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The Stranger Times Books in Order

Looking for the The Stranger Times books in order? Look no further!

Born in Limerick and raised in Dublin, C K (Caimh) McDonnell is a former stand-up comedian and TV writer. He performed all around the world before hanging up his clowning shoes to concentrate on writing. He is the author of The Stranger Times series contemporary comic fantasy series.

If you’re at a loss as for where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are all of CK McDonnell’s The Stranger Times books in order.

CK Mcdonnell’s The Stranger Times books in order:

The Stranger Times by C K McDonnell

1. The Stranger Times (2022)

A weekly newspaper dedicated to the weird and the wonderful, The Stranger Times is the go-to publication for the unexplained and inexplicable.

Hannah Willis is the new editor-in-chief, but when tragedy strikes in her first week on the job, The Stranger Times is forced to do some serious investigating. What they discover leads to a shocking realisation: some of the stories they’d previously dismissed as nonsense are in fact terrifyingly real. Soon they come face-to-face with darker forces than they could ever have imagined.

This Charming Man by C K McDonnell

2. This Charming Man (2023)

Nobody is pleased when vampires start popping up around Manchester. Somebody needs to sort this out fast before all Hell really breaks loose – step forward the staff of The Stranger Times.

Meanwhile, Assistant Editor Hannah has come back from getting messily divorced to discover that someone is trying to kidnap a member of their staff. It all adds up to another hectic week in the life of the newspaper committed to reporting the truth that nobody else will touch.

Love Will Tear Us Apart by C K McDonnell

3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (2023)

Vincent Banecroft, the editor of The Stranger Times, has never believed his wife died despite evidence to the contrary. Now, against all odds, it seems he may actually be proved right; but what lengths will he go to in an attempt to rescue her?

The shock resignation of assistant editor, Hannah Willis, couldn’t have come at a worse time. It speaks volumes that her decision to reconcile with her philandering ex-husband is only marginally less surprising than Banecroft and his wife getting back together. In this time of crisis, is her decision to a celebrity cult really the best thing for anyone?

Relight My Fire by CK McDonnell

4. Relight My Fire (January 2024)

Stella is enjoying life as an almost student, or at least she is until a man falls from the sky right in front of her. The obvious question of how he ended up in the sky in the first place has no obvious answers, which is where The Stranger Times come in. But this isn’t just the hunt for another story.

Dark powers think Stella might have been involved and the only way she and the team can prove her innocence is to find out what the hell is going on.

There you have it – all The Stranger Times books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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