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The Stranger Times books in order: the complete series

Looking for C K McDonnell’s Stranger Times books in order? Look no further!

A Mancunian newspaper dedicated to the weird and wonderful is where we find the collection of lovable hacks that work at Stranger Times. Their editor is a cynical alcoholic who thinks little of the chaotic publication he edits, until new assistant editor Hannah Willis joins the gang.

When tragedy strikes in her first week on the job, the unlikely team quickly realise some of the stories they’d passed off as nonsense are terrifyingly real. But what are they going to do about it?

Dark, funny and packed-full of wit and wackiness, this is a quirky series you won’t want to miss out on. Here are all the Stranger Times books in order.

C K McDonnell’s Stranger Times books in order:

The Stranger Times by C K McDonnell

1. The Stranger Times (2021)

When Hannah Willis takes on a job as assistant editor for the esoteric weekly newspaper The Stranger Times, she’s unimpressed by the ragtag misfits who make up the staff, and even less enamoured by the drunken, foul-tempered editor who seems to hate the paper he oversees. Sure, their stories about the unexplained are a bit kooky, but Hannah thinks a job is a job, and wishes the others would take it as seriously as she does.

But when tragedy strikes in her first week, her staff is forced to do some serious investigating. What they discover is shocking: some of the stories they’d previously dismissed as nonsense are in fact terrifyingly real. Soon they come face-to-face with darker forces than they could ever have imagined…

This Charming Man by C K McDonnell

2. This Charming Man (2022)

When vampires start popping up around Manchester, nobody’s pleased. Not the Founders, the secret organisation for whom vampires were invented as an allegory, nor the Folk, the magical people hidden in plain sight who only want a quiet life. And definitely not the people of Manchester. Somebody needs to sort this out before all hell really breaks loose – step forward the staff of The Stranger Times.

Throw in a precarious plumbing situation, gambling debts, and a certain detective inspector with more baggage than Heathrow Airport during a handler’s strike, and it all adds up to another hectic week in the life of this quirky newspaper.

Love Will Tear Us Apart by C K McDonnell

3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (2023)

Vincent Banecroft, the editor of The Stranger Times, has never believed his wife died – despite emphatic evidence to the contrary. Now, against all odds, it seems he may actually be proved right.

Her return coincides with the shock resignation of his assistant editor – Hannah Willis – so she can join a celebrity cult, one of the paper’s ex-columnists disappearing – a particularly impressive trick seeing as he never existed in the first place – and several deeply sinister conspiracies bubbling up from nowhere. So, a typical week for the staff of The Stranger Times.

Relight My Fire by CK McDonnell

4. Relight My Fire (2024)

Stella is enjoying life as an almost student, or at least she is until a man falls from the sky right in front of her. The obvious question of how he ended up in the sky in the first place has no obvious answers, which is where The Stranger Times come in. But this isn’t just the hunt for another story.

Dark powers think Stella might have been involved and the only way she and the team can prove her innocence is to find out what the hell is going on.

There you have it – all The Stranger Times books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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