Luther series 5 episode 2 review

Luther series 5 episode 2 review

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So, then. Alice is back, and – crucially – alive. Her and John’s diamond-based escape plans scuppered some three years ago, our hero was left to believe that his psychopathic paramour had drowned in an Antwerp river after a botched sale of the precious gems. But, alas, she had not. She had merely faked her death to avoid the heat that inevitably comes with sticking a hatpin into the brains of three burly Euro gangsters. Diamonds lost and heat turned down, Ms Morgan is back in London with vengeance very much on her mind. Yup – it was her that had kidnapped George Cornelius’ money-laundering son Alistair.

The unseen figure taking buckshot from George at the lido in episode 1? Alice. Seeking refuge and some emergency repair work, she ends up at Luther’s door once again, parroting his trademark ‘wotcha’ greeting to him. Trouble is, not only are George’s men hot on their trail, Luther’s boss now smells a rat, going so far as to nab some of Alice’s DNA from Luther’s place. Effectively proving his man’s aiding and abetting a wanted killer.

As ever, it’s all go over at Luther’s place. Well, it’s all go from an action perspective. It’s never all go on the decorating front, is it? The man really rather obviously doesn’t care much for interior design.

It’s all go on Luther’s case too. Not that stopping London’s latest sadistic serial killer seems to be at the forefront of the DCI’s mind. Luckily DS Halliday is quickly proving that her fast-tracking to the job was a smart move as she digs deep into the case, failing to be satisfied that ‘the killer’ – with his perfectly slashed throat – really was the man behind the brutal slayings. Her hunch that Hermione Norris’ Dr Vivien Lake is shady sees her and Luther shaking the tree of Mrs Lake’s mister, heart surgeon Jeremy (a brilliantly chilling Enzo Cilenti), to some effect.

Are the Lakes a grim husband n’ wife team of depraved predators, with her manipulating his behaviour for her own kicks? Or is Vivien merely mopping up diligently after her sick husband? Our hunch? The former. We think they’re a more upmarket Brady and Hindley pairing. A St John’s Wood Fred and Rose West.

Jeremy again provided the standout moments here with his murderous ways and delightfully rude and psychotic patter. The opening episode had him making the world frightened of the top deck of the bus. And now? Selling household items online is likely to strike fear into anyone that watched Wednesday night’s instalment. The Lakes now have a kidnapped woman for Luther & Co. to save…

Back to what seems like the ‘main’ plot and there’s another tied-up person to rescue – DS Benny Silver. Luther’s tech-savvy Northern Irish colleague and trusted mate is bound to a chair and getting electrocuted. Not for jollies, though (don’t let this twisted show force you to think everyone’s kinky, eh?). Nope, it’s George running the volts through him. All in a bid to recover his son and get to Alice and Luther. A straight swap involved, then? Well, no. Not after Alice sneaks into the Cornelius household dressed as a slinky Eastern European sex worker and gives it her best hatpin-death routine on the kid. Which is not good news for Benny, of course.

One last thing from this second slice of the fifth series that we can’t ignore… That flashback of John and Alice. In bed together, presumably somewhere between the events of series 3 and 4. They dropped that in rather casually, didn’t they?! So we know they got it together before Alice tried to fence the diamonds. Might they do so again? Especially given how this could just be the final season…

By 10pm on Friday night we’ll know the answer.

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  1. Clare says

    I have watched all three episodes so far, and can’t wait for tonight’s!!! The only problem I have, is it’s so fast paced!!! I’ve kept it recorded in case I need to go over any bits!! Have enjoyed all the series, and disappointed that this is the last one, but looks like it’s going out with a bang….