Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fictionExplore deals

Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

Detective Biography: Catrin ‘Cat’ Price

Name: DS Catrin ‘Cat’ Price

Overview: As a fifteen year old, Cat was found wandering in the woods having been abducted and heavily drugged. All she can remember is a car pulling up alongside her as she walked home from the city centre, until she awoke four days later in a hospital bed. The police could find no sign of any assault and they soon gave up on the case.

Age: 36

Location: Cardiff

Marital Status: Single

Physical Description: Small, fit and athletic, she is a ‘rock chick’ with heavy eye liner, black leathers and black tattoos covering her arms. Cat rides an old Laverda motorbike.

Case of Note: Cat returns from her self-imposed exile to finally lay to rest the ghosts of her unhappy past. Cat’s ex-boyfriend Rhys, once a promising young policeman but now a washed-up junkie, is found dead on one of her first nights on patrol following her return to Cardiff. The official verdict is accidental overdose, but Cat is convinced that there is something more to his death, something that will explain why the man who saved her life was so unwilling to save his own.

Rhys had always been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of Owen Face, the troubled lead singer of rock band Seerland, who was last seen at a notorious suicide spot. No body was ever found and when Cat joins forces with one of Rhys’ former colleagues, now a wealthy business man obsessed with all things Seerland-related, they begin to wonder whether the rumours that Face is still alive may be true. But when Cat is stalked by a menacing figure with a striking resemblance to a serial rapist Rhys famously put away, she begins to realise her life may also be in danger.

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Personal Assessment Notes:

  • Trained in marital arts, specialising in Krav maga, wing chun and tae kwon do.
  • Cat started her career with the Drugs Unit in Cardiff. Following the painful break-up of a relationship to fellow officer, Rhys, (who helped her recover from the trauma of her abduction), she moved to London and spent twelve years undercover with the drugs squad.
  • Cat still takes diazepam to help deal with the nightmares following her abduction. She also smokes kanna – an African herb used by Khou tribesman for hunting (similar effect to cannabis but not detectable in drugs testing).
  • Highly intelligent, scoring the highest marks in forensics, computing and digtal surveillance exams nationally.

If you’re a fan of Howard Marks and his work check out the official website.

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