The Dead Good Reader Awards 2017

Dead Good Reader Awards 2017

At the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate, the winners of the Dead Good Reader Awards 2017 were crowned.

At a ceremony presided on by Mark Lawson with a guest appearance from Kathy Reichs, six authors were honoured with the accolade of being best in class as voted for by crime readers. Head over to our Facebook page to watch the awards as filmed live.

Here are the winners as voted for by you!

The Kathy Reichs Award for Fearless Female Character:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: Helen Grace, M J Arlidge

Lori Anderson, Steph Broadribb
Erika Foster, Robert Bryndza
Ruth Galloway, Elly Griffiths
Helen Grace, M J Arlidge
Isabella Rose, Mark Dawson
Jane Rizzoli, Tess Gerritsen

The Case Closed Award for Best Police Procedural:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

Let The Dead Speak by Jane Casey
Love You Dead by Peter James
Rather Be The Devil by Ian Rankin
The Taken by Alice Clark-Platts
Written in Bones by James Oswald
The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

The Hidden Depths Award for Most Unreliable Narrator:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: The Escape by C L Taylor

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
The Escape by C L Taylor
Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land
My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry
My Sister’s Bones by Nuala Ellwood
Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney

The Page to Screen Award for Best Adapted Book:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: Never Go Back by Lee Child

Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
The Black Echo by Michael Connelly
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Never Go Back by Lee Child
The Night Manager by John le Carré

The Cat Amongst The Pigeons Award for Most Exceptional Debut:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: Baby Doll by Hollie Overton

A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee
Baby Doll by Hollie Overton
Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb
The Dry by Jane Harper
Rattle by Fiona Cummins
Sirens by Joseph Knox

The Dead Good Recommends Award for Most Recommended Book:

dead good reader awards 2017Winner: The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths

The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
The Escape by C L Taylor
Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent
My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry
The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Congratulations to all the winning authors and those shortlisted for the Dead Good Reader Awards 2017!


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  1. andy wormald says

    Some difficult choices to make, can’t wait to be at Harrogate to hear the winners

  2. louise says

    witness by carolinr mitchell an absolute cracker of a book really deserves to win

    • Terry says

      I’ve put Carolines forward as well. Ruby Preston is an excellent police woman

  3. Valerie Lee says

    I think this is a great way of honouring a favourite book and author who might otherwise be overlooked.

  4. Gerralyn Ingram says

    Can’t believe that Enzo s saga has come to an end. So where are you taking me next Mr May

  5. Andy Gannon says

    If you haven’t, you should. DEADLY GAME by Matt Johnson. Superb read. Don’t take my word it. See the reviews on Amazon etc.

    • Chris Wilson-Grady says

      I totally agree with you, i was lucky enough to win a competition and one of the main bad guys was named after me Chris Grady, loved both Matts books and cant wait for more from him

  6. Pauline Lyon says

    There’s some great new authors out there.

    Good plots and well researched………….the stories are so credible.

  7. John Roberts says

    Some great books by British authors this year. I don’t think the judges will have it easy! Best of luck!

  8. Lauraine Charnley says

    A great way to recognise up and coming authors such as the author Sam Carrington.

  9. Debbie says

    Night stalker, Robert bryndza brilliant books can’t wait for number 4 to come out next month

  10. Nick Atkinson says

    I enjoyed Wicked game and this book keeps up the high standards of interesting, fast paced writing that I have come to enjoy from this author….hurry up with your next one please !!

  11. Cerys says

    The Taken is a gripping read evocatively set in the North of England and reveals a chilling web of deception that is all too real, given the truths we now know as self evident….a must read

    • pauline collier says

      I couldn’t agree more. The Taken is an excellent second book, well researched in an authentic setting. DC Erica Martin deserves more exposure and I cannot wait to see how her character develops in both her personal and professional life.

    • Nigel Williams says

      I agree. I’ve voted for Matt, even though I’ve been told one of mine is in the category too. Matt’s debut is excellent.

    • Ali inglis says

      Sji Holliday…damsel fly..what a great book…well worth the read!!enjoy..

  12. Valerie Sheffield says

    Mind decided to go blank when it came to a book which had been put on screen.

    • Olivia says

      I put ‘the girl on the train’ for that one, the book is phenomenal!!

