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Dear Reader: a letter from Candice Fox

Dear Reader,

Redemption is the story of the devastation life can bring in just six minutes.

Ted Conkaffey’s whole world is destroyed when for just six minutes he pulls over by the side of a busy highway right next to a teenage girl. Witnessed there during a crucial time period, Ted is accused of her brutal abduction and sexual assault. Now Ted is out to catch the man who really did abduct the teen and clear his name in the hopes of recovering the family, friends and life he lost.

There have been plenty of points of inspiration for this novel. We live in a climate where accusations of sexual misconduct have destroyed the perceptions of a range of public figures. Their downfalls in the press have been spectacular to watch, but we never get to see the underside of those events. What do you say to your wife, your boss, your friends, when the whole world thinks you’ve committed the worst possible act? How do you carry on an ordinary life when no one can look at you without seeing a predator? The effect of the accusation permeates Ted’s life, and I take you through the questions it leaves for the people around him. Would you support your husband if he was facing such a public trial, and all the evidence was stacked against him?

Ted’s not completely alone in his hunt for the man who ruined his world – he has an ally, the eccentric and bewildering Amanda Pharrell. Amanda’s own life crumbled when she took the life of her teenage friend, but now it’s death that pays her bills. Two young people have been killed in a dingy roadside bar, and Ted and Amanda are tasked with finding a killer in their small town in the steamy, swampy north of Australia. As the area’s most notorious public enemies, they run up against hostile police, shifty locals and stonewalling suspects in their search for justice.

I thank you in advance for giving Redemption a go, and letting me lead you into Australia’s dark, twisted tropical underworld. I can’t lie – danger, devastation and some not-so-delightful characters lie ahead. But if you trust me, I’ll get you through without too many scars.

Much love,

Candice Fox

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Candice Fox

Candice is the middle child of a large, eccentric family from Sydney’s western suburbs. The daughter of a parole officer and an enthusiastic foster-carer, Candice spent her childhood listening around corners to tales of violence, madness and evil as her father relayed his work stories to her mother and older brothers.

Candice won back-to-back Ned Kelly awards for her first two novels Hades and Eden. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed Fall and co-writer with James Patterson of the Sunday Times No.1 bestseller Never Never set in the Australian outback.

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