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12 top Netflix shows for Broadchurch fans

Most of us, at some point this week, will flick through the TV guide and complain that ‘there’s never anything on…’ – despite the fact that the there are well over six million channels and all sorts of streaming and downloadable options available to us nowadays.

But while in the olden days of terrestrial TV, with your choice of four stations or bed, that might have been true – now? If anything, there’s too much choice. How are you supposed to sort through the endless options available to you? It’s an almost impossible task. Or, at least, it would be without us to light your way through the dark.

If, like us, you loved every minute of all three series of ITV’s Broadchurch (and why wouldn’t you have?), you’ll no doubt be keen to check out some other similar shows. And there are plenty about – not least of all on Netflix. Here are some Netflix shows we think Broadchurch fans should try…

12 top Netflix shows for Broadchurch fans

netflix shows for broadchurch fans


So you like TV crime shows about close-knit communities rocked by violent crimes, featuring hard-nosed police types and shady locals, all with slightly funny accents, do you? Well, may we recommend the BBC’s Hinterland (also known as Y Gwyll in its native Wales). There have been three series of this dark and moody Aberystwyth-set drama made to date. You can catch series one and two on Netflix now.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

netflix shows for broadchurch fans

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

On the face of it, there might not be too many similarities between a programme about two mardy detectives set in Dorset and one featuring the glamour of a sassy 1920’s flapper from Melbourne. But dig down and you’ll find the adventures of aristocratic private investigator Phryne Fisher (as featured in a set of novels by Australian author Kerry Greenwood) chime a little with the world of Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller. Alright, so we’re stretching a little with this one, but hey – it’s about solving murders and we like it. And so will you.

IMDb Rating: 8.4

bodyguard, a show on netflix that fans of broadchurch will love


Broadchurch was event TV, real watercooler stuff. Few crime dramas enrapture an entire nation. Writer Jed Mercurio’s do, though. Line of Duty is his most famous and best-loved work, but 2018’s Bodyguard isn’t far behind.

The tale of an illicit affair between the Home Secretary (played by Keeley Hawes) and one of her principal protection officers (Richard Madden), this was a huge hit with audiences that saw peaks of 11 million viewers on BBC One when televised.

IMDb Rating: 8.1

netflix shows broadchurch fans


Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels are big news in the crime fiction world, as you no doubt know. In the telly world, the British adaptations – starring none other than world famous thesp Sir Kenneth Branagh – are pretty big news too. But for a real feel of the originals, the Swedish versions are where you should head. Krister Henriksson takes on the eponymous role and what we really like about them is that each episode is feature length, giving a true cinematic feel to this Ystad-set series.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

netflix shows for Broadchurch fans

Top of the Lake

Stunning scenery, a child taken from its family and suspicions galore, this stunning six-parter is a nice companion piece to Broadchurch in theme and atmosphere. What we particularly love about Top of the Lake is that it’s lent true cinematic panache by its director, The Piano’s Jane Campion. The acting talent is top class too, with Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and the incomparable Peter Mullan leading the way. If it escaped your radar back in 2013, Netflix is – very kindly – allowing you to see to that now at the press of a few buttons.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Paranoid, a crime drama on Netflix that fans of Broadchurch will enjoy


Indira Varma, Robert Glenister and Lesley Sharp star in this British crime drama which first came to TV fans attention back in September of 2016. In it, detectives investigate a GP that’s knifed to death in a children’s playground. Suspects mount up and a conspiracy involving a German pharmaceutical company is uncovered.

This ITV original may rely somewhat on the odd cliche here and there, but it’s altogether a solid – if slightly silly – watch. The full eight episodes of the solitary series of Paranoid are up on Netflix now and provide an entertaining watch for anyone that enjoyed the twists and turns of Broadchurch.

IMDb Rating: 6.8

Marcella, one of our Netflix recommendations for fans of Broadchurch


Another crime thriller from ITV’s stable, this Anna Friel-starring two-season affair sits somewhere between Broadchurch and a typical Scandi Noir. Friel is Detective Sergeant Marcella Backland, a no-nonsense London copper who takes her work tracking down serial killers very seriously indeed.

There’s a certain lack of subtlety about the lead character’s methods and Marcella as a series, but in terms of twists and shocks and drama, you’d be hard pressed to find another British crimer that plays with audience expectation quite as much.

IMDb Rating: 7.4

The Break, one of our Netflix recommendations of shows like Broadchurch

The Break

In its home country of Belgium, The Break is known as La Trêve (‘The Truce’). Yoann Blanc stars as Detective Yoann Peeters, a perennially rather glum police type who moves back to his childhood hometown with his daughter after the death of his wife. Series 1 sees him search for the murderer of a football player at his local club, while its follow-up has Peeters fighting to clear a man’s name after a miscarriage of justice.