  13. Stephanie Nummelin says

    My vote would be 100% for Matt Johnson and his amazing debut with “Wicked Game”. Matt has a very special skill which he uses with aplomb. His language is articulate and exciting and carries his reader through this novel with both literary nuances and glittering clarity. Enjoy.

  14. Ricky Huntley says

    Helen fields has opened my eyes to reading again ! First book I have read in years and I can honestly say I haven’t put perfect remains down cannot wait for more

  15. David Baumber says

    Helen Fields’ book Perfect Remains was the first novel I’ve read in a long time that felt like a fresh take on an old genre. I’ve finally started visiting book shops again!

  16. Camille McDaris says

    I think Mark Edwards is creating some fascinating dead fun! Really enjoying his books!

  17. Kevin Baker. says

    Well what can one say, well Matt Johnson book, Wicked Games is a mighty fine read, most enjoyable, Matt Johnson Sir thank you for a great book yet again, keep on doing a great job.

  18. Kevin Baker. says

    Great book called Wicked Games By Matt Johnson, great job Matt Johnson Sir.

    • Ali inglis says

      Damsel fly.. a brilliant read…a real page turner!! Good luck sji Holliday..

  19. Diane Croad says

    Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer was a cracker of a book and a real page turner. She well decided to win an Award.

  20. Lucy Allen says

    This was an easy choice for me Casey Kelleher is proving to be an author you can rely on to have you on the edge of your seat & deserves recognition.
    The hard part was choosing the one of many bad ass women from her books but I know I made the right choice.

  21. Denise galluzzo says

    Kerry barnes relatively new author…fantastic books that you cannot put down…ansolutly brilliant books

  22. Natalie says

    Brilliant read couldn’t put it down up there with Kimberly chambers

  23. Amanda says

    If you haven’t done so ……. read saving Sophie by Samantha Carrington. A great novel!

  24. Cheri Gerhardt says

    I recommended Trigger Break by Ty Patterson, however, I feel any of his books fit into the recommend category.

  25. jerry kyle says

    It is so tough especially when I only read 1% of all new books published in last year.

  26. Natalie says

    Great to be able to get good authors recognised great read Kerry Barnes ruthless

  27. Paul Robinson says

    Brilliant way to vote!
    Look forward to seeing the results 🙂

  28. Lisa says

    Robert Bryndza crime books are my new favourite. Detective Erika Foster is brilliant and unpredictable. I’ve stopped reading James Paterson for this guy.

  29. Barbara Barclay says

    Looking forward to the results! Robert Bryndza deserves a win!

  30. Kim Stanbrook says

    Kerry Barnes seems to be one of those rare writers who have the knack of writing books which you cannot put down. Serious lack of sleep on the cards of you grab a copy of Ruthless (debut book) or its follow up, Ruby’s Palace. Definitely an author to follow in the future.

  31. Sharon rose says

    An opportunity to support the hard work that authors put in to writing a good read .
    Well deserved recognition

  32. Lynn Reynell says

    Nest of Vipers is a great read and one of a series of fabulous crime books by this collaboration of authors, Williams and Cole. Can’t wait for their next book in the series which should be available later this year!

  33. Chris Timms says

    Outstanding read, the first book I’ve read in quite some time that I didn’t want to put down!

  34. Caroline Hutchison says

    Amazing book, as are all of his works, I couldn’t put it down!

  35. Kate says

    Taken by Alice Clark Platts
    An involving read. The characters and scenes are so well described-you’re there. Almost like a movie.
    A perfect story for adaptation to a tv thriller as she’s written it all!!

  36. Adam Casey says

    My Sister’s Bones by Nuala Ellwood. A real couldn’t put it down, read it in one sitting, page turner. Great characterisation real understanding and depiction of PTSD and enough suspense and twist to make your heart leap. Brilliant

  37. Cicely says

    RJ Bailey is brilliant I love the book safe from harm, fantastic gripping read.

  38. Carol Turnbull says

    I love the Robert Bryndza books……can’t wait for the next one!!!

  39. Patricia Burton says

    I know of no other author who draws you in so deeply, to the pages of their novels, and takes you through every emotion you possess, and still leaves you wanting more.
    Writing that makes you feel personally included in the lives of every character……..that’s clever and what I want from a novel! P.B.

