Baptiste episode 4 review

Baptiste episode 4 review

WARNING: spoilers below. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 3 here.

Just when you think you know someone, eh…?

Four hours into the six allotted to this Amsterdam-set spin-off from The Missing, we see our supposedly wily and experienced French detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) duped by Tom Hollander’s Edward Stratton yet again. For a wily and experienced old detective, he really can’t get the measure of his new pal, can he?

We leave this fourth episode, entitled ‘Vertrouwen’, with Edward driving off into the Amsterdam night at speed, away from Baptiste. In his possession? The million Euros he originally stole from Constantin, the head-removing mob bigwig from the Brigada Serbilu.

The bag of cash is a classic Hitchcockian MacGuffin here, an object used to drive the plot forward and motivate the characters into action. It also provides us with a frenetic game of pass-the-parcel, given how many people have had the thing in their possession. Albeit usually only very briefly.

As we look ahead to next week’s instalment of Baptiste, Julien’s family are still in danger, with the bag o’ notes being the only thing he had as leverage to persuade Constantin to leave them all alone and alive.

It’s a shame, what with it being Julien who put in all the effort to track down the money, kicking into full-blown sleuth mode. He deduced that the dead girl, ‘Natalie Rose’, would have wanted to bequeath the money to her son and so paid a visit to her father-in-law Herman the tulip farmer, the most Dutch man ever. Herman, now robbed of the cash, ‘fessed up and led Julien to a Wotsit-eating voyeur type who films everyone in the village (although he’s definitely ‘not a pervert’).

This perverse-seeming non-pervert helped Julien work out where the money is: the local dentist stole it from Herman and was in the process of feeding the notes to strippers when our detective hero intercepted and rather promptly took it all back. Directly to Edward…

So what is Edward up to? Well, it might look like he’s driving off into the sunset with the money in a fit of selfish panic. But his line to Julien, ‘something good has to come of all this…’ leads us to think that he could well use the money to try and save Natalie’s sister. Which would be great news for the young Polish girl. And not so good news for Monsieur Baptiste and his mardy family, all holed up in their squalid little safe house.

Meanwhile, we were presented with a tragic end to the story of sex work activist and cafe owner Kim (played with a restrained dignity by Chilean-born actress Talisa Garcia). After coming out to her Welsh boyfriend Greg not only about being transgender but also having been a gangster, she meets a rather sticky end. Constantin’s henchmen gladly reminded us all that theirs is a cutthroat business. In the most literal sense possible.

Which just serves to remind us all how important it is that Julien comes up with a plan now the money’s gone. That said, if his family does get offed by the Brigada – there’s always Marta and Niels to fall back on. His ex-girlfriend and secret son may be a drunk and possibly corrupt respectively, but beggars can’t be choosers, can they?

Unexpectedly funny/explicit scene of the week: effectively imprisoned in a five-star hotel, Edward is told by Europol agent Genevieve to ‘go and enjoy the spa or something’. Cut to him sat uncomfortably in a sauna in a large pair of swimming shorts. As the steams clears, we see he’s surrounded by unashamedly naked Europeans, all enjoying an underwearless group sweat. Feeling self-conscious, he traipses out an embarrassed and humbled man.

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