There’s not much light here, but it’s a powerful drama that’s at its very best when revealing the prejudices and attitudes of small communities. The sad bear-like Blanc is also a huge talent in the central role.

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Bitter Daisies, one of our Netflix recommendations of shows like Broadchurch

Bitter Daisies

Lieutenant Rosa Vargas (Maria Mera) is a Civil Guard officer in the Spanish police who’s sent out to a rural community in the north of the country to investigate the disappearance of a young woman. As these things so often tend to do, it quickly turns into a search for a serial killer.

This Galician crime drama is a little by-the-numbers but does have the odd flourish and unique idea that makes the six episodes worth catching. There’s enough wry humour and high drama to keep any Broadchurch fan happy. As well as some rather seedy and kinky subplots. Watch out for those.

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Perfume, one of our Netflix recommendations for fans of Broadchurch


This 2018 foreign language series takes its inspiration from both Patrick Süskind’s beautifully deranged book and the 2006 film based on it, both called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

An odd tale of a serial killer driven by his extremely refined olfactory system, the major difference here in the television version is that the action takes place in modern-day Germany. There are six parts to this critically well-received series and a second run planned.

IMDb Rating: 7.1

netflix shows for Broadchurch fans


Despite what we just said about Finnish TV crime dramas, there is another show from that chilly country that Broadchurch enthusiasts might enjoy. Sorjonen or Bordertown is a crimer set in Lappeenranta, a town that borders Finland and Russia – hence the name. It follows a grizzled-looking detective as he hunts down a serial killer, but – that said – it’s a slightly lighter take on the genre than most Scandinavian efforts. Fans of Hardy and Miller’s occasional banter will enjoy the caustic sense of humour our lead – Kari Sorjonen (played by Ville Virtanen) – often displays.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

netflix shows for broadchurch fans


This BBC police procedural may not be as dark as Broadchurch, but if you love the chemistry and bickering between DS Alec Hardy and DI Ellie Miller, then you might well dig the relationship that Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch’s lead characters have in this comedy-drama. It’s irreverent, daft, and well made. If ever-so-slightly silly.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Think we’ve missed any perfect Netflix shows for Broadchurch fans? Let us know in the comments below…

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    Here are many that I’ve enjoyed;
    Before We Die (Swe-Inden Vi Dør) 2017
    Mare of Easttown
    Miss Scarlett & the Duke
    The Mallorca Files – hey you selected Miss Fisher! And the scenery here is awesome

    The Frozen Dead (literally chilling!), and Black Spot – both French and A+

    I’ve loved Broadchurch, Hinterland, and Shetland. So sad to see the end of Broadchurch and Hinterland! But the good news is Shetland will be returning with another season sometime in 2021!

    I watched and couldn’t sleep for a week. Broadchurch was the cat’s meow.

    Just finished watching the Bay 1st season is much better than 2nd in my opinion but was enjoyable drama

    You’ve forgotten Unforgotten! It’s the most perfect crime series I’ve ever seen. So compelling, such amazing acting. Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar at their finest.

    We just watched Harlen Coben’s “Safe”. Really enjoyed it, similar to Broadchurch

    We finally watched “Boadchurch” and wonder if it will be back in 2019 since it was every two years .. or so it seemed based on the Netflix dates. Loved “Midsomer”, “Miss Fischer”, “Murder in Paradise”.

    Last tango in halifax is so good, BBC at it’s best. Also, Happy Valley is worth a watch. Almost any BBC crime drama is going to be top notch. Line of Duty, Luther, Wallander..etc.

    The unforgotten is absolutely wonderful.. Nicola Walker plays the role of DCI Stuart so well and I found myself wanting the next episode immediately after each had ended!

    River/ compelling British crime drama w a star character who keeps you tracking his every step/thought. Only 6 episodes, sadly.

    The Icelandic murder mystery Trapped is excellent and very reminiscent of Broadchurch

    trapped was excellent…..season 2 coming in the fall! Fortitude is along those line..not as good though.

    Just finished watching the finale of Wallander last night and was grieved to have it end. I loved it. Shetland is another series I miss. I look forward to checking out the others on this list.

    Luther and the new Collateral on Netflix were gripping!

    I think that Lillehammer on Netflix is one of the best series. Starring Steve Van Zant it’s a great black humoured romp through the Norweigan countryside for th ex mafia fixer. Brilliant performance from Van Zant ( who is incidentally Little Steven from Bruce Springsteens E Street band!)

    Jack Taylor was great as was River (in my opinion), but I miss Broadchurch!

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