  40. Patricia Burton says

    Robin Roughley Absolutely fab author who takes you through every emotion you possess!

  41. Adam says

    Bodily Harm by Charlie Gallagher is a great start to a great trilogy! Page turner with a fantastic level of detail and knowledge!!

  42. Paul says

    The Kate Daniels series by Mari Hannah are a must for any crime fiction reader!

  43. Gaye callachan says

    Robert Bryndza has shone through a lot of authors for me. His Erika Foster serial crime thriller novels The Girl In The Ice; The Night Stalker and Dark Waters are an exceptional read and Robert reels you in from the very first page. The book club I belong to have read it as have family and friends. Highly recommended and he definitely deserves to win!

  44. Amanda Kostadinov says

    Wicked Game by Matt Johnson…
    Fascinating , compelling and pacy!
    I couldn’t put it down!

  45. Maureen says

    The Silent Room is a cracking standalone thriller I can highly recommend.

  46. Philippa Mckenna says

    Valentina is an absolute masterclass. Amazing work by S.E Lynes.

  47. Dominique says

    Having given up TV for Lent I replaced the evening with reading books. I stumbled across Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan and fell in love with reading all over again. I wanted to give something back to Helen Callaghan for helping me rediscover a long buried passion for a good story so what better way than to nominate her fabulous debut book. Thank you Helen Callaghan, and good luck.

    • Helen Callaghan says

      Goodness – thank you! That’s so kind, and I really appreciate it!

  48. Darcie Sloman says

    my auntie should get this she’s got two books out and she’s sucha good writer honestly 🙂 they are great !

  49. Kelvin Heather says

    Great way to celebrate the new great writers otherwise not noticed Charlie Gallagher langthorne series are excellent reads.

  50. GREG HOWES says

    The Nest of Vipers By Arthur Cole and Nigel C Williams is an excellent read.

  51. Tina Jones says

    Wicked Game is a blinding debut novel and deserves to win hands down

  52. Danny Stewart says

    Craig Robertson’s Murderabillia for most recommended – terrific read.

  53. John Robertson says

    The Ruth Galloway stories are a darn good read. If you haven’t read them please do so – they are very good.

  54. Mike says

    Wicked Game by Matt Johnson brilliant read one of those books you can’t put down

  55. Muriel Bryers says

    My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry – a great read and a real page turner. I couldn’t put it down. This is Jane’s first crime novel with a second one out in May. Can’t wait.

  56. Maggie Saunders says

    This new author L J Ross has captured my imagination and have have moved from American crime writers to British crime writers, this lady is special!

  57. Gail says

    A chance to submit an amazing author and book. Robert Bryndza and The Night Stalker

  58. Lynne Ramage says

    Mel Sherratt has a knack for writing accessible, likeable and fundamentally human characters, The Girls Next Door was no different. I found the plot really engaging too … I raced through it and couldn’t put it down as I reached the final few chapters!’ Bibliophile Book Club
    exquisite crime thriller … Emotional, gritty and full of some OMFG twists, I dare you NOT to want to read this book!’

  59. Charlene D'Avanzo says

    A fearless female character in the name of Kathy Reichs is a great idea. I’m a scientist and Reichs is a model for my own series.

  60. Susan Cottol says

    Robert branza is a really good author I have read all his books and I can’t put them down give him a try

  61. Hannah says

    There should be an award for the book you had to put down because you were so frightened, and then had to pick up again straight away to find out what happens – for me that would be Rattle by Fiona Cummins.

  62. JOHN J HUNTER says

    Without any doubt whatsoever, Adrian Hell is the Book fest for any Action/Crime reader, Sumner pulls you in, and doesn’t let go.One Helluva Ride.

  63. Irene Selby says

    Have really enjoyed all five novels in the DCI Ryan series by L J Ross could not put them down!

  64. philip silcox says

    Mark dawson books are out this world and he is geting better every book

  65. Deborah Wicks says

    Tim Heath , one of the best independent authors i have discovered. The Tablet is a great read.

  66. Liz Wilson says

    LJ Ross for all her DCI Ryan books brilliantly written crime fiction with suspense,romance and great descriptions of Nortumberland

  67. Deborah Wicks says

    James P Sumner, brings his characters alive , absolutely brilliant new author.

