The Bay episode 5 review

The Bay episode 5

WARNING: spoilers below. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 4 here.

Another clever and tense episode here has really set us up for next week’s finale…

With a little cajoling and prodding, Lisa was able to get the whereabouts of missing girl Holly Meredith (Darci Shaw) out of Nick at the end of last week’s instalment of The Bay. She then led a search team to an abandoned holiday camp where the young girl was holed up, sat shivering on a filthy mattress.

So, then. Holly is alive and well. And, it turns out, pregnant.

Pregnant by who, though? Well, we don’t find that out here in episode 5. But it could well be central to cracking the case. Our guess? The manager of the youth centre.

With Holly facing a barrage of questions about what happened on the night of her disappearance and Dylan’s death – she eventually drops a bombshell. A rather enormous one, in fact. At least it would be if it were really believed by anyone. Dylan’s killer, according to Holly? Holly herself. She claims he died after hitting his head. An accident caused by the two of them fighting. A likely story? Not according to DS Lisa Armstrong. The police strongly suspect she’s covering for someone else.

In what’s been a very believable and realistic side story so far, Lisa’s teenage daughter Abbie discovered that drug dealing isn’t quite as glamorous as, well, no one really thinks it is. A drop-off to some addicts in a crack den goes south and she has to call her school pal Sam to come and rescue her. And rescue her he does. The young lad goes full Liam Neeson here. In doing so, he demonstrates quite the fondness for violence. Which is all rather suspicious at this stage, isn’t it?

The Bay episode 5

Meanwhile, Abbie’s brother Rob is in a whole heap of his trouble of his own. Luckily his family are quite understanding when he’s arrested for trying to fence his grandmother’s prized rings. A surprise, given his mother is a police detective and all. As with most of Rob’s plot thread so far, the teenager’s motivations here were slightly skewed. Little of the online dare idea has really convinced here. Thankfully, it’s only been a minor diversion from the main plot.

Back at the station and Med’s had enough of being pushed around by Lisa and decides to do a little investigating of his own. Suspicious about her fiddling around with CCTV footage and evidence tampering, he finds the USB drive in her drawer. File deleted, he tracks down the original pub video and discovers Lisa’s secret back alley tryst with Sean Meredith.

Med decides to confront Lisa about her actions and, bang to rights, she has to admit what she did. As she does so, the twins’ mother – and Sean’s wife – Jess overhears. In truth, it’s a rather cliched scene straight from a soap opera and below the quite lofty standards set by The Bay so far. It’s a rare dip in quality, so we’ll excuse it.

We close with Lisa suspended and a killer still very much on the loose. This penultimate episode didn’t really move us all that much closer to that killer’s identity. The list of suspects is still as long as the Morecambe Bay coastline…

Next week one of them will emerge as Dylan’s murderer. Who will it be?

We genuinely haven’t got a clue, even at this point. Not to brag, but when you watch as much crime drama on TV as we do, you get pretty adept at spotting the bad guy. The Bay, however, is keeping us guessing until the very end. That’s testament to the smart writing on show here from series creator Daragh Carville.

We’re sure there’s more than a few twists left for next week’s big climax. What they’ll be, though? We’ve no idea…

Did you tune in for The Bay episode 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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