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Inspector Iwata books in order: the complete series

Looking for Nicolás Obregón’s Inspector Iwata books in order? Look no further!

Unconventional hero Inspector Iwata is tasked with solving murders, switching between Tokyo, LA and Mexico. But with plenty of emotional baggage and skeletons of his own, these clever police procedurals are more a gut-wrenching character study of a damaged and broken man.

With cutting-edge themes and sharp, risk-taking storytelling, this gripping trilogy will leave you wanting more.

Here are all the Inspector Iwata books in order!

Nicolás Obregón’s Inspector Iwata books in order:

Blue Light Yokohama by Nicholas Obregon

1. Blue Light Yokohama (2017)

A family of four is found murdered in their home. The killer is thought to have walked away in broad daylight. The first detective on the case allegedly committed suicide by throwing himself off Tokyo’s famous Rainbow Bridge.

Inspector Iwata and his partner must find a murderer who’s only just beginning. The detectives know only one thing: the killer won’t stop until they’ve been caught.

Sins as Scarlet by Nicolas Obregon

2. Sins As Scarlet (2018)

Former homicide detective Kosuke Iwata is on the run from his past. Now working as a private detective in LA, he spends his days spying on unfaithful spouses and his nights with an unavailable woman. Still, he can’t forget the family he lost in Tokyo.

But that all changes when a figure from his old life appears at his door, informing him that his wife’s sister Meredith has been found strangled. Reluctantly throwing himself back into the dangerous existence he only just escaped, Iwata discovers a seedy world of corruption, exploitation and murder.

Unknown Male by Nicolas Obregon

3. Unknown Male (2019)

Exiled detective Kosuke Iwata is asked back to the neon-drenched streets of Tokyo. An English exchange student has been murdered, the Olympics are just days away and those high up want this case closed fast.

Iwata begins searching for this unknown perpetrator, with the only clue being that it’s a male. But what he doesn’t realise is that the killer has crafted a disguise so unremarkable he’s near impossible to find…

There you have it – all Nicolas Obregon’s Inspector Iwata books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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