  68. Ruth Eleanor Harris says

    Good Luck to Mark Dawson.
    Superb character … Isabella Rose … very exciting stories.

  69. Ashley says

    Can’t recommend High Force by LJ Ross enough. A gripping novel with powerful characters and a big climax.

  70. Jean Jones says

    Good Intentions is an excellent read, exciting keeps you wanting more, great characters. James P. Sumner is very good author.

  71. Bryceina Grigor says

    I love the John Milton Series. Books 1 through to 10. Each book just gets better and better. They have been my best find over the past year.

  72. Lynn Hallbrooks says

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity to share books that people have read and considered worthy of an award. As an avid crime, mystery, suspense, and thriller reader, I look forward to seeing how things unfold.

  73. Zena says

    Joy Ellis and her Fen series of books. Characters so believable and her writing evokes the Fens so well.

  74. David Reynolds says

    The John Milton series by Mark Dawson always keeps you on the edge, with the new novel “Blackout” it takes you over. A great author, writer and story teller

  75. Ashley McCabe says

    James P. SUMNER books on Adrian Hell are the best ever! You fall in love with this funny, complex hero. His writings are spot on and so enjoyable to read. A great author and storyteller.

  76. Margaret Donnelly says

    Author L J Ross and her series of books with DCI Ryan. Latest book High Force was brilliant. Certainly deserves an award.

  77. Trevor Mele says

    Joy Ellis’s “Fen Series” is an absolute must. Great characters and setting; very believable stories.

  78. Jennifer Reddin says

    Can’t wait for the winners. Fingers crossed Mark Dawson wins as his books are just fantastic!

  79. David Nelson says

    High Force by LJ Ross – her books just get better and better and each one is pretty amazing. Great plot and characters, superbly written. I would wish her good luck but it won’t be necessary as this is the absolute best and miles ahead of anything else

  80. Ashlynn Waterstone says

    My friend told me about this awesome event and plans on keeping me up-to-date on how it turns out.

  81. Rick Lane says

    So many brilliant authors. Mark Dawson’s character John Milton is a natural successor to Jack Reacher if Stephen Leather’s Spider Sheppard didn’t get there first.

  82. Julie Giles says

    I have really enjoyed L J Ross books and I hope he does well in the awards

  83. Heather Gregory says

    I love all L J Ross’s books and he thoroughly deserves to win

  84. Vicki Jater says

    I only discovered L J Ross this year and I cannot put her books down. An excellent read

  85. Helen Powell says

    High force by LJRoss I nearly couldn’t read it … it was sooooo good can’t wait for the next one !!

  86. Jules says

    Another stage in the career of DC Ryan and his team….. Full of twists and turns to keep us reading to the end….

  87. Spencer Foster says

    High Force by L J Ross:-
    Only read this book by chance after visiting high Force in the north east and finding out it was based on that location.
    A great on the edge of your seat read and hard to put down novel.

  88. Valerie Ball says

    I read the 1st book of this series and couldn’t put it down every character has a story to tell now after reading 4 of these books I can’t wait for the next one. L J Ross deserves to win this award

  89. Bernadette Firth says

    I really hope L.J Ross wins an award, an outstanding and very entertaining writer. Good Luck L.J x

  90. Laura Alber says

    Best of luck to LJ Ross! Can’t wait for more from this talented author!

  91. Joy Thompson says

    Really enjoy a good crime book so many authors but alway enjoy Books by LJ Ross superb plots

  92. Yvonne Farnley says

    L.J. Ross. High Force. A good read especially a relatively new author. Highly recommended.

  93. Tony Bateman says

    Lies and Retribution was a brilliant read, my favourite over last summer.

  94. Clair Dudley says

    A P Bateman’s books are fantastic – one of the best new authors I have discovered over the past couple of years. Lies and Retribution (the Alex King series) are brilliant.

  95. CAROLE LAIRD says

    Discovered LJRoss last year! Dead good books … can’t wait for the next in the series.

    • Carol Daniel says

      I love the LJ Ross series and waiting with eager anticipation for the next one!

  96. Jeanette Bateman. says

    This is an exceptional fast moving and exciting book. It really deserves to win. Good descriptions that draw you in so you feel part of it. One of three Alex King series. It is a fast moving cannot put down book.

