie.

Maigret Gets Angry by Georges Simenon

26. Maigret Gets Angry (1947)

Peacefully tending his garden in the countryside, Maigret is cajoled out of retirement by a case involving an old classmate and a rich family with skeletons in their cupboard – and finds himself confronted by lies, snobbery and malice.

Maigret Gets Angry by Georges Simenon

27. Maigret in New York (1947)

Persuaded to sail to New York by a fearful young law student, Maigret finds himself drawn into the city’s underworld, and a wealthy businessman’s closely guarded past.

Maigret's Holiday by Georges Simenon

28. Maigret’s Holiday (1948)

When Inspector Maigret’s wife falls ill on their seaside holiday at Les Sables d’Olonne, a visit to the hospital leads him on an unexpected quest to find justice for a young girl.

Maigret's Dead Man by Georges Simenon

29. Maigret’s Dead Man (1948)

A series of strange phone calls leads Inspector Maigret through the Paris streets towards a man out of his depth amid a network of merciless criminals.

Maigret's First Case by Georges Simenon

30. Maigret’s First Case (1949)

In this flashback to the start of Inspector Maigret’s career, the eager young police secretary’s very first investigation leads him to a wealthy Paris family’s dark secrets.

My Friend Maigret by Georges Simenon

31. My Friend Maigret (1949)

An officer from Scotland Yard is studying Maigret’s methods when a call from an island off the Côte d’Azure sends the two men off to an isolated community to investigate its eccentric inhabitants.

Maigret at the Coroner's by Georges Simenon

32. Maigret at the Coroner’s (1949)

Maigret is touring the United States to observe American policing methods, when a visit to a coroner’s inquest in Arizona draws him into the tragic story of a young woman and five airmen in the desert.

Maigret and the Old Lady by Georges Simenon

33. Maigret and the Old Lady (1950)

When a charming elderly widow appeals to him for help, Inspector Maigret travels to a seaside village in Normandy – uncovering a lost fortune and some poisonous family politics.

Madame Maigret's Friend by Georges Simenon

34. Madame Maigret’s Friend (1950)

Inspector Maigret’s wife turns sleuth after a strange encounter in a Paris square leads her on the trail of a woman in a white hat, and towards a grisly tale of deception and greed.

Maigret's Memoirs by Georges Simenon

35. Maigret’s Memoirs (1951)

Maigret sets the record straight and tells the story of his own life, giving a rare glimpse into the mind of the great inspector – and the writer who would immortalise him.

Maigret at Picratt's by Georges Simenon

36. Maigret at Picratt’s (1951)

A young cabaret dancer in a black silk dress leads Inspector Maigret into a seamy world of nightclubs, drug addiction and exploitation on the streets of Montmartre.

Maigret Takes A Room by Georges Simenon

37. Maigret Takes a Room (1951)

When one of his best inspectors is shot, Maigret decides to book himself into Mademoiselle Clément’s well-kept Paris boarding house nearby in order to find the culprit.

Maigret and the Tall Woman by Georges Simenon

38. Maigret and the Tall Woman (1951)

A visit from the tall, thin woman he arrested many years ago – now married to a hapless burglar – leads Inspector Maigret on a tortuous investigation in which he struggles with a formidable suspect.

Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters by Georges Simenon

39. Maigret, Lognon and the Gangsters (1952)

When Maigret learns that his hapless colleague Inspector Lognon is being menaced by some notorious American mobsters, he makes it his mission to bring them to justice – despite threatening warnings that he is out of his depth.

Maigret's Revolver by Georges Simenon

40. Maigret’s Revolver (1952)

When Maigret’s prized gun goes missing, he must travel to London on the trail of a troubled young man on the run.

Maigret and the Man on the Bench by Georges Simenon

41. Maigret and the Man on the Bench (1953)

When Maigret discovers an unexpectedly flamboyant detail about an otherwise unremarkable man, the inspector is determined to uncover what lies beneath the stuffy appearance of his Parisian household.

Maigret is Afraid by Georges Simenon

42. Maigret is Afraid (1953)

Maigret’s impromptu visit to an old college friend draws him into a murky investigation in a small provincial town ruled by snobbery, fear and intimidation.

Maigret's Mistake by Georges Simenon

43. Maigret’s Mistake (1953)

Maigret’s fascination with a charismatic brain surgeon nearly blinds him to the truth at the heart of a case involving a mysterious young woman in a luxury Paris apartment block.

Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon

44. Maigret Goes to School (1954)

When a school teacher from a small coastal town near La Rochelle asks Maigret to help prove he is innocent of murder, the Inspector returns with him to his insular community and finds the residents closing ranks to conceal the truth.

