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Unmissable 99p deals on bestselling crime fiction Explore deals

Detective biography: Scott & Bailey

Officer Name: DC Rachel Bailey & DC Janet Scott

Overview: Members of the Major Incident Team at the Manchester Metropolitan Police

DOB: Bailey is in her 30s and Scott is in her 40s.

Nationality: British

Marital Status: Janet is separated from her husband and father of her two children. Rachel has just walked down the aisle with Sean following a terrible romantic history – including a relationship with a man she did not know was married.

Case of Note:

Previously, Nick Savage, DC Bailey’s former barrister lover was found beaten almost to death. Rachel was found inebriated and cannot recall her activities that night.

Bailey is also troubled by the prospect of meeting up with her mum who abandoned she and her brother whilst they were growing up.

Meanwhile Janet Scott is pre-occupied by her estranged husband as well as her colleague, and former lover, Andy who we discover has had a mental breakdown. Scott’s affair with Andy has been uncovered and her career hangs in the balance.

On the job, both Scott & Bailey are investigating the death of a man who reportedly slipped and fell in the bath. Yet his injuries suggest otherwise. The detectives must delve into the victim’s wife’s life to find out what really happened.

Personal Assessment Notes:

  • Janet Scott is a wise DC, acting more subtly than Rachel. A long-standing member of the Manchester Metroplitan Police’s Major Incident Team, she’s a reliable colleague and a true friend to Bailey. She approaches her work kind heartedly and intelligently.
  • Rachel Bailey is a relative newcomer to the team. She is knife-sharp, instinctive and fiercely ambitious. But, whilst she gets results, her sometimes brash behaviour often lands her into trouble.

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