  97. Mrs Linda Howard says

    The Nikki Galena series of books by Joy Ellis are excellent police procedural crime. The stories are really gripping and also bring to life the beautiful fenlands in which she lives.

  98. Peter Redman says

    Joy Ellis is the best author I have encountered this year and I read a lot

  99. George "Keith" DeSpain says

    Mark Dawson is awesome! I started reading the John Milton series and couldn’t wait until I got finished with one to get on to the next adventure. Sadly, I finished with Milton and moved on to Beatrix Rose. Finished those six stories in about two weeks and now have moved on to the Isabella Rose three story series. Keep up the great writing Mark!

  100. Sarah Errington says

    Thrilling tension, couldn’t wait to turn the pages, many unexpected twists and turns

  101. Alice Brady says

    Good luck to all the authors taking part.
    Really enjoyed reading Robert Bryndza. Love his character Erika Foster.

  102. Juliet Roberts says

    The Girl in the Ice had me on the edge of my seat and shouting at the characters and feeling breathless at the end. Waiting for book 4, don’t know if I’ll be able to save it for my holiday read – Thank you Robert Bryndza for amazing ‘unputdownable’ books.

  103. Patricia says

    Anything published by Orenda Book is an immediate buy for me.

    Ragnar Jonasson is my particular favorite, but there are so many good authors with Orenda.

  104. Carl Longden says

    “Wicked Game” is a great book. Very realistic and an enjoyable read.

  105. Ed de la Cour says

    I’m a confirmed Mark Dawson John Milton fan. Milton is a sad and tragic man, condemned to a solitary life because of his former occupation as a British government assassin. Apparently MI6 doesn’t have a retirement plan, because Milton’s number keeps coming up, even though he “resigned” and “retired” ten books ago. When I first began reading Dawson’s books, I had never rooted for a so-called “bad guy” before. John Milton is my lone exception. He is far more compassionate and yet cold-bloodedly deliberate than your average protagonist.

  106. Angela Smith says

    Just finished reading Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis . I couldn’t put it down !!
    Joy Ellis has once again kept me awake at night. All her books have been consistently good – would recommend them to crime fans.

  107. Janet Jenkins says

    I haven’t done a lot of reading lately, but I’ve read Wicked Game by Matt Johnson and it is a great read.

  108. Alia Arif says

    Marnie Riches ability to portray the darker side of life is second to none.

  109. Nina says

    Wish I didn’t live so far from Harrogate! It would be great to be there.

  110. Tracey Dee says

    Difficult choices. Like having to choose between your children!

  111. Linda Smith says

    First time I have heard of Harrogate !! How could I have missed it. Be there next year.

  112. Robin says

    Great lead character who is far from perfect but that adds to the interest. A first class story with a lot of twists and turns. Highly recommended.

  113. Alex Cleland says

    The long wait is nearly over. Only five days until the return of Harry Hole :o)

  114. Alan Price says

    The Kate Redman series of books by Celina Grace were all very good reads and I thoroughly enjoyed the intrigue of the story lines. Would recommend the whole series.

  115. Robin Price says

    Some interesting new talents emerging in the crime field recently. So sad we’ve lost so many great authors recently – Reginald Hill, P.D. James, Ruth Rendell and Colin Dexter to name but a few. Sorely missed.

  116. Brycie says

    Anyone else love Mark Dawson’ characters e.g John Milton & Isabella Rose?

  117. Tad Ottman says

    The Dry by Jane Harper was both the best debut and the best book I read last year.

  118. Mike Arney says

    Tough to choose as most of my reading is not the most current of the authors I love but hopefully everything completed properly btw I have tried to purchase a couple of your special offers but there doesn’t appear to be a link on the page

  119. Terry Blakeney says

    Being from “The Land Down Under” I was unsure how I would like the Mysteries recommended from a far but have thoroughly enjoyed all reading matter. My favourite so far have been the Sebastian Bergman series.

  120. Sharon Quibell-Smith says

    Some great new authors interested to see who wins the cat amongst the pigeons award

  121. Margaret Baumber says

    I didn’t have a problem choosing a book.”Perfect remains “was original and so good.
    can’t wait for second.
    Good luck in Harrogate.

  122. Heather says

    Totally love Erika Foster, the intriguing creation of Robert Bryndza – A can’t put down series!!!

