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Darby McCormick books in order: the complete series

Looking for Chris Mooney’s Darby McCormick books in order? Look no futher!

If you’re looking for a crime series that you’ll have difficulty in putting down then Chris Mooney‘s Darby McCormick books are for you.

McCormick is a crime scene investigator, working for the Boston Police Department and haunted by her own close encounter with a killer as a teenager, which led her to her CSI work to bring justice for helpless victims.

Compelling, thrilling and often chilling, Mooney doesn’t shy away from harrowing and often gut-wrenching stories. One of the best on-going thriller series out there right now.

Chris Mooney’s Darby McCormick books in order:

The Missing by Chris Mooney

1. The Missing (2007)

When Boston CSI Darby McCormick finds a raving and emaciated woman hiding at the scene of a violent kidnap, she runs a DNA search to identify the Jane Doe. The result confirms she was abducted five years earlier and has somehow managed to escape from the dungeon in which she’s been caged.

With a teenage couple also missing and Jane Doe seriously ill, the clock is ticking for Darby as she hunts for the dungeon before anyone else disappears or dies. And when the FBI takes over the investigation, it becomes clear that a sadistic serial killer has been on the prowl for decades – and is poised to strike again at any moment. A killer with links to horrors that Darby has desperately tried to bury in her past.

The Secret Friend by Chris Mooney

2. The Secret Friend (2008)

When Judith Chen is found floating in Boston’s Harbour, links are made with the murder of Emma Hale, a student who vanished without trace, only for her body to wash up months later.

CSI Darby McCormick is assigned to the case and uncovers a piece of overlooked evidence from the Hale investigation – which brings her into contact with Malcolm Fletcher, a former FBI agent now on the Most Wanted list after a string of bloody murders. And when a third student goes missing, Darby is led into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with deadly links to the past – and a man who speaks to the Blessed Virgin. A man who wants to be a secret friend to the girls he abducts…

The Dead Room by Chris Mooney

3. The Dead Room (2009)

A mother and her son have been executed in their home and fingerprint matches show their attacker died twenty years ago. But how can dead serial killers return to haunt the present?

When CSI Darby McCormick is called to the crime scene, it’s one of the most gruesome she’s ever seen. But the forensic evidence is even more disturbing: someone watched the murder unfold from woodland behind the house – and the killer died in a shoot-out two decades earlier.

The deeper Darby digs, the more horrors come to light. Her prime suspect is revealed as a serial killer on an enormous scale, with a past that’s even more shocking than his crimes, thanks to a long-held secret that could rock Boston’s law enforcement to its core. Is it possible to steal an identity? Or are dead men walking in Darby’s footsteps? The line between the living and the dead has never been finer.

The Soul Collectors by Chris Mooney

4. The Soul Collectors (2010)

Ten years ago CSI Darby McCormick investigated a sinister child abduction case. Today, the missing child is back from the dead and holding his family hostage. He makes only one demand. Bring me Darby McCormick.

Charlie Rizzo has his family at gunpoint and when Darby arrives to defuse the scene, she finds him horrifically mutilated, with a mask of human skin sewn in place over his own face. Within minutes, a group of men disguised as SWAT officers bursts in and releases deadly Sarin gas, killing the Rizzo family outright and leaving Darby herself barely alive.

Where has Charlie Rizzo been held all these years? Who are The Twelve who have been executing this gruesome torture? And why are the FBI running scared in the face of this particular, chilling episode? Darby is facing the toughest case of her career – and, as the body count rises, one that will bring her into great personal danger and leave her in fear of losing her mind, if not her soul. For the Soul Collectors are the monsters from your worst nightmares.

Fear the Dark by Chris Mooney

5. Fear The Dark (2015)

Fear grips a town in Colorado as a murderer targets entire families in their own homes. As police and the FBI struggle to contain the situation, they bring in forensic investigator and serial killer expert Darby McCormick. What she finds is a brutal and elusive predator who stays one step ahead of their investigation.

As Darby navigates the blood-ties and broken promises that divide the locals, she knows all the while the killer is watching, circling his next target: her.

She must not only meet evil and survive, but also be prepared to face this small town’s dark heart.

Every Three Hours by Chris Mooney

6. Every Three Hours (2016)

Nine a.m. on a freezing January morning. Darby McCormick queues for the metal detectors at Boston Police Headquarters. A man at the front pulls out a 9mm handgun, fires into the air and takes a woman hostage. In his bag, is a block of plastic explosive. Throughout the city, homes, offices and cars, have been rigged to explode. Every three hours. Until he gets what he wants. And he wants Darby to be his mouthpiece.

She has no choice. But as she pieces together the sinister conspiracy that the bomber wants exposed, she understands that no one will walk away unharmed.

Every Pretty Thing by Chris Mooney

7. Every Pretty Thing (2017)

Ex-FBI profiler Darby McCormick is contacted by a former colleague.

Jackson Cooper is not the type to ask anyone for help, but he’s on the trail of a woman who’s been missing for twenty years. She was one of the first victims of a serial killer who has been carving a dark path across America for decades. And he may have tracked the monster here to Montana.

But when Darby arrives, Jackson Coop has vanished. Something is very wrong – and with no witnesses, no clues and no one to help, Darby is all alone and running out of time.

The Snow Girls by Chris Mooney

8. The Snow Girls (2018)

It’s been eighteen years since Mary Kelly vanished from a snowy hillside in Boston. It was Darby McCormick’s first case. It was her first failure.

At long last the prime suspect – disgraced priest Richard Byrne – has agreed to break his silence. But he’ll only talk to her. Darby returns home expecting to hear a confession. What Byrne tells her is far more disturbing.

And she doesn’t have long to act, because it soon becomes clear that someone will do anything to keep this cold case on ice…

There you have it – Chris Mooney’s Darby McCormick books in order! How many have you read? Let us know in the comments below…

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    Fabulous series featuring Darby. Hope there will be another book soon.

    Love the series and hope there is another one to come please Cathy W March 2021

    I’ve read all of them and am wondering if there are going to be any more because I want more.
    September 21, 2020

    What a brilliant Author, Darby is a special character I have read six in order fear the dark is a great read the end was brilliant. Keep them coming!

    I have read all eight books certainly different.
    Chris Mooney has active mind when it comes to writing.his character Darby McCormick is somebody that I wouldn’t want to cross

    I have read all 7 and about to start Snow Girls. Brilliant character. Love Coop. Hope they get it together.
    When is the next one being published?

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