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Kamil Rahman books in order

Looking for Ajay Chowdhury’s Kamil Rahman books in order? Look no further!

Kamil Rahman is a disgraced detective who moves from Kolkata to London to start anew as a waiter in an Indian restaurant on Brick Lane. But when a guest is found dead in a swimming pool at a party Kamil is catering, his simple life suddenly takes a turn…

If you like brilliantly crafted crime fiction, you’ll absolutely love this series from the winner of the Harvill Secker and Bloody Scotland crime writing competition.

Here are the Kamil Rahman books in order.

Ajay Chowdhury’s Kamil Rahman books in order:

The Waiter by Ajay Chowdhury

1. The Waiter (2021)

Disgraced detective Kamil Rahman moves from Kolkata to London to start afresh as a waiter in an Indian restaurant. But the peace of his new life is soon shattered. The day Kamil caters an extravagant party, the powerful host, Rakesh, is found dead in his swimming pool.

Suspicion falls on Rakesh’s young and glamorous new wife, and Kamil is called to investigate for the family. Kamil and Anjoli, his boss’s daughter, prove a winning team – yet as the case progresses, and their relationship grows, the events of Kamil’s past threaten to catch up with him…

Read an extract from The Waiter here.

The Cook by Ajay Chowdhury

2. The Cook (2022)

When a young woman Kamil knows is murdered the police are convinced her boyfriend is the culprit. Kamil isn’t so sure and feels he has no choice but to start his own investigation. Meanwhile, his friend and restaurant manager, Anjoli, is troubled by a rise in the number of homeless deaths in their local area.

The cases seem unrelated and as the duo dig deeper, discovering tentacles that stretch from Lahore to London, they find themselves in grave danger.

Together they take on the indifference of the authorities to the homeless and the casual racism that pervades the investigation of killings of Muslims – all while a supremely intelligent murderer is manipulating events to stay several steps ahead of them.

Read an extract from The Cook here.

The Detective by Ajay Chowdhury

3. The Detective (2023)

On the verge of a four-billion-dollar deal, a tech entrepreneur from Shoreditch is found dead in a construction site, which leads to the discovery of three skeletons over a hundred years old.

But as fresh bodies turn up, can Detective Kamil – along with his friend Anjoli – prevent another murder?

Desperate to solve his first case for the Met, will Kamil put his reputation on the line… then cross it?

The Spy by Ajay Chowdhury

4. The Spy – Coming April 2024

Detective Kamil is back for his biggest mission yet – and it all starts with a call from MI5, who have received intel about a deadly terrorist plot. Kamil must pose as a disaffected cop, and while working from Anjoli’s restaurant, he must infiltrate the terrorist cell.

When his undercover plot takes him from London to Kashmir – a place he visited with his parents when he was a child – he finds himself face to face with an old nemesis who forces his allegiances to blur. . .


The Invitation by Ajay Chowdhury

The Invitation – short story (2023)

Kamil Rahman is working as a waiter at an Indian restaurant when his boss Anjoli receives a strange email titled Invitation to a Beheading. It claims to be a celebration of Anne Boleyn’s 500th anniversary of her imprisonment and death, but when the pair arrive at the Bloody Tower, things take a sinister turn. Anjoli discovers an old friend has been kidnapped, and the only way to save her is to solve a series of clues leading them across London to her whereabouts.

In a race against the clock, can Kamil and Anjoli find the missing woman before time runs out?

Books Like the Kamil Rahman series:

There you have it – Ajay Chowdhury’s Kamil Rahman books in order! Loved the first three? Can’t wait to read The Spy? Let us know in the comments below…

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