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Tom Benn on Chamber Music

Tom Benn’s Henry Bane series is going from strength to strength. The third book in the series is out this year so we thought it was a good time to catch up with him to ask him about the second novel – Chamber Music.

The Guardian calls Benn’s style ‘a startlingly original reimagining of noir’ set in 90’s Manchester it follows protagonist Henry Bane – fixer, loanshark and legman for one of Manchester’s established ganglords – as he gets entangled in a new turf war.

We asked Tom to tell us about his book Chamber Music:

Chamber Music by Tom Benn

It’s Manchester, 1998, and the funeral party for Henry Bane’s father is interrupted by a woman from Bane’s past. Roisin is back in his life after an eight-year absence, inconvenient for Jan, his latest flame. Roisin has brought a wounded boyfriend with her – and a lot more trouble is following them up north.

Meanwhile, a Yardie who goes by the name of ‘Hagfish’ wants to take over the local ganglords’ territory with Mary, his terrifying weapon of choice. It’s Hagfish against Bane in a new turf war: a war that will claim lives and cement vendettas. It’s a conflict steeped in half-forgotten history: a history that Bane and Roisin are forever tied to – and which ties them together.

The Books:

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