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Frey and McGray books in order

It’s the nineteenth century and posh Londoner Ian Percival Frey is transferred to work in Scotland where he meets proud Scot Adolphus ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray, a detective with a penchant for the paranormal. The rest, as they say, is crime fiction history.

Brilliantly mismatched, Frey and McGray embark on a series of investigations into unsolved cases related to the odd and ghostly.

Interweaving the personal lives of the crime-fighting duo, it makes for a compelling series that’s bursting with character and Victorian macabre. Highly recommended if you’re looking for entertaining crime fiction that’s a little off the wall.

Oscar de Muriel’s Frey and McGray books in order:

Oscar de Muriel's Frey and McGray books in orderThe Strings of Murder

Edinburgh, 1888. A virtuoso violinist is brutally killed in his home. But with no way in or out of the locked practice room, the murder makes no sense.

Fearing a national panic over a copycat Ripper, Scotland Yard sends Inspector Ian Frey to investigate under the cover of a fake department specializing in the occult. However, Frey’s new boss, Detective ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray, actually believes in such nonsense.

McGray’s tragic past has driven him to superstition, but even Frey must admit that this case seems beyond reason. And once someone loses all reason, who knows what they will lose next…

Oscar de Muriel's Frey and McGray books in orderA Fever of the Blood

In Edinburgh’s lunatic asylum, a patient escapes as a nurse lays dying. Leading the manhunt are local legend Detective ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray and Londoner-in-exile Inspector Ian Frey.

Before the murder, the suspect was in whispered conversation with a fellow patient – a girl who had been mute for years. What made her suddenly break her silence? And why won’t she talk again now?

McGray drags Frey with him, tracking a devious psychopath far beyond their jurisdiction, through the worst blizzard in living memory, into the shadow of Pendle Hill – home of the Lancashire witches – where unimaginable danger awaits…

Oscar de Muriel's Frey and McGray books in orderA Mask of Shadows

Idols of the theatre Henry Irving and Ellen Terry are preparing to stage Macbeth in Edinburgh. But long before the actors hit the boards the play-house is hit with horror; the piercing, desolate wail of a banshee and a bloody message smeared on the street.

Legendary Detective ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray and disgraced London sceptic Inspector Ian Frey are to investigate. While McGray flicks through tattered tomes on the supernatural, Frey is convinced the whole thing is just a publicity stunt.

But as the gory messages keep coming one thing is sure; whether by human hand or not, death is coming.

Oscar de Muriel's Frey and McGray books in orderLoch of the Dead

A woman pleads for the help of Inspectors Frey and ‘Nine-Nails’ McGray. Her son, illegitimate scion of the Koloman family, has received an anonymous death threat – right after learning he is to inherit the best part of a vast wine-producing estate.

In exchange for their protection, she offers McGray a cure for his sister who has been locked in an insane asylum after brutally murdering their parents: the miraculous waters that spring in a small island in the remote Loch Maree.

The island has long been a sacred burial ground, but the legends around it will turn out to be much darker than McGray could have ever expected.

There you have it – Oscar de Muriel’s Frey and McGray books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…


    I read the first as it was loaned to me and thought it wouldn’t be my sort of thing… I am hooked. I have bought all the others and can’t wait for more. So dear Oscar please please please keep on writing. These two characters are now a firm favourite.

    I have read them all so good wish he would hurry up with the next. If you have not read them your missing out I envy the fact you still have them to read..

    Hace read all four and really enjoyed them, the end of Loch of the dead leaves some questions so can hardly wait for another tale of Nne nails and Frey.

    Have only read Strings Murder I am looking forward to reading all the others on the List A most enjoyable read thank you for such a good book to read

    Brilliant series and very atmospheric! Highly recommended!

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