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Sharon Bolton is a bestselling British crime writer. Dubbed by The Times as the ‘High Priestess of English Rural Gothic’, her novels are full of suspense with an intense atmosphere of dread of foreboding.

Thrilling and gripping, Sharon’s books will grab you from the very first page and keep you hooked with their clever, twisty plots. She is the author of the Lacey Flint novels, a series of gritty police procedurals set in London.

Here’s a taster of each of Sharon Bolton’s books.

Sacrifice by Sharon Bolton


Consultant surgeon Tora Hamilton has moved to remote Shetland to be with her husband. To have a family. Not for this…

In the peat soil near her new home she uncovers a perfectly preserved woman’s body. Runic symbols are carved into her skin. Her heart has been cut out.

But as Tora begins to ask questions around the island, she receives her first threat…


Awakening by Sharon Bolton


You know that feeling? The one that makes you want to glance over your shoulder?

All Clara Benning wants is a peaceful life as a wildlife vet, and to hide her disfigurement from the world.

But now she doesn’t have a choice.

Because a man has died from a suspicious snake bite, and Clara’s concern leads her to the abandoned house at the end of the lane, and an unspeakable tragedy that occured half a century ago.

Blood Harvest by Sharon Bolton

Blood Harvest

Sometimes I wish that she’d just leave me in peace…

Psychologist Evi is worried about one of her patients – a woman who is convinced her little girl is still alive. Two years after the fire that burnt their house down.

Meanwhile, the new vicar in town is feeling strangely unwelcome. Disturbing events seem designed to scare him away.

And a young boy keeps seeing a strange, solitary girl playing in the churchyard. Who is she and what is she trying to tell him?

Now You See Me by Sharon Bolton

Now You See Me: Lacey Flint #1

She can’t stop shivering. But this isn’t cold. This is terror.

A savage murder on London’s streets, 120 years to the day since Jack the Ripper claimed his first victim. A crime with all the hallmarks of a copycat killer.

Detective Constable Lacey Flint has never worked a murder case, until now. When another mutilated victim is found she agrees to be the bait to lure out the monster.

But this killer is one step ahead, and already fixated on Lacey…

If Snow Hadn't Fallen by Sharon Bolton

If Snow Hadn’t Fallen: Lacey Flint #1.5 – digital short

They say that snow covers everything that is mean and sordid and ugly in the world… But beneath the carpet of white, the ugliness remains.

11 November 2012, London. Long-smouldering feelings come to a head in a burst of shocking violence. A young Muslim man is brutally murdered by a masked gang.

There is just one witness to the horrific crime: DC Lacey Flint. Or at least that’s what she thinks…


Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton

Dead Scared: Lacey Flint #2

A series of suicides. Each one a female university student. Each one more horrifying than the last.

The police know it cannot be coincidence. But they can’t prove it.

They need someone to go undercover. A young policewoman, as vulnerable as the others. As unprepared for the nightmare that will greet her.

Watch your back, Lacey Flint…


Like This, For Ever by Sharon Bolton

Like This, For Ever: Lacey Flint #3

Twelve-year-old Barney Roberts is obsessed with a series of murders.

He knows the victims are all boys, just like him.
He knows the bodies were found on river banks.
And he’s sure the killer will strike again soon.

But there’s something else, a secret he’d rather not know, a secret he is too scared to share…
And who would believe a twelve-year-old boy anyway?


A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton

A Dark and Twisted Tide: Lacey Flint #4

Police sergeant Lacey Flint thinks she’s safe.

She thinks her new job with the river police, and her new life on a house boat, will keep her away from danger. But she’s wrong.

When Lacey discovers a body in the water, and sinister offerings appear in her home, she fears someone is trying to expose her darkest secret.

And the river is the last place she should be.


Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton

Little Black Lies – coming in 2015

Three confessions. Two liars. One killer.

Three friends have had their lives ripped apart. Their pasts haunt them. They are consumed by guilt. And they don’t trust anyone. Not even themselves.

But in their small, isolated, island community, trust is the only way to survive.

Now a child has gone missing.

And no one knows who to believe…

Have you read any of Sharon Bolton’s novels? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I’ve loved them all, but if I have to choose, It used to be a tie between Sacrifice and Awakening, but I just finished Little Black Lies and it was just too good. It’s my all time favorite now. Keep em coming. Each one better than the last. I love the Lacey Flint books as well. My favorite of that series is definitely A Dark and Twisted Tide.

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