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Nuala Ellwood books in order

Looking for Nuala Ellwood’s books in order of publication? Look no further!

One of the Observer’s ‘new faces of fiction’, Nuala Ellwood has gone from strength to strength since her debut My Sister’s Bones, a standout read of 2017, penning three further books in quick succession.

She writes shocking, haunting and disturbing standalone psychological thrillers, which are both harrowing and compelling.

Exploring family relationships and dynamics in much of her work, and always with secrets waiting to be discovered, pick up any of Nuala’s titles and you won’t put it down until it’s finished.

Nuala Ellwood books in order:

My Sister's Bones by Nuala Ellwood

1. My Sister’s Bones (2016)

Kate Rafter has spent her life running from her past. But when her mother dies, she’s forced to return to Herne Bay – a place her sister Sally never left.

But something isn’t right in the old family home. On her first night Kate is woken by terrifying screams. And then she sees a shadowy figure in the garden…

Who is crying for help? What does it have to do with Kate’s past? And why does no one – not even her sister – believe her?

Day of the Accident by Nuala Ellwood

2. The Day of the Accident (2018)

Sixty seconds after she wakes from a coma, Maggie’s world is torn apart. The police tell her that her daughter Elspeth is dead. That she drowned when the car Maggie had been driving plunged into the river. Maggie remembers nothing.

When Maggie begs to see her husband Sean, the police tell her that he has disappeared. He was last seen on the day of her daughter’s funeral.

What really happened that day at the river? Where is Maggie’s husband? And why can’t she shake the suspicion that somewhere, somehow… her daughter is still alive?

The House on the Lake by Nuala Ellwood

3. The House on the Lake (2020)

Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend’s rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It’s miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe.

But when a woman from the local village comes to visit them, Lisa realizes that she and Joe aren’t as safe as she thought.

What secrets have Rowan Isle House – and her friend – kept hidden all these years? And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her past finally catches up with her?

The Perfect Life by Nuala Ellwood

4. The Perfect Life (2021)

Vanessa has always found it easy to pretend to be somebody different, somebody better. When things get tough in her real life, all she has to do is throw on some nicer clothes, adopt a new accent and she can escape.

That’s how it started: looking round houses she couldn’t possibly afford. Harmless fun really. Until it wasn’t.

Because a man who lived in one of those houses is dead.

And everyone thinks Vanessa killed him…

There you have it – all Nuala Ellwood books in order of publication! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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