Maigret and the Dead Girl by Georges Simenon

45. Maigret and the Dead Girl (1954)

Maigret and his fellow inspector Lognon find themselves trying to out-manoeuver each other when they investigate the case of a mysterious young woman whose new life in Paris is tragically cut short.

Maigret and the Minister by Georges Simenon

46. Maigret and the Minister (1955)

Maigret has no taste for politics, or politicians, but when he is summoned to a clandestine meeting by a desperate government minister one evening, he finds himself drawn into an unsavoury world of corruption, scandal and cover ups.

Maigret and the Headless Corpse by Georges Simenon

47. Maigret and the Headless Corpse (1955)

The discovery of a dismembered body in the Canal Saint Martin leads Maigret into a tangled, baffling case involving a taciturn bistro-owner and a mysterious inheritance.

Maigret Sets A Trap by Georges Simenon

48. Maigret Sets a Trap (1955)

Paris comes under siege when someone starts killing women on the streets one summer – and Maigret must hatch a plan to lure the murderer out.

Maigret's Failure by Georges Simenon

49. Maigret’s Failure (1956)

When a self-made man appeals to Maigret for protection at his lavish home, a years-old grudge from the past resurfaces and the inspector finds himself questioning his own motives.

Maigret Enjoys Himself by Georges Simenon

50. Maigret Enjoys Himself (1957)

Inspector Maigret is meant to be taking a holiday, but he can’t resist following the development of his colleague Janvier’s case in the papers – and playing a few tricks on the way.

Maigret Travels by Georges Simenon

51. Maigret Travels (1958)

The attempted suicide of a countess and the death of a billionaire in the same luxury Paris hotel send Maigret to the Riviera and then to Switzerland, as he searches for the truth amid the glittering world of the super-rich.

Maigret's Doubts by Georges Simenon

52. Maigret’s Doubts (1958)

When a salesman from a Paris department store confides his secret fears to Maigret, the Inspector soon becomes caught up in a treacherous feud between husband and wife that is not as clear cut as it seems.

Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses by Georges Simenon

53. Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses (1959)

A once-wealthy family closes ranks when one of their own is shot, leaving Maigret – along with a troublesome new magistrate – to pick his way through their secrets.

Maigret's Secret by Georges Simenon

54. Maigret’s Secret (1959)

At a dinner party one evening, Maigret tells the story of an old case – the trial and execution of a man who may have been innocent – and how it has haunted him ever since.

Maigret in Court by Georges Simenon

55. Maigret in Court (1960)

When Maigret is called to testify in court and reveals his doubts about a picture-framer accused of double murder, his actions have tragic consequences that he could never have foreseen.

Maigret and the Old People by Georges Simenon

56. Maigret and the Old People (1961)

The violent death of a distinguished former ambassador, the Comte de Saint-Hilaire – an old man without political secrets or enemies – confounds Inspector Maigret, until a bundle of letters promises to uncover the tragic truth.

Maigret and the Lazy Burglar by Georges Simenon

57. Maigret and the Lazy Burglar (1961)

When his superiors dismiss the death of a burglar as part of Paris’s gang wars, Inspector Maigret defies their orders and tries to discover what really happened to the quiet, likeable crook he had known for years.

Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse by Georges Simenon

58. Maigret and the Good People of Montparnasse (1962)

When a seemingly decent man is found shot dead in his family home, Maigret must look beyond the calm, well-to-do exterior of his exemplary life to find the truth.

Maigret and the Saturday Caller by Georges Simenon

59. Maigret and the Saturday Caller (1962)

When Maigret is followed home by a man who confesses he intends to commit a crime, he tries to dissuade this strange visitor, but a subsequent disappearance casts an ominous new light on events.

Maigret and the Tramp by Georges Simenon

60. Maigret and the Tramp (1963)

When a Paris tramp known as ‘Doc’ is pulled from the Seine after being badly beaten, Maigret must delve into the past to discover who wanted to kill this mysterious figure.

Maigret's Anger by Georges Simenon

61. Maigret’s Anger (1963)

During a quiet spell in June Maigret is called to investigate the disappearance of a reputable businessman. When a body is discovered near the famous Père Lachaise cemetery Maigret struggles to find any clues to the perpetrator and loses his temper when his own reputation is threatened by the case.

Maigret and the Ghost by Georges Simenon

62. Maigret and the Ghost (1964)

The shooting of a fellow inspector and the disappearance of a key witness lead Maigret to some disturbing discoveries about an esteemed Paris art critic.

Maigret Defends Himself by Georges Simenon

63. Maigret Defends Himself (1964)

When Maigret is shocked to find himself accused of a crime, he must fight to prove his innocence and save his reputation.