    • Trish Hawkins says

      I’m totally hooked on Roberts books too, just amazing reading an he’s a nice guy too. Have you also read his “Miss Wrong and Mr Right?”……… It is totally hilarious.

  123. Jo-Anne Burrow says

    Only one winner for me for crime fiction – Matt Johnson. Loved his debut novel Wicked Game & the follow up Deadly Game

  124. Louise N says

    Mirror Mirror by Nick Louth is the book I’ve been giving as presents in this last year. A little known author (why I don’t know) but he writes utterly gripping intelligent books.

  125. Eric Drewe says

    Breath of fresh air reading these books I can relate to them.

  126. Terry says

    Some great new authors as well as established hope they get a good chance to go far

  127. Chad Looby says

    It’s been a great couple of years to be a reader with so many excellent books to choose from.

  128. Rubina Savage says

    I hope yo see the authors I’ve voted fir appear as winners

  129. Geoffrey Wrigley says

    Terrific nomination process, very rewarding for the authors who give us avid readers so much pleasure.

  130. Gerald D. Donnelly says

    Hard choices it will be interesting to see yhe winners

  131. Wayne Corbishley-Forbes says

    Cannot recommend Wicked Game by Matt Johnson enough. A fantastic debut in what I hope continues into a successful series.

  132. Donna Andrews says

    The heroine is fearless and entertaining. I love the way this author writes

  133. Marilyn Hertel says

    All think all authors deserve some kind of an award, at some time, for simply having the courage and fortitude to put thoughts, plots, conversations, characters and everything involved in writing a book, onto paper to share with others. They all do something I would love to be able to do and bring people like me so many hours of enjoyment, and which I can only dream about doing. Kudos to all of them.

  134. Dave Parry says

    Tim Weaver has created an interesting and realistic character who finds missing people. As he is (mostly) a loner, Weaver’s Raker series avoids the usual crime cliches – older, weary detective with subordinates snapping at his heels, divorced, stressed, drinks too much. Superiors who resent his maverick ways yet respect his clean up rate. Senior superiors who dislike him for rocking the boat too much etc. etc. Raker goes his own way and avoids most crime cliches and it is always a pleasure to read a new book from Tim Weaver. Plus his plots are original and always intrigue. Broken Heart continues Weaver’s trend of writing books that are compulsive reading.

  135. Dan Quibell says

    I live in the States and will not be able to make it to Harrogate. Maybe someone can post pictures online somewhere and let us know??

  136. Nancy Hansen says

    Mark Harmon — great author and very responsive to his reading public a rarity

  137. kelly watley says

    I also love Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley Series by Solomon Carter.. And don’t forget Snapped by Ketley Allison

  138. John James Hunter says

    Good Intentions, by James P Sumner. Absolutely love this author, his books are an absolute rollercoaster

  139. Jane Lucas says

    I think it is a great way of giving authors and their books recognition for all their hard work. A very hard task I think this year.

  140. Andrea Porter says

    A very difficult decision for the judges but nice to know good authors are recognised. Good luck specifically to James P Sumner but also to the other authors entered for this award.

  141. Chris Pitsillides says

    Good luck to all and looking forward to hearing the winners

  142. Patricia Burton says

    Stations Of The Cross takes crime novels to a whole new level, totally mind blowing. It’s a read that stays in your mind for days after you’ve finished reading it!

  143. Keith Johnson says

    I haven’t read one Mark Dawson book that I did not like.

  144. Millicent Hamilton says

    Voting for Mark Dawson, one of the best authors ever!!!

  145. Derek says

    Mark Dawson is an absolutely amazing writer. I grew up reading the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. If you enjoyed that series, than I’m sure you’ll love the John Milton series. Mark’s book keep you on edge from the first to the final pages. You can’t but appreciate the amount of detail that goes into his stories. Milton travels all over the world and Mark is able to accurately capture a realistic portrayal of the culture and people that Milton crosses path with. On top of that, Mark is a machine when it comes to writing. You don’t have to wait long before a new novel is waiting for you. Good luck Mark with Blackout!

  146. M says

    I love his written books. They fast pace adventures racing against time to save people in need of assistance in dangerous situation.Milton and Isabel.
    riska their lives continually to save people and sometimes the world.Well written without the errors language it is well edited. Place have been research to avoid geologicals error, weapons used. They are unassuming hero who risk much and seem to lose property, jobs and many time only have close on back after all is said and doe.

