Baptiste episode 5 review

Baptiste episode 5

WARNING: spoilers below. Still catching up? Read Steve’s review of episode 4 here.

“You’re on a Romanian gangster’s kill list. Sorry about that…”

Exes, eh? Bumping into them is rarely fun. But whereas most of us merely have to put up with the odd awkward exchange of nods in Tesco, Edward Stratton’s former wife Claire (Downton Abbey’s Clare Calbraith) has it far worse. Her ex-husband pitches up on her doorstep in this penultimate episode of Baptiste with quite the proposition: bring your new boyfriend and come with me to a grotty caravan park for a week or get butchered in your home by the murderous Eastern European gang I stole a million Euros from.

It was quite the choice. And given the decor and facilities of the caravan they holed up in, that second choice came to look quite an attractive option. As it was, it didn’t matter anyway. The Brigada Serbilu tracked Edward, Clare and Carl down, with the throats of latter two ending up on the wrong side of a knife. Bleeding out in a static caravan decked out in 70s wallpaper is no way for anyone to die.

Edward managed to avoid a similar fate, instead putting the little vegetable knife that Claire sharpened for him to good use and getting out alive.

How much of that million Euros is left, do you think? It’s gone from the back of Constantin’s van, to Edward, to Natalie, to a hole in a tulip field, to Herman (who bought a car), to a stripper-loving dentist (who bought a load of Champagne and lap dances), to Baptiste, back to Edward (who rented a trawler and then a caravan and paid for a long black cab ride to the caravan park), back to Baptiste…

Well, it turns out that none of it’s left. Not after Baptiste bought a €993,000 boat with the remaining cash, anyway. Actually, it’s not just a boat. It’s ‘a 2016 17 metre-high performance motor yacht, in excellent condition’.

Baptiste isn’t planning an elaborate holiday, though. It’s all part of a high-risk plan… Give the money back to Constantin in exchange for Natalie’s sister Cristina as instructed by Edward and Constantin will merely welsh on the deal and kill everyone to clear up the mess. So Baptiste needed leverage. He decided to use the money to buy a boat in Constantin’s name. The gambit was simple – Constantin is forced comes into Europol and gives up his bosses. Or the Serbilu Brothers that head up the Brigada find out that a million Euro yacht was bought in cash by their employee, it looks like he’s ripped them off and they kill him.

It was fiendish work from Monsieur Baptiste.

Julien and Genevieve are basically trying to turn Constantin. And he does turn… Upside down as he exits his window and lands on his head. Was it suicide or murder? Either way the man’s dead. And so too is the plan.

Next week’s final episode may well present Julien & Co. with a case of ‘better the devil you know’. Only if the big Serbilu boys find out what happened with the money and the boat (and they no doubt will), they’re going to seek redress for it.

How will they find out? Well, Julien’s worked out that there’s a mole in the Dutch authorities… Martha. Another troublesome ex.

We suspect there’s a twist to come in next week’s finale. We’re not convinced that Martha is corrupt. We think it could well be her (and Julien’s) son Niels that’s the bent copper feeding info to the gangsters. He may even have been the one who offed Constantin.

We’ll find out in Sunday night’s big closer. Hopefully, we’ll see the trafficked girls saved too. The key to that could well come from, ironically, a key. Greg followed the clues left posthumously by his partner Kim to a lock-up containing a box of items that we suspect could hold the key (sorry) to the whereabouts of the Brigada’s secret warehouse full of kidnapped girls.

We’re looking forward to the climax of Baptiste; it’s been thoroughly excellent. Writers Harry and Jack Williams always serve up quality, but this has been an especially classy affair so far.

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