Maigret's Patience by Georges Simenon

64. Maigret’s Patience (1965)

Maigret finds himself back on the Rue des Acacias just ten days after cracking another case there. This time it is the murder of a criminal Maigret has known for over twenty years and one he always suspected was behind a string of jewellery robberies in the city. Maigret’s patience is tested as he eliminates neighbour by neighbour in his hunt for the murderer.

Maigret and the Nahour Case by Georges Simenon

65. Maigret and the Nahour Case (1966)

Maigret is called to the home of professional gambler, Felix Nahour, who has been found shot dead by his chambermaid. He’s shocked to recognise a photo of the man’s wife who becomes the main suspect. All signs point to her guilt but Maigret suspects there might be more to this complicated affair.

Maigret's Pickpocket by Georges Simenon

66. Maigret’s Pickpocket (1967)

A pickpocket steals Maigret’s wallet only to return it the following day, on the condition that he visit the thief’s apartment. When the thief leads Maigret to the body of his dead wife he becomes embroiled in an unusual murder case.

Maigret Hesitates by Georges Simenon

67. Maigret Hesitates (1968)

Inspector Maigret receives a series of letters warning of a murder that is going to take place. The letters do not reveal who will die, when it will happen or who will do it. Maigret must trace the letters back to their source before it is too late.

Maigret in Vichy by Georges Simenon

68. Maigret in Vichy (1968)

Maigret and his wife takes a much needed holiday to Vichy, where they quickly become used to the slower pace of life. When a woman, who they regularly pass by on their daily strolls, is murdered Maigret can’t help but offer his assistance to the local Inspector, a former colleague of Maigret’s.

Maigret's Childhood Friend by Georges Simenon

69. Maigret’s Childhood Friend (1968)

When a long lost friend pays a visit to Maigret’s office, he is shocked to learn that the man’s roommate has been murdered. With the help of his old friend, Maigret delves into the life of the victim and finds a complex web of relationships that leads him to the culprit.

Maigret and the Killer by Georges Simenon

70. Maigret and the Killer (1969)

When a tape recorder is found on a murder victim, Inspector Maigret hopes this will be the clue he needs to track down the killer.

Maigret and the Wine Merchant by Georges Simenon

71. Maigret and the Wine Merchant (1970)

When a wealthy wine merchant is shot and killed in Paris, Inspector Maigret must investigate a long list of family, colleagues and lovers to uncover just who could have committed the crime. Delving into the depths of the man’s personality, Maigret discovers that the victim may have made one too many enemies on his way to the top.

Maigret's Madwoman by Georges Simenon

72. Maigret’s Madwoman (1970)

A kind but seemingly paranoid old lady turns to Inspector Maigret for help. Against the judgement of his subordinates, he decides to pay a visit to her Parisian apartment to investigate, but is he already too late?

Maigret and the Loner by Georges Simenon

73. Maigret and the Loner (1971)

When a socially isolated vagrant is found dead in the condemned building where he had been sleeping in Les Halles, Paris, Maigret must delve into the victim’s mysterious past to discover who could have killed him.

Maigret and the Informer by Georges Simenon

74. Maigret and the Informer (1972)

The body of a well-known Parisian restaurateur turns up on Avenue Junot in Montmartre, seemingly having been killed elsewhere. Inspector Maigret is on the case, and soon discovers that the murder may be gang-related after a colleague working in the red-light district receives a tip from an anonymous informer.

Maigret and Monsieur Charles by Georges Simenon

75. Maigret and Monsieur Charles (1973)

When an elegant but nervous woman appears in Inspector Maigret’s office and reports her rich and successful husband missing, Maigret and Lapointe find themselves on the trail of a man leading a double life: a prominent Parisian solicitor by day, a playboy known as “Monsieur Charles” by night.

There you have it – Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    Enjoyed reading the generous comments above and agree with most. I’ve read them all I think, some in French and most of the tv portrayals. Gambon series seems most faithful to the books which, despite his iconic Maigret, Rupert Davies suffers from the tinkering with the stories to allow Lucas a bigger role. Bruno Cremer mumbles and as someone else said the length and atmos is lugubrious. I love the books in which the hapless Lognon makes an appearance and the Memoirs in which Simenon teases himself. A great detective created by a great writer.

    I am now at 66 + A Maigret Christmas; many benefits to reading them in chronological order. Utterly brilliant writer, and the translations are pretty fabulous, as well, though each has its tiny flaws. I wanted to read all in the new Penguin editions first and then will read them in French. I saw only one TV episode, and coincidentally was just about to read that very story next. My impression is that the short-form TV epi does not do any justice to the meticulously written observations and reflections that are the basis of Simenon’s portrayal of Maigret and of every character that peoples his stories. The Niew Yorker ‘Critics’ review of the new translations in September 2022 was my introduction to Simenon’s Maigret. Highly recommended.