  147. Siobhan says

    A Mask of Shadows by Oscar de Muriel has to be one of my favourite novels this year! The characters of Frey & McGray are brilliant, they stay with you and each new adventure leaves you wanting to know more about them. Book 3 in the series is marvellous and I highly recommend anyone with a love for crime and history to get reading!

  148. ALAN UDEN says

    Please keep up the good works to encourage all the new authors out there.

  149. Robert Browning says

    Best book I’ve read to date is “Dead Lawyers don’t Lie by Mark Nolan, a must read!!

  150. Trish Hawkins says

    Robert Brydndza oh my goodness it is a long time since I have come across an author like him. Just can not get enough of Erika Foster an her bad ass attitude in his books. Totally unexpected plots that keep you on your seat edge. AMAZING stuff give him a go if you haven’t already and you will be hooked too.

  151. Neliswa Beja says

    What a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

  152. Kathy Fearnside says

    Love Robert Bryndza & Erika Foster Series
    Night Stalker is Amazing!!!

  153. Quetzi P. Fernald says

    It seems like every book I’ve read this year has been intense. So it’s hard to choose one over another. I read a Mystery/Suspense novel titled, MISSING IN MACHU PICCHU by Cecilia Velástegui which was a pleasant surprise with the two most unlikely heroines. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. A non Mystery or Suspense novel that I totally recommend is THE GARDEN OF SMALL BEGINNINGS by Abbi Waxman. The stories characters are so delightful you’ll instantly fall in love with them. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud through the book. Also, I was completely stumped on whodunit in BEHIND HER EYES by Sarah Pinborough. The twist in the book will blow your mind! As for THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins you won’t be able to guess whodunit. Like I said there have been lots of great reads this year.

  154. Gill Poole says

    Brilliant book and my friends and family who have borrowed it also agree. I read it in 48 hours which is a testament to how it captivated me.

  155. Judy Trudeau says

    Robert Bryndza has become one of my favorite authors. He is very deserving to win these awards. I have read, and will continue to read, all of his books.

  156. bede fox says

    this is a brilliantly complicated plot that holds the reader until the final exposure.

  157. Jenny sadikot says

    Wishing author Frances Vick the best of luck. I love her thriller book.

  158. Hilve Firek says

    Rina Walker is absolutely the most fearless female in fiction today!

  159. Angie Kister says

    The Woman in Cabin 10 is excellent. This is only Ruth Ware’s second book and I can’t wait for her third this summer.

  160. Tracie Couper says

    RATTLE is a superlative and genuinely original crime thriller that deserves to win

  161. Sam smitj says

    Loved Rattle loved the characters everybody SD should definitely read this book

  162. Suzette says

    Rattle was the creepiest and very suspenseful, a great read

  163. gaynor jones says

    Read some really good books lately, but my favourite by a mile is Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer. If you haven’t already read it , give it a go it’s brilliant .

  164. Penrose Halson says

    My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry – darkly gripping, stiff with surprises, a can’t-put-downer.

  165. Tam Windsor says

    The most kickas$$ police woman in history, Sarah Dharmawan, is found in The Policewoman by Justin W. M. Roberts!

  166. Manie Kilian says

    Really, really great reading pleasure awaits the reader whenever you open a book by Rachel Amphlett, particularly the Kay Hunter series.

  167. Mary Gaywood says

    I enjoy reading crime novels especially PD James and Anne Cleeves.

  168. Emma Carr says

    Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith had me hooked from the start, wanting to find out the next adventure of Strike!

  169. Ben Parker says

    More people should be made aware of Mark Dawsons books. They are just as “Unputdownable” as his publishing name implies.

  170. Linda shields says

    Enjoy filling this out because I have enjoyed putting my favourite authors and books and nominatingredients them.

  171. Clare Siva says

    There have been so many good thrillers released this year. Everything you told me by Lucy Dawson was excellent.

    • Sue French says

      I agree 100% …..I have enjoyed every book Peter James has written but his Roy Grace series is second to none.

  172. Yasuko Nakano says

    Yasuko Nakano

    Good luck to Jane Corry………..I can’t wait for the next one.

  173. Elaine Ross says

    The Devils Work by Mark Edwards. Would love to see this amazing author win.

