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Criminally in Love: 10 Fictional Couples Who Should Never Have Met

Whether doomed lovers Romeo and Juliet or crazy sadists Amy and Nick Dunne there are some couples in fiction that would have lived longer and fuller lives if they hadn’t met their significant other! This list could go on and on, so here are some of our favourites.

We’ve tried to avoid spoilers in this list but there may be a few that have inevitably slipped in!

1. Amy and Nick Dunne (Gone Girl)

Theirs was a marriage made in hell, definitely one you wouldn’t say ‘I do’ for, the level of manipulation and deceit demonstrated by the Dunnes was a magical thing to read. Almost impossible to find a redeeming character trait in either, they truly brought out each other’s worst side. We can’t wait to see it hit the big screen – one to spectate but definitely not to be part of!

2. Maximilian De Winter and both his wives (Rebecca)

It’s quite hard to pinpoint the most destructive relationship in Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca as they all seem to be hell-bent on selfishness, secrets and lies. But it makes for one hell of a read!

3. Todd Gilbert and Jodi Brett (The Silent Wife)

In the end, the not so silent wife of ASA Harrison’s debut novel made her life a living hell all on her own by allowing her partner so much rope he could have hung the whole state. Rash, morally questionable actions followed that led to a sticky end. Neither would’ve been anywhere near as bad on their own.

4. Yvonne Carmichael and Mr X (Apple Tree Yard)

Apple Tree Yard’s Yvonne made a catastrophic mistake by getting involved with her Mr X. Any relationship that sees you up in front of the crown court, on opposing sides, (or even together!) is a really bad idea.

5. Emma and Dexter (One Day)

But this was a wonderfully romantic book we hear you cry… well yes, it was and we loved every page of their burgeoning and befuddled relationship. But one must ask oneself – the tragic ending, would it have happened if they’d never met? Who knows…

6. Christine and Ben (Before I Go To Sleep)

Where to begin? Not wanting to say too much to ruin the wonderful upcoming film adaptation but this relationship is a product of obsession and lies, not to mention the odd physical blow.

7. Frank and April Wheeler (Revolutionary Road)

More victims of circumstance than bad people, Frank and April Wheeler are endlessly unlucky in love. Their relationship’s demise – replete with infidelity, numbing boredom and a terrifying abortion – makes for an unflinchingly realistic read. Set in a time when America was supposedly a place of hope and white picket fences, the message is clear: love does not, and never has, conquered all. Not advisable for honeymoon reading.

8. Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

What an utter plank. Who could fail to love our beautiful and charmingly inept Bridget. Doubtlessly her life would’ve been better if she’d never met the floppy haired fop. A cheating, philandering, lying, no-good piece of dog poo, we cheered loudly when he got his final comeuppance!

9. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliffe (Wuthering Heights)

The King and Queen of the destructive relationship, Heathcliffe and Catherine’s almost wilful misinterpretation of each others feelings leads to bitter vindictiveness. It’s a beautiful setting on the wind-swept moors for this prolonged tale of woe.

10. Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby (The Great Gatsby)

There are many terrible couples in this book which made it hard to pick just one. Delusional Gatsby, wilfully ignorant Daisy have put each other on a pedestal of insurmountable height. It was doomed from page one.

These are a list of characters who should never have met, but for our enjoyment in a good read, they have been created are universally quite fabulous! Let us know in the comments below who would’ve made your list.

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