    I enjoy every portrayal!
    Each gives me a chance to enjoy a different interpretation of those wonderful stories.
    I’m so glad that a talented man like Rowan Atkinson was willing to give them a new life.
    Thank you Mr. Atkinson!!

    Couldn’t stand Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal. He was utterly wrong physically and tried too hard to be a serious actor, oddly missing out on the humour. Cynical casting by the producers. Gambon was good but Rupert Davies, a real pipe smoker, nailed the character and had Simenon’s approval. The sets were sometimes dodgy but the great advantage was that the filmed inserts were all shot in Paris.

    I’ve been collecting them for about 20 years now and currently have 48, but this includes the 2 volumes of short stories “Death Threats” and “The New Investigations of Inspector Maigret”. I like to own all the books I read, but can’t afford to go out and buy all the rest at once. Sadly. In some of the earliest ones I have (when some were released under alternative titles) Penguin used to provide a full list of the books at the back. This list was 76 books long rather than the currently quoted 75 because it included “Un Noel de Maigret (Maigret’s Christmas)”, which is currently published by Penguin Modern Classics as “A Maigret Christmas And Other Stories”. I’m not sure why it’s no longer in the list. I also have 14 of the non-Maigret books. I welcome Penguin’s decision to publish all of these over the coming years, but I am afraid I will fall way behind with my purchases, as I understand there are 116 non-Maigret books in total. Ho-hum.

    I had enjoyed watching the different British TV PRODUCTIONS but had not read te books. Then recently I discovered the Canadian Louise Penny’s excellent Three Pines series of books with Inspector Gamache and his wife Reine Marie. I immediately began to liken them to the Maigrets. No sex scenes, wonderful relationship between the couple albeit at a different time and different styles of writing. And so now I am working my way through Maigret. Excellent.

    Not so keen on the Rowan Atlinson ones tbh – found him a bit leaden in the role. I’ve recently re-watched some of the Rupert Davies portrayal, I remembered them from my Dad watching them when I was a wee puppy. The sets were a bit ‘Crossroads’ weren’t they! Didn’t notice that at the time. The Michael Gambon ones are best for me, I feel he puts some real personality into the role, makes Maigret on film into a real person.

    Working my way through them in no particular order. Enjoyed the Rowan Atkinson series. Then I bought the Gambon series and really enjoyed them too. When I read my mind sees Gambon.

    The French version with Bruno Cremer is my favorite movie version. Nothing beats the books though, as it always goes. The pipe lighting in the credits sets my anticipation soaring!

    Can’t understand why ITV decided not to make any more Maigret with Rowan Atkinson and the rest of the cast – totally embodies the character as does Lucy Cohu as his wife

    I think I’m down to the last three. Haven’t heard of the adjectives quote. Not new, of course. Voltaire: ” The adjective is the enemy of the noun.” Not much use for them in dialogue anyway, of which there is always a great deal in a Maigret, whom I love. Will feel bereft when there are none left. He’s head and shoulders above the rest of them, including, sadly, me.

    I’ve been reading along with my husband. We’re addicted. The perfect companion during lockdown. Half way through the list. Maigret has become an old friend.

    Never really took much interest in the Rupert Davies or Michael Gambon series growing up,but really enjoyed Rowan Atkinson’s portrayal especially his relationship with Madame Maigret. Received a couple of books at Christmas and fell in love with them-now working through them.

    I watched both the Rowen Atkinson and Rupert Davies and can’t fault either of them. I have just got the bug and am now reading from the beginning, really enjoyable books.

    I have been doing nothing but reading these during the pandemic. About halfway through!!! About Simenon: “In his own books he eschewed the merely “literary”, deliberately limiting his vocabulary and simplifying his style. It is said, probably apocryphally, that on completion of yet another novel he would summon his children and shake the typescript vigorously before them, asking, “What am I doing, little ones?” to which they would reply ritually, in chorus, “You’re getting rid of the adjectives, papa.”

    I believe though he maybe doesnt resemble Maigret as portrayed by Simenon, Rowan Atkinson made a marvellous job in bringing Maigret to life. Exquisite character Maigret, always admired his relationship with his wife. No overexagerated romance, just 2 ordinary husband and wife, you can explore their relationship a bit in “Maigret s’amuse”.

    I’ve read all 75 over 3 months, and I’ve loved it. Simenon has a marvellous insight into the human condition and how people operate. I will be re-reading these books forever.

    I’ve read 48. Unfortunately not in order but not really necessary. It’s great when you start to know a character so well you know his next move.

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