  174. Ewan W Wilson says

    Best humorous crime novel find for me has been Scottish author, WHS McIntyre’s The Best Defence series featuring quick quip defence lawyer, Robbie Munro. These are a fine Scottish rival to Rumpole of the Bailey!

  175. Janet Rdobertson says

    I am already on the Dead Good books mailing list, which I find invaluable and have no idea how I survived pre membership. I am a huge fan of spy thrillers and murder mysteries which Include the Icelandic and Swedish authors. So – massive thanks and gratitude to you who work tirelessly to enlighten your followers. Here’s hoping my cross section of good reads is helpful.

  176. Kimberley Dunne says

    Loved the escape by CL Taylor, and she deserves an award for keeping me in complete and utter suspense the whole book!

  177. Patricia Burton says

    There are an awful lot of fantastic authors out there, many of whom I have read and thoroughly enjoyed, making a choice becomes a soul searching and extremely difficult decision, but one I have to put first on all choices has to be Robin Roughley.

  178. Valerie Moloney says

    I have just finished reading 15th Affair by James Patterson, I have read all the murder club books in order, I just love them, possibly because it is all about women, and how strong they can be.

  179. Nicole Salter says

    There are a lot of great new voices this year but have chosen the ones I personally love recommending.

  180. Adil Fraz says

    Cally Taylor for the Escape is sheer brilliance. Fingers crossed she wins. Go Cally.

  181. Stacey Wright says

    All of Mark Dawsons books are a must read. The characters in his books are absolutely awesome. As an avid reader, I have read books 1-10. John Milton, Beatrix Rose, Isabella Rose are so compelling. I also have read Beatrix Rose series, as well as the fearless Isabella Rose series. Finally a writer thats makes me want more, more, more! I am NOT patiently waiting for John Milton #11.

  182. Heather Gregory says

    Very hard to single out a certain book above other’s. There have been so many excellent books and I would have liked to vote for them all. I wish all the author the very best of luck in the competition.

  183. Julie sunley says

    Robert Bryndza books. Well written keeps you involved and guessing till the last page.

  184. Larry Miller says

    Love all of Matt Dawson’s books. Isabella Rose is a great character!

  185. Stephen McKelvie says

    Sorry to see Alex Gray’s DCI Lorimer series, and also Anna Smith’s Rosie Gilmour Series weren’t mentioned as they are two of my favourite Glasgow crime authors. Although Mark Dawson’s Isabella Rose was there, and not any of his John Milton series.

  186. Sean Seymour says

    100% of my vote to Ali Land’s debut and the ‘oh so intriguing’ Milly ! Looking forward to the inevitable Movie deal of the year, naturally following the likes of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train over the last couple of years ….. mark my words !

  187. Kerry Burnett says

    Just got into Crime books & LOVE Helen Grace. M J Arlidge has me hooked!!

  188. Paula Boddison says

    Peter James will always get my vote. Everything he has ever written has captivated me and his ‘Roy Grace’ books are absolutely epic. good luck Peter!

  189. Lesley Mumbray says

    Great to be able to feed back on my favourite authors and their books. Can’t wait for my trip to Harrogate next month – got lots of books to be signed!

  190. Marti says

    Missed first go round for votes, glad I got the chance to help. Love all you stories so far…

  191. Jan Mercer says

    Decisions Decisions Decisions spoilt for choice, we should be able to vote for all of them. Good luck to all of the authors x

  192. Beverly Jennings says

    I absolutely love Mark Dawson! If you haven’t read his books, do so!

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  195. Deb O'Brien says

    Always looking for new authors.
    Thanks for the opportunity to find one.

  196. Pamela Turner says

    The Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway series for me she is a brilliant writer and I cannot wait for her next book

  197. Moira Stewart says

    Difficult to choose so many wonderful reads. Good luck James Oswald, love your books.

  198. Shelly Stanley says

    Hard choices there. There have been some truly exceptional books so far this year and glad I have read most in the categories.

  199. Suzy says

    Some fantastic books to choose from this year, the majority being excellent reads, tough choices to make!

  200. Jackie Davies says

    I have just finished reading M J Arlidge’s novel ” Love Me Not” it was excellent cannot wait for book eight! Helen Grace is a great character and
    M J Arlidge is one of the Best British crime writers around.